Thursday, August 30, 2007


Sometimes my friends say out loud when they are upset. I think I will too. I am upset. My birthday has been lousy. I gave it a couple days to see it through. Yeah, I'm premenstrual I believe and I'm definitely more of a PMDD, or human explosive device.

I'm tired of making everything better for everyone else. I don't know what to say. Last night I started telling Husband details from my first psychosis. I thought for sure he knew all about it. Either he IS ADD or I never did tell him before. You cannot imagine the pain of remembering all over again, mentally reliving it.

Back to the birthday, I can name 5 or more people who no longer speak, talk, write, call or act like they ever knew me. Beside's Husband's Mom and Grandma not a single person out of 30 sent an ecard, called or acknowledged my existence, despite the fact that they all receive an email from the family site telling them it was my day. I send ecards to every one of them on their special day I even have reminders from Hallmark, too. I am heartbroken.

I don't care what anyone else thinks about this. I'm not usually anything close to the whiny that passes for youth on television today, and I don't think I'm asking for too much for acknowledgement - I didn't ask for a car, hell, I don't even expect a real card anymore. The point is, I'm not dead, yet anyway. I am still fun, I am still kind and I do feel monstrously dissed and frankly, it is hurtful.

So all you haters, rejoice. And everyone else, carry on, carry. I don't care if anyone thinks I'm being a big baby. I've been through a lot, truly. I am pissed. I'm not blogging for a while. If I knew someone with a gun I'd go have tea with them tomorrow.

That's hokie.

Oh, and here's where I am going to piss off a lot of people.

Today's headline: V.A. Tech could have saved lives

I see. If the leaders of VA Tech had a mystic medium giving them the coordinants, thought processes, and walking path of the murderer and the school would have alerted the parents of the potentially soon to be deceased to come pick up their children before they were killed would that make these cry babies happy? There is always someone AFTER a horrific, shocking, traumatic episode that occurs in this country that says, "Ya'll could have done better." You should have done this and this, and then my baby girl, my darling boy, would not be dead.

Life doesn't work like that. In your grief you have lost sight of reality. I could feel sorry for you if you would shut your trap and just grieve or be pissed in general that it happened or formed a new Society for ....Something Helpful. But to pretend that there is either a rewind button or a way to know things beforehand makes me dislike you. In all obviousness - there is no school in the country that is or was prepared for this. Period. They made me accept reality with the blue pill, why can't you?!

Further, you sent your child to a school that didn't have a SWAT Team or a Protection from A Murderer that Might Kill Lots of People Squad, or a 'people's been murdered. Come pick yers out Notification System.' And if you are so sure that they were supposed to have all those things BEFOREHAND, then YOU ARE TO BLAME FOR SENDING YOUR KID THERE, if you want to play those games. Again, you ain't thinkin' straight, and I just stopped feeling sorry for you.

Perhaps you are just not paying your educators enough to be heros as well. Isn't that what it comes to? These people, the ones educating and housing your children were never paid or trained on how to react on what to do in a shocking, medical, emergency - and how can you have the gall to demand that they do/did? If your child had never learned CPR would you tell him what a failure he was for not acting like a doctor, even though it was the only thing that could have helped in a traumatic situation? If you were a good parent you would be sad for the situation but you wouldn't be angry and make your kid responsible.

The mental case that shot your kid is responsible.

He did not 'go loco' enough beforehand to be put away. Yes, he was scary and there were human errors as to why he didn't 'get stopped.' Nobody really psycho-analyzes English papers for weirdness (not then) and they certainly didn't/ don't act on their feelings that something wasn't right (as we ALL know, why trust your feelings?!). And those silly gun laws, well it was Virginia. Heck, Ebay's worldwide. In none of these true let downs do I see it being the college's fault. Are you just too pc to blame the family? Why don't we bear down on them as hard as you feel on the school. Because that will certainly make it all better.

And look here. People get killed in this country all the time. Workers get killed on the job, soldiers get killed in the field, people die in hospitals for questionable reasons, people get murdered every so many minutes on the clock. But I never in my life heard so much whining, so much of whatever is your problem for a bunch of people that most likely Carefully Chose where they were sending their son or daughter and then PAID MONEY TO KEEP THEM IN THAT SITUATION. If there ever was a time when the true innocents, just a couple of those murdered on the hour every hour, for instance, should have one iota of the face time, the media time, any time to talk about their wishes, desires, what should have happened and make the rest of us have to wallow in it - IT SHOULD BE THEM, NOT you.

And the Prosecution rests. Touchdown! Halleluyah & AMEN, and I'm Oooouut!!


The Goldman family prints O.J.Simpson's/ghost written book about how he 'might' have killed their sister. When book first comes out there was universal disgust at its its suggestion. Now that they are using it to make the money that the sack was supposed to pay them in the first place, and claim it's okay now because its proof of his confession, my question is:

Are we supposed to buy it or not? Are we supporting a good cause or further spreading salaciousness, as originally thought?

We were supposed to boycott it, you dumbasses. Now it turns out to be number one on Amazon's top 100. Are we insensitive pigs or sending a well deserved donation to the Goldmans?

Money from Diana's legacy is going to help with Peru's recent earthquake. My question is:

Could we have a little Diana money to rebuild New Orleans? When is American going to cash in from any other country or beautiful relationship outside the U.S. (umm. Diana is all that comes to mind. Unless Fergie is donating Weight Watcher's money)we've helped in the past, to help rebuild any part of what is known as 'the greatest country in the world?' President Bush will fry for his indifference to black people, but I know Diana would have cared.

On the same note, if there is an earthquake, flood, tsunami, political upheaval, shooting, or personal death in the family in ANY OTHER COUNTRY in the world, America/The Red Cross/The American people out of their own pockets will come running to help and alleviate suffering. America has natural disasters, terrorist disasters, shootings, mine collapses, bridge collapses, crime rampant in the streets and on the internet, idiots in charge who do nothing about ANY of these disasters and who comes running to our aid? NOBODY.

I am incensed and expect a refund.

No aid to ANYONE until Ward 9 is rebuilt. Didn't Pres. Bush's daddy ever give him an allowance or teach him anything about money management? Told him to eat his peas or there would be no dessert? If so, that went out the window the day he was forced to piss his own pants and say, 'Me, really me, they voted ME INTO OFFICE??!!'

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

New Tags Alert: Is it Jungle? Or is it Tart?

blue poision dart frog, Webshots

Hey, ya know I finally figured something out, after having this blog for so long. Since Blogger finally came up with the tags thing, why not have tags designated whether a post was Jungle or Tart! Yeah, I know I'm brilliant.

I'll still use other tags, and some posts don't count as either. I figured Jungle meant furbabies, even plants as they are live organisms, and fit the notion of 'Jungle.' The Tart tag will be on anything ranting, raving, angry, opinionated and obviously bipolar.

I went back and added tags for all of Aug. 2007, and will try to be consistent with this in the future. Sure, there's plenty of posts before that time that could use the tags, but nothing will be archived in this way b4 Aug. 2007. Because I do have a life and will not be spending the time to further tag well over 300 posts. Saw-ry!

There are some posts that don't get either, mostly happy stuff that doesn't mention animals and don't find me going off about anything.

Just so you know!:)

Because I love Christopher Walken!

Yeah, yesterday was my birthday. And due to the extremely elongated enjoyment of my 'adolescent youthful state' that I am enjoying, and regardless of my true born on date, I wanna see 'Balls of Fury.'

Thank you, New York Times, for that insightful movie review.

B_tch about the quality of movies if you like, but I say you probably shouldn't be using those fantastic analytical skills on the actual nature of your own job, job description, ya know, like what 'cha do for a living, moron. :) Watch a crappy movie, go on vacation, watch another crappy one. Now's there's a paid po-si-tion, and the life of a true writer, at the New York Times for me!!

