Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Pretty Much Lost It.

Well, as you can imagine, I was super excited to know that you can put a photo up BEHIND all your greeting stuff at beginning of blog. How absolutely thoughtful of blogger to make this available.

Sad, 'Mother Theresa' Emma will not stay up forever. I bet you're glad, as I am, because, well, she just looks ssooo sad and pathetic. Well, people, this is how I feel and I think it's only fitting that you should be stuck looking at it for a while.

Why am I so mean? Oh, people, PEOple, as I briefly mentioned below I'm steadily cruisin' for that rock bottom thing. I just have NO energy, don't want to work on any of my paper mess which I assure one and all is oh-so-extensive. That made me realize there is something Super Wrong, as only weeks, maybe month or more ago I was a dynamo in dealing with this cr_p. Turns out being a dynamo is precisely what is necessary, otherwise I walk over, kick it a little but Nope, nuthin' makes me care about it at the moment. I guess we all have our barometer.

In case anyone had convinced themselves that I was entirely useless, I did in fact go about dealing with family/after my Dad passed away issues today. I think I am to be congratulated. Because the frustration factor is just off the meter now. Well, it would be if I didn't things in my own hands and get mellow.

Today's debacle required calling what I am starting to call the 'bumpkin state' and dealing with seemingly complete non cooperation from said folks. Huh, I got so much done weeks ago when I was feeling 'higher' and was oh so honest and at that point somehow got oodles of help. Funny how when you are in the depths of depression and just want answers and don't feel like playing the human interaction game you can practically get nuthin done. Ah, I say practically because one of my big burdens IS much better now, thank you. I'd share but privacy is such an issue nowadays. I guess you'll just have to Wa-Wa-wa-wonder. :)

Well, I think I can additionally share that I feel Rather Funky right now. Nope, Tart can't imbibe, smoke or take dope so I have opted for the next best thing. I admit I have abused my prescription medication. At the moment I feel almost deaf, which is an awesome feeling! What the hell, you wonder? I took a an extra buttload of Depakote and this is what happens. Slowly, I can't even hear even myself tapping away on the keys. I feel a funky kind of shut down. Hmm, besides a slight concern that I won't go back to my hah 'normal' self, I'm seeing this as a super positive.

I was gonna say that I have a list for what has made me feel better today. It's short because I'm honest but here it is:

1) Despite massive stinkin' thinkin' I still smell great! Yes, my big high today was spritzing some Lancome Tresor on myself. Sad? Check out number 2.

2) I only had one great big laugh today. It occurred right when I first got on the computer today, cause one of my useless instant messengers directed me to it (does ANYone ever IM anymore? Oh I forgot nobody in blogland or reality gives a crap about me. Cool. I am cool with it. Really.). Okay, I am telling you right now this is NOT SOMETHING TO SHARE WITH THE KIDS. Is that a big enough disclaimer? And it is JUST BIZARRE and may even be INAPPROPRIATE and OBJECTIONABLE for some delicate eyes. But I did not name it one of the 'Best Clips of the Day' myself nor can I help that it made me laugh over and over like a sadistic little child.

I realize taken out of the context that it is you will all think me insane. But it made me laugh for so many reasons. For one, I wonder about Nancy Grace. And for another I'm thinking Wow, what rebellious balls her video minion Elizabeth has to do this. Oh, NANcy please don't fire her. She is fresh air. Really, you should value her honesty.

So without further ado, the most tasteless video Tart's ever had on her blog. But it made me laugh and laugh, so what Does That Say About Me? Dang I'm fun/funnee, even while going down the draaainnn!!

Snagged from the "This Just In" site, here's how they intro it: By the way check out the NANCY GRACE thing and IGNORE the other stuff. It's about the NANCY GRACE thing, people.

'Nothing says news and journalistic integrity like the words, "Nancy Grace Podcast." As the fem-bot attempts to nail Paris Hilton to the wall (finally, someone needed to take her to task!), her crew commits mutiny. Watch the crazy unfold...'

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Ignore the frickin' HTML. These sites make me practically have to learn it to get it on my site! I'm just glad it works. Later.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Now Posting Pretty Pictures


Medicine Lake, Glacier Nat'l Park, Montana

South Pacific

Parry clover and Trifolium Parryi, Yankee Boy Basin, Colorado

Parati Bay, Brazil

Colorful Lorakeets

White Crocus

Cherry Tree and Dandelion Meadow, Zug Canton, Switzerland

Because my life may never get back to 'normal' whatever the hell that means, and because here is not the place for me to parcel out anything that is probably going to make you, dear reader, feel any better, I will now return to a perrenial Jungletart favorite: posting pretty pictures.

