Saturday, September 1, 2007

If you hurt one Republican; you've voted for Hilary Clinton

Ummmm....could this be the most obvious, unnecessary headline/advice Ever?
How to avoid exercise-induced asthma

And that Craig guy has stepped down and apologized.

For what? You American people amaze me. Or should I say the American media who thinks and votes for you. Who did this guy hurt? You (as in either/or of the mentioned above) makes it seem like he is a freakin' threat to you, I, our children, the American eagle, President Bush, or somebody else that represents the core of America. If he indeed put his palm up in a men's stall, asking for sex, why is it your business? The dumb beyotch standing silent next to him (what, is she Jackie Kennedy? Why is that so 'cool' American media?) is the one with the problem. Her husband doesn't know if he's gay, bisexual or trying a new trend one of the Congressional pages told him about.

It doesn't hurt ME!!! I don't care! I've stayed out of it because it doesn't matter and and someone ought to say so. But now, he's quit his job, disgraced every Republican that's ever lived, and you have the audacity to question it NOW with headlines next to his leaving: 'was it a witch hunt?'

Yes, it was a witch hunt. Now, all of you press people turn in your pass, quit your jobs, apologize for flaming the name of good media everywhere. I want my money back for every url I might have clicked on and given you sad assh_les some advertising money. Then I want you to commit harey-carey on television. That last one is just for my amusement.

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