Mr. Walken is deeee-light-ful in 'Hairspray.' He's a wonderful, supportive dad, with no visible drinking problem or proclision for ladies other than his wife, and who delights in gag gifts. Maybe what's so fascinating about him here: his ability to relate joy, despite the fact that he pretty much has the smile of the overly-Botoxed. It truly was a joy to watch him dance with John Travolta, as his very large wife. We know Travolta/wife has got skills when he/she can boogie even with a big (prosthetic) behind! I think that gives ballroom dancing lessons a hopeful possibility for all of us.

If you catch even 1/25th of the 'original' 'Hairspray' movie you will see that this new one is truly head and shoulders about it. It really has the capacity to make you happy, just by sitting and looking at it. In this day and age, how many movies can raise the endorphins like that?

One of the best movies of Christopher Walken being Christopher Walken, is 'Joe Dirt.' I find this movie to be just the cutest, maybe because I am David Spade lover too, and I'm not afraid to admit it.

I think that movie has substance, and yes, to my droning Movie Professor who still yaks on in my head, it is a comedy. (Explanation: I asked prof why the were no comedies on the extensive list of movies he gave us do our paper on. He said because they weren't any with substance that really could be analyzed. So I was forced to do my paper on something that still gives me nightmares. I am bitter.)

Walken is just himself, what you expect him to be, especially if you had heard of 'Deliverance' and other war movies (heard and not seen. No woman who's been around a man holding a beer hasn't heard of the 'squealing pig' scene, and I've lived my life nicely without watching it.:) and it was fun to watch him on screen. Does it have to be more over-analysed than that? Rent 'Joe Dirt.' Own 'Hairspray' when it's available. Desire to watch a stupid movie just because you know one actor will make it worthwhile for you. Because Gosh darn it, you just wanna.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ya say it’s yer birthday
It's my birthday too, yeah

Ya say it's yer birthday
It's my birthday too, yeah

We're gonna have a Good Time!

(Thanks, Mom!)

Yep. Because they're dogs.

What kind of 'man' hurts his Best Friend?

Monday, August 27, 2007

Love, love.

Now I've done it! This IS the cutest picture slideshow including a wee baby Pug I have found yet. I feel guilty, as all Pug owners know that in truth, their own baby is the cutest. Looking at these pictures/slideshow makes me want to own 5 of them, making me wonder what pug pack life would be like.

Behold, Guinness, submitted by lunadiosa at Webshots. No relation.

Click this url. When the Webshot page opens, click slideshow:

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Welcome to the Jungle!

I really do have a cat and a dog. They know they are not simply 'cat,' 'dog' but Siamese and Pug. It's not that I'm some kind of elitest, it just happens to be true. Okay, we treat them like furkids but I couldn't imagine it any other way!

I have not published pics of them, at least not for a long time, and so maybe you should just enjoy that I have broken down and now present them here!

Okay, Okay - These are not mine! But they ARE Alpacas and I really, really want some. They are sweet and mostly silent, like cats. Within 5 minutes of this picture they were swarming around Husband, nose to nose and really had him surrounded. It always happens. I work so hard to get a pet in our family, and they end up liking him the most! Sheesh.

Reese kitty, Siamese cat extraordinaire. If you are impressed, go online to the Siamese Cat Rescue and get yourself one! We had good experiences with them. He's so beautiful that I am sure he would do well in real competition. He is even neutered so well that it fooled a vet tech at my vet, at first. But neutered cats can only be entered in the Household Cat division which I'm sure he'd win, but he is so people shy, I think he'd hate it. He has red-eye in this pic, in reality he has gorgeous blue-blue eyes.

See more of his coloration. He's really perfect - black arms, tail, ears and face. Almond/white body with perfect color stratiations. Oh and did I mention Mr. Man's fangs? You can't see them, but they are there. He has killed two mice and we have boasted and bragged about him everytime. We really are proud parents.

Emma dog! This is my Pug baby. That 'look' is her begging for a grape. I had video and it was so cute because she spits out the grape because that's how she plays with it! I love her, I love her! There's a curly tail hiding in back too. Both animals are too smart for their own booties!:)

Paddy-Pug! She is cute as a dickens! This my Mom's Pug standing here with curled up tail. Those are water provisions for Mom's long journeys in the RV and yes, Paddy is there for everything! That funny round toilet-looking thing is Paddy's water dish - it will not fall over! Great for little travelers.

Oh yes, we end this with Paddy. She is like Emma but different, she looks more like your average Pug, basically. I love this pic because this is a typical insolent face she makes, it's the stubborn look. I did photoshop this pic. She had typical blue-eye, a common picture condition for young Pugs because the back of the retina is still so wide (my vet explained, 'cause Emma had the same problem). These are our sweet babies, enjoy.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

NAACP: Let Vick Play Again After Sentence

How I manage to hone in on the most infuriating headlines/stories is, well,
beyond me. This is hot off MSN today. I'm sure if you read it you will easily see why it angers me. And then of course, I tell you all about it below, if you weren't sure. :)

NAACP: Let Vick Play Again After Sentence

ATLANTA (AP) - An NAACP leader said Michael Vick should be
allowed to return to the NFL, preferably the Atlanta Falcons, after serving his
sentence for his role in a dogfighting operation.
"As a society, we
aid in his rehabilitation and welcome a new Michael Vick back into the
community without a permanent loss of his career in football," said R.L.
president of the NAACP's Atlanta chapter. "We further ask the NFL, Falcons, and the sponsors not
to permanently ban Mr. Vick from his ability to bring hours of enjoyment to
all over this country."
White said the Falcons quarterback made a
mistake and should be allowed to prove he has learned from that mistake. On
Monday, Vick said through a lawyer that he will plead guilty to a federal
of conspiracy to travel in interstate commerce in aid of unlawful
activities and
conspiracy to sponsor a dog in an animal fighting venture.
Three Vick associates have pleaded guilty to the conspiracy charge and say
Vick provided nearly all the gambling and operating funds for the "Bad Newz
Kennels" dogfighting enterprise. Two of them also said Vick participated in
executing at least eight underperforming dogs, raising the possibility of
animal cruelty charges.
Last month, state and local leaders of the
Association for the Advancement of Colored People urged the public
not to rush
to judgment in the Vick case. The civil rights organization said
animal rights
groups, talk radio and the news media were vilifying the
embattled athlete, and
that his team and corporate sponsors were prematurely
punishing Vick.
said the Atlanta chapter supports Vick's decision
to accept a plea bargain if
it's in his best interest, but he questioned the
credibility of Vick's
co-defendants, saying an admission of guilt might be
more about cutting losses
than the truth.
"At this point, you're not
looking at guilt or innocence,"
White said, referring to the possible
harsher sentence Vick could have received
had he taken his case to trial and
been found guilty. "You're thinking, 'What I
better do is cut my losses and
take a plea.' But if he saw this as the best
thing to do at this point for
his future, then I think he made the correct
White said he
regretted that the plea deal will mean all the facts
of the case might never
be known.
"Some have said things to save their own
necks," White said.
"Michael Vick has received more negative press than if he
had killed a human
White said he does not support dogfighting and
that he considers
it as bad as hunting.
"His crime is, it was a dog," White

I got somethin' to saa-ay - I'm skewering Mr. Vick to-daa-ay:

Poor Mr. Vick, obviously a victim of his co-torturers and their need to dump on his sorry near-blameless self. He should not be banned, he should be embraced. And when are we going to hear about his torried youth, the animals that terrified his dreams? Why I'm sure psychologically, Mr. Vick did not even realize that he was violently using animals and completely destroying them for his own pleasure - perhaps its some Odipus complex and he was just taking out 'issues' from way back when!

So you see, it’s no big deal because he only tortured ‘a dog’ or several. May I remind, that Jeffrey Dahlmer tortured animals before going for ‘bigger game,’ as well did many of our other most repulsive offenders. Well we can HARDLY compare the two, because while Mr. Dahlmer had nothing better to do than eat young men, Mr. Vick clearly has a day job! We cannot compare, because he just did it for FUN, blowing off steam, its so hard being one of the boys, or WHATever the reason, which by the way, he has not disclosed to you or I, John and Jo-Jo Public!! Which gives me no reason but to forgive....uh...uh....'cause WHY??

I’ve made it clear that here in JungleTart land, we couldn’t care less about football or any of its entirely overpaid players, many of which in my humble opinion have an attitude problem right about the time they are paid millions to play a game once a week, endorse products that children are interested in, somehow becoming heroes to them and the armchair, beer-drinking warriors that sired them: they make more money than is justifiable. Period.

In other words, call me a freak, but Mr. Vick has not provided me with one second of enjoyment, let alone an hour or more. Watching him fry or suffer greatly would help that situation, but let’s be real. Apparently it’s all no big deal to these NAACP normies, so WHAT do I know? Let's just let him off the hook (silly ol' dogs. Doesn't everybody abuse the f_k out of their animals? This is ridiculous.)

For football players, and other ‘players’ of their ilk, they become suddenly better than the rest of us (as rich people inherently are) and the rules don’t apply: not with drinking, drugs, the laws of gravity, and in this vile case, FOR FUN, because you can’t tell me the asshole needed the money, they tortured both dogs and cats. A person who even derives enjoyment out of such things should probably be locked up just for being a psychological deviant and no, I’m not talking good ol every day mental illness, I mean criminal evil.

Apparently, he hasn’t even been charged with the animal cruelty. Since this is all the media ever talks about, I thought that’s what this was all about. What are they afraid of? Charge him! What a country of plea-deals and whining, something is going on when we can’t hear him say he was guilty for it too. Yes, I think he is. I’m not sure how you commit half a crime and not all of it. Whatever.

This is a country with over-flowing ‘shelters,’ that must euthanize millions of cats and dogs every year, where you need a TV host to remind people to spay and neuter their animals because this simple information has not sunk into the American psyche.

Where abuse of animals is about on the same level as abusing children in most people’s minds, unless you ask them to say something out loud: it doesn’t matter and we don’t want to hear it. I say: that’s right they are both the same: reprehensible – keep your filthy enraged perverted hands off the puppy and off the baby. How hard? Judging on the daily, every day American outcomes, real hard, very hard, near impossible.

Why care if animals are hurt? They're silent, make no difference in your life, and unless you hurt and provoke them, no one's ever gonna know the difference. Unless you get caught. Damn it. And isn't it about the same for children? Oh, but this has NOthing to do with that. People give me crap for not having kids, but at least I can properly and completely take care of my furbabies, even with a mental illness. Um....NOT GETTING WHY ITS SO HARD, unless there's just more mental challenges for some people than formerly thought.

Why on Earth would the NAACP promote Vick? I am just enraged that some idiot has the nerve to tell us all to forgive him and could he please have his job back and could all those sponsors he had give him his job (money) back. No! No, no, no, no! I’m trying to imagine the kind of person that would electrocute, strangle, drown, and God knows what else to a dog. I know I can’t wait to invite him to my next shindig. He has not expressed one bit of remorse. Now, if he’s bowed b4 his maker and done so, I’m glad his conscience is so clean. He’s never asked me, Jo-Jo Public to do so, so gee I’m not feelin’ it. Un-ban him, and I say PETA lovers pour red paint on every pair of Nike’d feet they see. I’d like to see the SOB terrorized by a couple of pit bulls and throw some clawing cats his way. After all, its only a dog, only a cat.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Have you heard Connie Talbert sing?

Connie singing ‘Over the Rainbow’:

Connie sings ‘Ben’ and wows a certain Mr. Cowell (again):

Connie is 6 years old. Her mother says she does not take singing lessons, she simply sings all day long and to herself. Connie says on that 2nd YouTube video that she was not nervous and yep, she enjoyed herself.

This clearly is a situation of a person completely immersed in their passion. That she is 6 and goes for the TV show, record deal, big bucks, accolades and recognition doesn't surprise me. She hasn't reached the age where a person might squash their own hopes and dreams because they start listening to people. She doesn't care, and she's obviously had a good mommie that's helping keep it that way. I really hope that she got to meet/perform for the Queen. Does anyone know?

Oh, and everyone's making a big beef over the apparent fact that Simon promised to give Connie a record deal and took it back because of her age. Whatever, if she keeps on having almost perfect pitch and singing well, Renee Angelil will divorce Celine Dion to get on an even younger train. Oh, Celine, you know I love you. He wouldn't do that. He'll probably be dead by then. :)

Do you think You could ressurect Your hopes and dreams that you innately had before letting the World squash them? I think at this point, most self-help gurus and what-not would say - You should try! Go for it! Sometimes you do have to ressurrect yourself, remember what it is you really loved to do. You pull your own bootstraps up at this age, and that includes figuring out how to make yourself feel better. Think clearly: Who's job is it to fix you? YOURS 100%. Accept that and you'll be doing much better.

If you do what you really LOVE to do, what could be better? When I think of people like Dog the Bounty hunter, or all of the great writers, past and present, or knitters & crocheters who adore their crafts, our Aunt Bessie who loved to tat and was supreme at it, The Crocodile Hunter, and now his daughter 'The Jungle Girl,' both with such great and needed passion, the great actors who blow us away, and some are not even the most famous of the famous, or any person that gets to participate in something they really love to do and enjoy it thoroughly, it doesn't matter if it's MY bag, the thing I like to do, those folks are in fact inspirational because the joy they have for what they do permeates, glows nearly, from them and they make me, almost subconciously, want to be a better person.

The thing is, I know a lot of the things I like. And I also know that I'm am fighting an illness, one that sometimes steals joy from me and makes me have to fight it and I often feel off-course, off-track, because of it. But I know that the fighting, the pushing against it, is something I must do. When in the midst of premenstrual and/or bipolar hate in my life, I have thought, I am cursed, God hates me. It does feel that way sometimes. But in better moments I see that somehow, no, in fact God loves me because he tests me so damn hard. I don't understand it all, but I know to call on Him, I know He's the Guy to talk to - and I know that I will win. If it is a game of winning/losing I know that the greatest thing I have going is not having taken myself out. If I endure to the end, taking it all, and leave this world the way God intends it, I win. My Dad did it, I have a wonderful example. Sometimes for me, the most awesome thing I've done in a day is just breathe.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

No Sleep, Morrisette's Musings & the Great Elizabeth Taylor (No She Hasn't Kicked Off!)

So, I haven't slept at all tonight. Turns out that Seroquel really isn't enough to knock me out, I need my Lunesta. I have been out of it for a few days, including this past evening and have finally procured it from my drug store after literally days of hounding my doc.'s office (regular doc) to please respond to the drug store's request for refill. My experience with all doctors is as follows: the more competent the Dr., the more incompetent the staff. So that requires the consumer to make a decision: do I want an awesome Dr. and deal with his staff's inability to do the simplest things (my choice at present time) or do I finally get pissed with incompetent staff, ask for the form to get my records and leave them with one less person to bilk for their insurance pleasure needs (done this many a time).

Alrighty then. What I really want to talk about today is some vaccuous happiness! Yes, it's been so long. Before I do I will share what is helping me be a calmer, more centered person today.

In my flipping of the channels throughout the night, I saw 'Cribs MTV' with Alanis Morrisette's house on display. As in, Ms. Morrisette was showin' her crib herself, complete with little 'asian altars' and other various multicultural furnishings. I was impressed however by her very pagan/Buddhist altar in her room where she has crystals (hasn't been my thing since college), candles, and apparently performs 'cleansings' for herself and friends, depending on the negative vibe or experience that needs to be weeded out. Anyway, she said something like she does this to remind herself why she is on the planet, that sort of thing, and admitted that she needs to be reminded often. Very human, and oh so interesting for this bipolar, I'll tell you that.

I still believe in Jesus & the Bible, etc., and I'm starting to feel a wee bit guilty because that Buddism stuff is sounding really good, as I don't recall anything in my religious experience that immediately goes for a mediatory cleansing, or flat out encourages such centeredness. I'm not trying to mess with anyone's religious anything, I really don't want to mess mine/or lack of mine. But it certainly was interesting and managed to make me feel better somehow, and so I say so.

Alright. So today's vaccousness is: Ms. Elizabeth Taylor! I have the Time Life book on Hollywood and right on the cover is the utterly stunning Ms. Taylor while in bloom of her unbelievably gorgeous youth. I believe that with coverage like she had in the day, beauty that was unrivaled - there was a price to pay. That I believe, besides living long enough to have some literally back breaking illnesses, is to grow old enough to not have any of her leading men around and instead be surrounded by the insolent youth who didn't know her back then, and who tattle and b_tch behind her back. Shame on them!

Not too long ago, I heard them say Ms. Taylor fired people who would not have s_x with her, and that some staff felt like a 'human trampoline,' make your own inference. I find this utterly silly, considering the truth is, much like Franklin D. Roosevelt, she is mostly wheel chair bound and doesn't want the public to know it. If she's got the kind of libido to perform what they are saying, at this age I frankly say, 'More Power to Her!' This woman has had the most husbands, she's got the world's most fabulous jewelry and even if she had Alzeimer's (which no one has ever said, nor is there proof of) and was living in a complete fantasy world (entirely possible without a devastating illness) I still say she is fabulous and more interesting, talented than anyone this generation has chugged out. She also had the opportunity to work with the greatest actors: Brando, Newman, Burton, Montgomery (Ward?), just to name ones off the top of my head. Great movies: Cleopatra, Butterfield 8, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, soooo many more, and of course, well-deserved Oscars.

Wear all the contacts you want, Fergie, Gwen, Madonna, Christina, Mariah, Whitney, Scarlett, Reese, Nicole, Meryl, etc. - you will NEVER have naturally violet eyes. I see few stars/starlets of today ever having the staying power of Elizabeth Taylor or the fortitude to withstand old age as she is exhibiting. And how many people of her rank/caliber (read: loaded with money) get mad about something as devastating as AID's (her beloved friend Rock Hudson died of it, talk about stigma, Darling!) and just rock the world by practically establishing a fund/and continuing public awareness where she still speaks about it, still works it. If she were to die tomorrow and I admit putting her at the top of my 2007 Pool of the Dead (to be explained below), these are things that people should say and focus on about her. Now, the pictures. Um, mostly stolen from MSN, I 'think:' she's beautiful thin, she's beautiful a little plump, still a source of fascination and always, always Darling: talented.

Elizabeth w/ Richard Burton_1967 - She looks positively happy. I have always liked her predilection for malteses and the fact she won't leave home w/out them, even to this day.

I saved this as: Elizabeth, Anne of The Again Great Britain (I'm going to assume its a name of a movie. I don't know EVERYthing!) Look at her 'daywear' jewelry. Good golly, it's stunning!

Elizabeth Taylor_Anne of the Thousand Days_1969 Can't get over how pretty she is.

Elizabeth Taylor, Suddenly Last Summer_1959 Definitely in her youth. Can't help thinking this would be unbelievable in color.

Elizabeth Taylor_off MSN This is the young/thin stuff like the cover of the Time/Life Hollywood book. Insanely gorgeous.

Elizabeth Taylor w/ Richard Burton_1964 What a volatile relationship! Married and divorced this guy twice, I know that much. 'Taming of the Shrew,' boy that was a little too real I think. That was like marital therapy caught on film.

What is the 'Pool of the Dead?' Right around the time Anna Nicole kicked off, Husband's fellow office worker started a Pool of the Dead, where you could pick 10+ an extra that you thought would die in the year 2007. Whosoever had the most correct, as the most who died off their list, was to be treated to a free drink. I made our list with the understanding I get a free dinner since I don't drinkola. Well, of course, ANS was off limits (as if ANYone would have predicted THAT!) and 'unfortunately' Merv wasn't on mine (I don't know if anyone else picked him). As sick as it all sounds, I am an obituary hound by nature and it makes some famous old person's death a little more palatable, eh?! Oh, except my +person is Dale Earnhardt Jr., which Husband noted is kinda cruel, but hey, oh so plausible, no? And there you have it. Picks are in stone when we turn them in and we just have to wait for all the ravages of Death until the strike of midnight Dec. 31! And you thought pools were baby births and silly stuff like that!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Whatever Keeps You on The Planet

So, re-vamped the immediate warning sign on the blog a moment ago. Found myself on another person's blog (they were posting one of the my articles urls) and this other person actually warned potential clickers of my article [on someone else's site, as they clicked to come to my site] that there 'may be profanity.' Hunh. I tend to think this makes people die to come here, with a warning like that. Somehow it makes me look like a cussing fool. No, I am an honest fool. I let the inner angst out the way it wants to come out. I can cus like a sailor, a criminal or a sweetheart that spent way too much time in a state mental hospital. It took a looooooong time for me not to say f_ck every other word after the 6 month stay and family & friends were shocked every time I could figure out how to curtail it's use, in fact. So, I have skills, and sometimes they get used.

I just put the disclaimer up because I think honesty's the best policy and while I put it all over that I'm bipolar, there's still fools that don't understand how mad we can get. Righteously mad. But still, we are the sweetest of people.

So, on to other, perhaps similar subjects. I was feeling sui c i dal this evening, after being subjected to your average everyday women, the judgements of me firmly in her eyes and attitude, and the upshot was 'Tart felt like a freak, despite being as nice as I could be. I will never fit in. Now, Husband calls this 'low-self esteem.' Can you imagine me telling him that that I obviously won't be selling X to the female masses, the actual reason for the trip into b_tch country in the first place which was looking into the possibility (foolishly), because they just make me feel horrible. He says, 'Oh, that is your low self-esteem.' (He believes I should 'buck up' and not care what anyone thinks. Um, we can't all be HIM!) I almost injured him but I thought better of it since he was driving us home. 'THAT is blaming it on ME!" I said, "And clearly you could see how the ladies were treating both of us, actually." Why, why is it always MY fault when I point out other people not acting right, 'people' (or are they really demo ns?) basically crushing my spirit?

When the wife of a long time friend of Husb.'s tells me that Cancer is worse than Bipolar because they can die of it, I don't know why I inexplicably held my tongue, even though that Beyotch needs a lashing more than anyone I know in the flesh. (I don't need to tell YOU, dear Reader, that death by horrible natural cause is STILL more socially acceptable than death by own hand. How about the stigma of mental illness? Where are the walk a thons, ribbons, and CARE for mental f'n illness?) She had NEITHER illness? How did I ever let her get away with it? Oh, the mental floggings actually to myself, that occur to this day.

That was a case of, we've all known each other 15+ years, and Yoko (that would be moi) has been dragged to see these wretched people for years. You'll be quiet, won't you Yoko, for the sake of the friiiiieeeeeeeeennnnddddshhip? Hunh? They are wretched, time and time again doing & saying things that are unfathomable. In recent years, I have called them on one or two things. They have the nerve to say, "We're sorry your feelings are hurt," in nonsense emails to me, that take no responsibility. No, I'm looking for, "I'm sorry I did something that hurt your feelings." They word it like an f'n publicist. And if the wife weren't bad enough, she's essentially the naive, clueless one in the family. Her mother and sister are vipers, snakes that eat people up for breakfast. If the one is clueless, the family units are judging and conniving and near embodiments of evil. When her sister produced a child, I asked Husband if she had eaten it yet. He gave me the 'look,' I said, "Well, her kind usually does eat it's young."

Many stories involved with that one. I rue the day that I didn't kick the b_tch out of my car and make her walk to her sister's wedding (I'm speaking of viper sister, in my car, still bitter because our lovely hair crew told me I had beautiful lips. You'd think Viper would, and still does, pop a vein over that one!). Instead, I actually took ABUSE for the mere 45 excruciating minute ride that I was forced to bring her, and I wish that I HAD GIVEN HER A REASON to hate me, a reason for her incessant b_tching and hatefulness toward me for no god_amn reason at-all. You just wonder, really wonder what goes in those heads, the lack of brain chemicals perhaps, the practice they have gotten from being horrible their whole lives. People like that are a step above in the unbelievable chain, they really are worse than your average idiot judging-woman. Having been subjected to both kinds, I just don't have an explanation. I don't know why cruelty and judging feels so good to them.

I want my ranch. LOTs of acres. I want my animals. My pugs, other dogs, and alpacas. I'll take a stinky alpaca hug any day for the lies, the excuse that human beings represent. I'll go to the grocery store with my shades on and order most things online. Contact with people will be when I have what they want: information, buy an animal, a scarf, look around and say, "Gee, wish we could do this." Then they leave to carry on their insignifcant lives and CAN'T HURT ME.

I was going to come on here, after describing my su ic id al thoughts and tell you what snapped me out of it.

It was my usual checking and looking at MSN and, for once, clicking on videos. Normally, I'm all about reading the news/drivel, I don't like videos, any more than I like television news. But I clicked on the one about the Dad attacking his son's murderer in court, good but not satisfying enough. Love the concept, a whole movie w/ Kevin Bacon (ooh, free pub. yer welcome) is coming out about that.

No, the one I loved and broke my spell for me was the store robbery and how the robber (or clerk) almost bit one from the shotgun. Here's how it goes: robber demands money, clerk slowly gives him bills at a time, greedy f_k puts down gun and demands it faster, clerk grabs gun, (b4 getting to shoot a__hole, darn!) robber flees. Moments later (you know this guy's on meth) robber comes running back, over the counter and WANTS GUN BACK! Nope! Says clerk, struggle, Gun Goes Off! but damn it, no one injured. Robber flees, Good Sam writes down plate #, police track him down, and after THREE HOUR standoff (THAT really pissed me off) jerkoff is caught and toted away.

I thought, My God, a piece of cr_p like that causes so much trouble, ties up the 'valuable (that will be another post)' help of the public servant for 3 hours and has the nerve to not kill himself and save us the taxpayer money and waste on his sorry a__. And THAT was what made me feel better! Thank you, criminal, for making me realize that I am better than you. That I am occasionally, possibly helpful and that my life has worth. For I see that his does not. And if I can't be better the 'perfect women w/ children' that surround me, I am better than this f_ck. And that's why I'm calmer and not trying to figure out how to kill myself, right now.
Another fellow mentally ill person I knew once said, "The mentally ill are nothing but a step up than a criminal, in the public eye." He was a smart individual who said this, who unfortunately wasted his time trying to change our County mental health system, to, of course, no avail. But not only does his smarts prove that mentally ill (and oh, believe me, he was) by no means, means 'mentally retarded.' (They are so hard-working in our area, but we mentally ill do give them such a bad rap).

So it proves true, no. I have no problem feeling above a criminal, and getting much needed respite from those suicid. thoughts. Sadly, the average woman, with all her judgements, are like punches to my person. Well, I guess it's the miracle of writing/blogging/my only therapy (die UT) that may someday uncover the reason and why that is. Because I refuse to believe that it's my 'low self esteem' and I'll kick anyone's ass who thinks so.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Bill Moyers talked to me (via my television) and the real reason Chauncey Bailey is on my sideboard.

Bill Moyers spoke live (LIVE!) to a Journalistic Association this evening, and I was riveted. He talked about what the new generation of reporter(s) means to the rest of us: a generation who has their cell-phone inexplicably (he says words like this so fascinatingly) tied to their computer and any other tech equipment like it was no big deal. They understand instant news, and probably expect it. The generation he was speaking of are his grand children and my sis in law's gen, had any of them done anything important with themselves, like journalism (okay, that last 'dig' was mine. Sheesh.)

So what I'm saying is Bill Moyers is NOT geezing into a lack of understanding of the 'newer' generation and sounds MUCH more unafraid of them than I would ever profess to be. You can see why I find him more/okay, almost as riveting as Billy Graham. Why would I compare? Something in my heart compares them, except that the Lord is most like taking Billy from us before Bill, but I was thrilled that I could sit and WANT to listen to Mr. Moyers talk about my chosen trade and it was really special for me. As in, I was proud of myself for sitting thru the whole thing and LISTENING, unlike some of you I bet who are still scanning and waiting for something good. I knows ya.

Well, further highlights include him making my heart proud, speaking of blogs and more independent media. For as cranked out as I or Reader get, my blog truly is of the independent nature. And Mr. Moyers explained why this is increasingly important, in a world of conglomerates with one company for EVERYthing, including your news sources - this should SCARE you people.

I've already had the discussions in the early 90's journalism classes about how scary it would be to have ONE television station, ONE newspaper source in this world - and how we are rocketing right to it! For the lazy (think Homer Simpson and 3/4's of you) that sounds great - makes everything easier, at least that's what some Big Brother advocates have been trying to make you believe for years.

....And Big Brother was first brought to you by the illustrious Orsen Welles (not some dumbass TV show or any other cr_p), and this guy was considered too smart to have been a reality. Oh but he was. Prolific guy too (look it up 20 somethin's, its good for ya) he scared the crap out of 1930's radio listeners in War of the Worlds (people died if that makes it more interesting for ya), wrote 1949 (mm, maybe I have year off, but the switching of the #'s has big significance) which DOES refer to the original Big Brother, made one of the most adored and fawned over (and I must admit, damn good even for a Bl&White) movie, the 'Rosebud' thing - Citizen Kane! (see you just have to remember a little to inform, anyway!).

So I digress. But you can research this concept of how nasty One newspaper, One TV station would be for truth. The worst thing would for there to be Not Divergent voices, Or voices that that were bought and so stayed silent. What if a paper wouldn't SAY anything about something, wouldn't inform you, the consumer and citizen, because they were owned by a corporation that would look bad if it's reporters took a look-see and said something.

That is why independence is incredibly valuable. To be independent and not bought, and top THAT off to be brave and nearly unshaken and go after a story because you know that is RIGHT, you know that is what you were put here to DO, and it is a responsibility that person CHOSE and we should all bow to these kind of reporters, editors - people who do it in the face of death. (This is the Lord of the Rings moment when the hobbits are told that they bow to no one. Hello, am I the only one that wants to bawl then? Do NOT answer.)

So this kind of talk about corporation blah blah that I just exPLAINED to you in above paragraph lead Bill to the inevitable discussion - that of how incredibly brave are journalists that died for their craft - and on came the list which, I may have to do some looking up to find pics for them and present them here, where I would be mighty honored to present their memory.

You see, Mr. Bailey is only the latest in journalists that has been gunned down in a hope to shut up and stop a story. I guess it is obvious that it's done in the 'name' of e vil, stupid and shortsighted as well, a smutball(s) would take away the life of someone for this reason, but it also shows how important the work that the editor, reporter, journalistic person does.

Can you imagine? Places like Turkey, South America, Pakistan (these are my direct knowledge at the moment, there are MANY more places) yes, with cowards in covered faces (there are no words. Don't they care that they're going to Hell?) but now its AMERICA, Your Land, My Land people, a citizen, I just can't help pointing out, where we all apparently thought, "You just can't do that, and not for that reason!?! Oakland, California does not have to be considered thug central (even tho that's what the rest of us think) and this was not a 'standard' gang killing. It wouldn't matter to me who's coward self would gun down an upstanding hard working man (and that's how I felt about Mr. Bailey as soon as I read the story) who's job is was to be editor of a newspaper for these ingrates.

I wonder what it's like for his family, I wonder what it's like for his colleagues and I'm glad it was priority enough that they are starting to really get a handle on the perpetrators (I do mean plural, in terms of who really wanted him dead). But he's dead and it does matter. Exactly as terrorists, they wanted fear for all involved. And that is why I hope they tear the perps apart. But that's just a little JungleTart rage, you know how it is.

But Mr. Bailey is on my blog because I care. I cared before Bill Moyers mentioned his name today, and I care about all of them. Daniel Pearl and many whose name does not seem as familiar, all that kept doing what they were doing and faced death right on. For information, for you to be informed. If that is not the supreme of canastas, I just don't know what is.

intellectual copyright 080807 - that means I can legally hunt you down and make you quit using my stuff as your own, Numnut. All of my material is copyrighted, and has the same warning.

Oh, numnut will continued to be spelled n-u-m-n-u-t on this blog. Not only because I hope daily to enrage the num_nut that complained about it, but because I wouldn't spell it any other way. It reminds me of num-nums, which is kind of cute, like something Chip & Dale would say to each other. I felt then, as I do know, that adding a b to the mixture was just too crass. I was never thinking of the scrotal area of a man, and I don't think you should have to either, every time you see it. I'm not lascivious on purpose, only when necessary. I'm glad we've had this talk, and if your child misspells numnuts on their next test, well, you'll know exactly what to do.

Burn it, Burn it and tell them they're going straight to HELL!!!!!
'cause any good Mom (hah!) knows that's the proper thing to do.
Have a JungleTart Day!!!!!:)

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

In Case A-NON-Y-MUS (think retard speech). (Oh, and is ANYTHING ever misspelled for a reason???? Hmmmm.) does not know how to check comments.

Post a Comment On: Adventures of a JungleTart
"More responses to the Slate thing (Do-ho-hooo-hoozies!)"

Anonymous decided to rear her ugly head. I think they should stop calling it that, and instead let it be referred to properly, with it's true name, Coward. But that's okay, each to their own 'expression' IF you want to call it that. But NO reader should have my response kept from them. I'm making it easy for Coward, for I sense that she's not used to this new-fangled thing called a 'Blog Forum' and because I AM SO NICE, here it is:

'Tart said...
I am super proud that my blog is read by readers from all over the world (totally true) and I am glad even when I connect it to what was going on on the Fray (Slate, need I say more).

Now my readers get to see even more true colors from the 'finest and best in normie hysterical women this country has to offer.'

'I'm not shocked that an 'Anonymous' comes to me from that forum, one who wishes to cut on something utterly inane (my spelling?) while showing her complete inability to punctuate, and as always, is too much of a coward to be someone any of us could care about.

Honey, my spelling is nearly impeccable, I don't consult books/online/spell check, and haven't had an incorrect spelling word to fix for a teacher since 2nd grade. Play with words if you like, it won't change that you seem to be incapable to actually say anything about the post at hand.

I'm thinking 'white-bread normie with no life gets overwhelmed by bipolar blogger.' There's no other explanation for your inability to comment ON THE POST(s)!!

To cut on my spelling is utterly inane and SAD considering most people can't spell their family name correctly, let alone WRITE & EXPRESS themselves and if THAT's the only thing misspelled (whatever tittle you can find) (and in this case I think remaining 'numb' might just be the best thing for you) then I think I'll download ALL of it and send it to my publisher immediately.

Don't blog much, do ya? You'll have a hard time finding someone who can let it out with such veracity AND can spell it at the same time. I DON'T know what you'd really like to say, but I can tell you: I think you are pathetic, and if that's cutting on me, WELL! I profess ouch.


Monday, August 6, 2007

Today's Headlines - Yesssss, it's time Again!!

Okay, I don't make this cr_p up. Nope, most likely, I'm guessing some underpaid minion that works for MSN comes up with their headlines, which fills them secret joy, and that, as every evil Manager knows, makes up for for minion's piddly salary. People, PEOPLE, I was in charge of my paper's Celebrity section. NEED I say MORE???!!! :)

STRAIGHT from today's MSN:

Pencil pulled from woman's head after 55 years - Whoa-ho-ho! I am thinking that lady from 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' ("mmm-mmm-mm, what a little a__hole" - wasn't she just a cutie!) or some weird reference to 'Hairspray,' - saw it! loved it! Or a blatant referral to hairspray, the product, because they'll find a way to frighten that lady who really Does use too much of it. Oh, did I mention that I did not actually click on on the headline? Oh no, no, NO! We all need to experience the Headline, not the silly story. Do that on your own time! (Journalism majors, I know you love me. Those last two sentences remind me of one of my fave profs. And the fact that I am a god_amn genius! :)

Too young?
Married at 24. Crazy in love, or just crazy? - Oh my God, because I am a bitchy PMs beyotch, I could not resist this one. Um, sis-in-law just (LAST YEAR) got married at this tender age. I don't know what they were thinking either, except maybe they still wanted to be able to 'enjoy' each other in the tender sorority/fraternity years. When I say enjoy, I just mean, perhaps they will wake up next to each other 10 years from now and don't have an 'after party' freak out 'cause it actually IS time to clean up the digs and learn to cook. Um, explanation above. Don't get upset at the bearer of truth. :)

Miners Trapped After 4.0 Quake in Central Utah - my immediate reacTIOWN to this one was Bush, back in the Oval Office, going 'Dang, didn't I just go out there? (referring to the bridge break in Minneapolis, Minnesota) 'Well, this one's not our fault. I say they figure it out for themselves.' May I say, they would be better off 'figuring it out for themselves.' Mmm, mmm.mmm. This poor administration. Having national disasters, I mean natural disasters, at every turn. What IS an idiot to do? (OH! As a side note: Has everybody seen Li'l Bush on Comedy Central? I must pay attention to who the heck is writing that one, cuz he/she needs a big JungleTart smooch. Damn! That's funny.)

I HATE sports (it's one of those things that galvanized me & Husband, we could NOT care less about baseball, football, basketball, whatEVERit-ball, unless its NASCAR. :) BUT this one, I KNOW, took thought in the thinky-thinky department for that poor minion (probably has to post this stuff online for MSN AND think of headlines, oh I almost care.)
A ring for Ming: NBA star gets married

I know you're thinking, how could you post this stuff, it's just too easy! Precisely! This is the drivel we are fed everyday. You don't have to agree with me politically or anything else for that matter but...well, I AM right. God, don't read Bipolar if you don't want some Bipolar. Sheesh!

Have a pleasant day! And try not to think about what that liberal media is gonna cook up next! Oh, almost as an aside, have you noticed how utterly rabid the media gets at a 'real structural problem-oriented' disaster, like the Minneapolis bridge fall? I swear to the LORD, that if I hear about it ONE MORE TIME as I innocently flip my cable channels I will scream even LOUDER at my TV set. People, Anna Nicole dying was fascinating. This is a damn bridge. Oh I know, someone's going to say "Think of the dead in cars!" Think of the incredulity that this bridge passed inspection in 2006!!!! People, I have thought about it. I have contemplated it. I may have included important persons involved in my prayers. I may have said, to myself, to my television set and to the World: NO MORE!! No more will my psyche be raped and worked and pushed to sadness by that Liberal Godd_amn Media who has nothing better to do than do so (God love 'em, when they are not pissing me off). Thank GOD, something happened in Utah, to get them off the scent. After all, you know those miners are Mormons and going to Heaven anyway, and it's all a moot point. I'm just sayin.' Like you didn't think it yerself. Ciao! You have a gooood one, now!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

More responses to the Slate thing (Do-ho-hooo-hoozies!)

Hey thank you to Mysti's comment to my last post. It's your's and this lady who actually posted on Slate (boo Slate) that both really did make my day. Of course, all things attract numnuts and I've quite a ringer below. So, I had to burn her a new hole. I know, wasting my skills on the undeserving, but that really is life, no?

This from Ms. Dee, concerning the response I made (it's in the last post.):

WOW!! You got them tiger!! You did it, you got to the bare minimum of the point. I am impressed indeed!
While wasting precious time in and out on here I have read some wonderful post, some mediocre and some down right stupidly painful ones. But yours..... it had volume, I could mentally hear it..... I'd mention more about my trials and tribs as a working and/or sahm but you might steal it for your book!! LOL..... Thanks for giving me the closure I needed to end this now I can go relax after dishes, one more load of laundry, and if time permits a game of yahtzee with my teens who still dig doing things with me. HMMM? Not bad for a Slummy Mummy!!

My response to her:

Mwanh! I love ya, and you made my day! Go rock those dice, and tell those kids it's always cool to give a hug and smooch to such a cool mom!

So this attracted a shark. Perhaps she thought I was too 'nice' to say anything back? Calueless wonder:

Re: Reviewer: Quell the Slacker Voice! I say: A Bunch of You Need a Dose of Reality, mitfish 08/05/2007, 12:30 AM #
Favorites Reply
I should have stopped reading at (no kids yet). I'm laughing at the "yet". Would love to see what you had to say a short 5 months after "yet" was over. Yeah, I don't like smug, holier than thou mommies either. But I'm starting to understand where the attitude is coming from. It's from dealing with people with yours. I have 2 children,(3 and 1 years old) and I have 3 advanced degrees. I got much more opportunity to be a slacker getting those degrees than I ever do now!

AND, a new hole is burned. Yes, I really posted this and I see no reason not to be super proud. I couldn't help myself and God did not stop me:

Whatever mit. Your response makes no sense to me. Are you b_tching because a person with no children would make a response? Tell me, why is it I should care about Your reality? I think I have done government, taxpayers and my family a favor for staying on birth control, considering that psychosis while pregnant is a real REALITY for ME! What the h_ll do you know about THAT?

I haven't yet begun to clutter up Slate or much better reading venues with the truth about my existence, and when I do I won't give a damn that you're picking up binkies or trying to convince yourself that you made the right decisions.

I know bipolar, I know counter culture, I know the underbelly of society like the endless unhelpfulness of the state mental hospital system. I offer my two cents because there obviously needs to be somebody who can WRITE (hello, got MY degree AFTER a killer psychosis and still went on to be human and get a degree, you smug, useless/clueless f_ck!) and stand up for people who clearly are just getting their footing, a voice and (gasp!) writing books!

As an almost literary aside, for all the cutting on the 'energy' of the book being reviewed, well, I think that was all the reviewer really had to say that had anything to do with the BOOK, the way it was written. The rest was jealousy from all those who wish they could wear pajamas and blah, blah, blah. Jealousy is ugly, and is near impossible to hide, not in this pathetic review or your pathetic life. That's right, for all that people like you want to insinuate that mine and thousands if not millions more people's lives are pathetic I say to you, 'Hah! YOU are pathetic, jealous, and Gosh Darn it, nobody DOES like you!'

When you're crying alone somewhere in your house after hubby went to work, just remember burning bridges with those clueless people that at least know they they are honest with themselves might just have been the worst thing you've done. Why is it the wrong people feel driven to suicide? Instead, the rest of you keep on holding on, boring the rest of us, and crapping up/populating the planet. You could have 5 degrees and still not rectify or explain to me why the hell you've got to do any of that.

AND that covers it, so far. :)

Mysti, my dear, you know there are so many blowholes, boring people (you know, the Perfects that think we care about their crap), mean people, deluded people (well we're getting on the fringe of the ones I actually like!) that keep on blogging, writing, expressing themselves and I just can't see a reason why Your Voice, Your Thoughts, Your Feelings, Your Illness(es) should not be out there! It's not about comparison, it's about those idiots having the nerve to clutter up my internet and life with their cr_p and you not getting to because, frankly you're too polite or didn't want to bother someone or whatever it is. I get told all the time to 'keep on writing, be yourself, don't care what others think' by numnuts I've never heard of, never been to their site and probably won't. So GO FOR IT! It is good, it is patriotic, it is correct before God, that you have a voice and say whatever you WANT! Please repeat as necessary.

Let not one of us be deterred because of what the outside world thinks. I know for my part, Clearly this world was not made, not crafted, NOT for me, and it really doesn't seem to care about me. Which gives me enormous leeway to tell them off when necessary and just basically do what I want.

What are they gonna do? Put me in the Quiet Room, strap me down, and feed/stick me in the bottom w/ Thoriazine? Leave me frightened, helpless, and potentially hopeless? Force to me to be in a criminal environment as a complete innocent sick person for months on end? DONE IT ALL. This means I'm potentially scareless and I find that funny. Long live the 'Tart. I haven't even begun to fight. I owe that world nothing, yet I still stay and give, put up with it and often forget how it has sc_ewed me. It is quite freeing when I remember! Thanks to all the a__holes that made that possible!

Of course, that's not YOU, dear reader! :) Thank YOU for your support. (Of course, if you're not giving support, I don't want it!) (Bartles & James, circa 1980's, w/ 'changes.') The Potential Fact that you exist means somebody reads this. Because, I write it anyway!!! Ha!Have...a...great...DAY! :)

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Slate: Mummy Slummy and some usual Jungletart hatred. :)

Okay, I read this review about a book about incompetent moms in the NYT, in the stupid Slate (hate the Slate! My responses about a botched Hemingway piece were so underloved on their site. Bite me, Slate.), (I get NYT in my email for free. Apparently, I'm being liberalized and buying into media hype, for FREE). ANYhow, focus, about the story, pay 'tention: You know the type, walking around in pajamas, clueless about how to buy a stroller, ya de yade YA DE! What we're talking about is INCOMPETENT PEOPLE, people! And this reviewer, had some pretty harsh words about THAT! Can't have the world falling apart like that, AND writing about it too - right Drill Sargeant??!! NOO!

Nah, I don't care. I don't care that the reviewer was bitch-y (see that is not a noun, it is an adjective:) or that her minions posts concerning the described article were bitchier c_nts (okay, one of those might be a mean nasty noun. But I do that. I cus. And have a disclaimer. You have been warned). Anyhow, wretched x 100. Don't take MY word for it, I know that all that come here, do their research! Their homework! They want to SEEEE if for themselves. I understand.

What to Make of Slummy Mummy

The reason I don't care about what THEY said is cuz, I took care of them in MY RESPONSE. See that's what I do on a Saturday, waste it away, typing and thinking, or is it thinking and typing? Well anyway, as Slacker #1, bipolar screwed up life speaking, I get to type kick ass responses that I am extremely proud of and you get forced to read it, or at least, I post them on my own blog to not only take credit for it, but to hold it here in glorious terpitude, as well (yes, its a word, I'm pretty sure I used it right, look it up).

Oh, in case you think this slacker has it TOO easy, I had to break up fights between my Pug and Siamese. You have no idea what it's like. The Pug is adorable and wants attention and be on Mommy's lap (I'm Mommy, eat your heart out) so she's standing there with big, big Brown Eyes. Kitty, Reese Kitty, Kitty Boy (Pretty Boy, hell we don't know what to call him) He just doesn't like her being in his room (which the office IS his room, so he's always got a point when he starts pulling this). He YOWLS at her, and if you know what a Siamese sounds like, its a wee bit LOUD. Truth: I wouldn't care about their problems, except he pulls this yowling stuff. Oh its hell. As a comPLETE side note: I don't have stretch marks from children. Aw, I'm just rubbing it in. I've got stretch marks from being fat from being alive. Bipolar and take drugs for it, you'll find yourself fat with stretch marks. Watch anybody care about that. THAT's why my slacker life is hell. And so counter culture. But maybe my 315 other posts explain about that.

Yes. Working for no money, typing on the computer all afternoon, do it for free (um, nobody does it for free. StripTease individuals AND prostitutes get paid, and so does everyone else - so what does that make me?) A brilliant bipolar on disability that quit her last job and resists the guilt to work some MO, and loves the computer and typing crap. Wow! I didn't know I could be described so well! If only it would fit on a resume.

So anyHoo, just go to the url to understand what got me mad enough to spend ALL Saturday afternoon on and never realize the time (that's how you know you're in heaven, no concept of time. That's for artistic types. I have no idea for the boring Everybody Elses. A h_rd-on 'cause the day is done? That's why they rule the world and make it hell for everyone else). THEN, OR you could just read what I have to say. Maybe you'll be interested in the original crap after doing and click on the url above and then somehow I helped this dumb b_tch. Oh well, I always get s_rew_d somehow.

Oh pah-lease, exactly. As a bipolar, 35 (read: No kids YET??!!), married
woman who thankfully has a blog to get out my ‘frighteningly’ similar issues of
slacker lifestyle, I’m thinking “Thank you!” for bringing this apparently
‘terrible book’ to my attention for some intense perusal for my own research, or
at least apparently, mild chuckling, for my own book.

After all,
if this even hint of ‘counter culture’ (read: reality for thousands) bites the
bottom of a bunch of dull, ‘perfect’ people as yourselves, I’m already drooling
thinking of the ‘paper’ (that means money) the publishing house will have to put
out for some well-written slacker lifestyle ‘drivel’ (with admitted bipolar and
brilliant tendencies) by someone who can tell you how it’s

You idiots, there are TONS of almost non-functioning people
out there, yes especially, but not contained to, moms saddled with that ‘most
important of jobs’ which, in my view, has been culturally shoved upon them.
There are many who feel alone and utterly clueless, waiting for some real
information, especially anecdotal, and for a body of people to call their own,
attach to and feel better about themselves with, whether because they simply ARE
everyday ‘slobs’ and clueless, or have something more of a problem and can
finally get help if it’s needed. Thank God they are getting a

It’s strange that you nearly describe them as the slime of
the earth – have you all become so derogatory and critical that this is what it
takes to make YOU feel better? Methinks you protest the existence and the gall
to speak of the ‘annoyingly less than perfect’ a little too much, eh?

Look, lipstick/no lipstick,
how-dare-these-people-talk-to-me-at-the-playground Stepford-mommie meanies– get
off your high horse. I swear that you really aren’t perfect, better or whatever
your beef is, and need to finally be quiet and realize that what you really are
is: cruel & catty - a game that’s been over since high school and only gets
revived when you get a chance to ‘express your opinion’ on the web and in
reality – do you get that? It’s my sincere prayer that you would stop the
cruelty (which is the bullying of your fellow sisters, whether in your head or
sadly, aloud). You stop it, that would be some significant change in the world.
The first step is understanding that yes, it’s you.
The interesting
question for the reviewer of this book is ‘Are you disturbed because slackers
even exist and that alone is your ‘simple issue,’ or does it gall you that they
would say something and you really think they should be embarrassed, and by God,
it’s your job to embarrass them out of speech? Because I think this is just the
beginning, and rightfully so, of ‘slacker expression.’ If you hate it this much,
I hope they flood the market with it. The time is coming for
judgmental/perfectionist (funny how it really is a combo) so-called ‘normal
folks’ to take your ‘shut-up and eat it’ juice and like it. For your every push
and incessant yammer that insists ‘be like me or say nothing at all’ there ought
to be a slue of those nutty ‘counter culture’ writers to put you into your
place, and I plan to be one of them.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Please use 'GoodSearch' (Oh! And a Well-deserved excruciating Death to Abusers of all kinds Everywhere!)

Warning: Disturbing discussion, especially in last paragraph. Just warning you 'Sensitive Types,' God love ya!

I know I am not far reaching, but that has never stopped me before. I want to spread the word about a fantastic charity - calling all animal lovers - and a really potentially effective way to help it, without ever shelling moolah out of your pockets.

Charity: Save A Pet
Concept: Install the 'GoodSearch' search engine toolbar and use it on a regular basis when looking up things. It's powered by Yahoo and tell it your charity of choice is Save A Pet.

Physically located in the Brentwood, NY area and of course having a great presence on the web with many ways to help, all you have to do is look at It only takes two stories of brutality to make me bawl, but then again, I am premenstrual. Go ahead and test your fortitude when you read the real life crap that people do to animals. You better hold and adore your furry friend(s) when you do, promising them they will NEVER have a life like that.

See, I know that religion and God and Jesus are all about people. And thankfully there are books that pointedly and exactfully point out that 'all flesh' meaning animals too, hello, are up for salvation. I'm pretty sure that all other flesh (animals) have it made, and it's people that are the ones needing to look out for their eternal souls (especially the lady who nearly starved the dog to death to proof a 'point' to ex-husband. I'm thinking if that bitch doesn't change her ways it's straight to Hell-o for her, know what I mean? And I wouldn't mind helping her get there a little quicker, cum sa?). Anyway, clearly in my eyes many, many people are VILE. It apparently takes a rocket scientest too for many people to see that even the meanest, most bitter dog did not get that way without a vile sack of shit (human) to turn him into such. Again, animal: major points, 'human': zero.

Oh, this is a perfect platform to say something about Michael Vick. I have refrained because I did not not want that kind of vileness upon my site. But, Google or GoodSearch (!) your way here, you'll find something useful (GoodSearch - use it people!), so that rocks exceedingly in my world! I would like to say about the sack of shit known as Mr. Vick (I think he should change his name to that like Prince changed his to blah, blah) that I was Very Disappointed in PETA on the day of his arraignment in Richmond (VA). I would have gladly been the person to take the rap for pouring a bucket of blood on the son of a bitch. I also have some creative ways for his well deserved sentence. My special sentence for animal and sexual predators/abusers are similar: After the sentence is announced, do not waste anybody's time or money on all the usual extracurricular crap. Place Evil Individual on tarp (located handily in courtroom). Cut off balls. Or just one if you like. Sexual predators can just bleed out. This son of a bitch gets electrocuted, strangled and slammed to the ground, just like he did his innocents. I'm talking to the balls.
Yeah, well I told you I just didn't want to go there, right? But now this stops the need for explanation for what I'd like to do to the next unbelievable bastard, savvy?

Have a pleasant day, and don't forget to use GoodSearch!!:)

Yeah, I know this is a good one and your dying to steal it. Which is a great way to put it (dying, duh head), because I'll find you, hunt you down, and treat you like the vile criminal that would make you. Good day!

No, that was NOT all.

Jungletart blog would like to make a correction to the post below. The woman in Arkansas had her 17th not 12th child. Thank you.

Um. And why is it if you type in 'I want to work for myself' in Google you will get 5 entries on working for yourself and then they are 'I want to kill myself.' I think when you look into the prospects of working for yourself, you want to kill yourself. You know, I'm all for reducing stigma for mental illness, but could we find a frickin' job for this mentally person at home? I've got a DEGREE, I can type, I can think, I have a computer. Really, people.

And that is it. Really. All the instructional value for only $0. Call now. Operators waiting.

Whew! What a hard labor.

Whenever someone asks me if I've had kids, I'm gonna say No, that lady in Arkansas's been having them for me. I've given her full custody to do as she wishes.

Thanks Lady. Now that she's had her 12th child and going for more, I call about 5 of hers for having populated the planet just fine for me. I'm glad you adore those late (or non) nights. Here's to you.

Oh the (Insensitive) Stigma!

Was looking on BP Guy’s site and he has this bookmark for a site about mental illness, stop the stigma.

Somehow, this got me thinking about when I told my Husband’s grandmother that I am bipolar. I think she first had to consider that this did not mean I was gay. Once this was determined her first words were ‘But you don’t seem crazy.’ I realized, or tried to, that in her vernacular that was meant to be sensitive.

I’m thinking I must not be as frickin’ sensitive as Husband is always saying, because it’s only NOW that I’m thinkin’ things like ‘Gee, if someone hit the old bat with an iron skillet her life force would PROBABLY not ebb away that fast.' You know, insensitive fuckin’ things like that.