Luckily a huge wailing screaming life-sucking cry has weakened me into being as feisty as a titmouse (that just sounded cool, I couldn't resist).There are many factors leading me down the not so primrose path of bottoming out. On the almost exciting front I have been accepted by Bipolar Planet ring. I have not checked their site to see if that means I'm on it (the supposed reason of being on a ring, I believe). Also, I thought I was accepted by the Bipolar ring (yes, a different ring altogether) but perhaps I am on queue? Well, welcome bipolars. Hopefully crappy days like I'm experiencing come few for ya.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

ई ऍम कोन्फुसेद - I am confused

Apparently I should be. I just typed in Hindi.

Well, this is what happens when you stay up waaaaay too late and start messing around with your template, for one thing. I just reeeaally want to fix the fact that my backlog is in 'weeks' instead of months. I have fixed this, I thought, but apparently it's not appearing on the blog. I keep looking for a repub button and...there isn't one. So please accept my apologies.

I meant to say I am confused because www.ringsurf.com has officially accepted me as part of the bipolar ring but A) the little (and I do mean little) icon of theirs that I have put into my template/page just does not seem to work B) if you click on it, it goes nowhere.

And that completes my report of what is wrong on the blog today. Carry on.

Knit/crochet squares for VA Tech victims: Gotta movie about it

Because I stay up all night gazing at my favorite things on the web (knitting, spinning, fiber, alpacas, pugs, ETc.), I found this absolutely lovely YouTube movie from the blog www.skeincocaine.blogspot.com. That blog is written by the one and the same Gina, owner of the Mosaic Yarn Shop in the Blacksburg, Virginia area that is featured in this short. She is being interviewed because she came up with the idea of knitting squares for blankets for the families of the victims of the VA Tech shootings. Dang, I am so slow I don't think I could knit fast enough for the May 31st deadline. But, there's alway crochet.... Anyway, she has now posted on her site that the finished blankets will be displayed in some high end museums - this is very important stuff people. And from the hands of knitters. There still is beauty left in this world.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Of Course! You're an incompetent idiot, THAT's Why!!!!!!

Oooooooh yeeaah!! I know there's dozen's, perhap's thousands out there waiting with bated breath to know the final installment, the veritable true outcome of 'The DMV Debacle.'

Oh, fair patrones of my site, I won't keep you waiting. Not one typewritten tittle longer. But let me tell you, patron, THIS IS GOOD! As in, it takes the f'n bureacratical cake right out the conservative (but UNnamed numnuts. because I am feeling kind) that usually perform things of this stupid nature right out of the usual places and into the hands of an even worse threat - the career civil servant - in my humble opinion.

Okay, okay, okay. I call my Commonwealth (remember, it's not a State) DMV to confirm receipt of my Medical report today. I faxed it last Thursday (I know you remember that I also mailed it a month before) and all's I want is to know that they received it and they are NOT GOING TO SUSPEND MY LICENSE as per the threat, I mean letter, that stated they were gonna if 'they didn't receive my Medical report by May 20th (original due date: April 30th).

I spoke with a Medical Department DMV individual (individual=moron, or often worse, in Tart vernacular. Secret's out). This individual tells me that they updated my report yesterday and the letter stating their little piss ant requirement has been filled, with date of next piss ant requirement (honestly criminals get parole, this is unbelievable treatment) on it. This is not good enough for Tart. Oh NO! I was polite but pushy and said I wanted a letter on Commonwealth of ______'s letterhead stating that they were not in fact going to suspend me. A suspension of the notice of suspension, if you get me.

Soooooo's I gets her Manager, since that was not something she handled. (!) Manager gets on phone and was the vision of puff and bluster, all condescending and going to put me in my place, as though she were being stared at by the other DMV minions and definitely had something to prove. TO MY CREDIT, I was non-flustered with this. (On my worst day I am at home typing about my issues or screaming to no one in particular. That lady works there 5 days a week. Need I say more?) I worked with the lady, allowing her to belittle me as she acted as though information that she was giving me for the FIRST time was something that any ONE of the 4, count them 4, previous DMV minions had told me. They had not. You are going to love this:

She was holding in her hand THE Medical report that I had MAILED earlier in the month. It was dated that they RECEIVED it April 8.

The Medical Report was originally DUE April 30th. THEY (now here's where we get to the the words like INADEQUATE...INCOMPETENT, kids) did not update my file until May 11.

This means that while they swear up and down they do not have the manpower to UPDATE my file, they were able, at some point, to hire a computer pro that put together a fabulous system to spit out SUSPENSION NOTICES on May 1.

So I call and call (they have 2 phone lines for the entire Commonwealth), I fax it out of fear - and the Beyotch had it the whole time. Not to mention the mix of unnamed emotions that I felt receiving a Suspension Notice, knowing good and well that I had sent it in plenty of time. Why you gotta piss off the bipolar?

Actually, the more I think about it, the more I realize she was full of sh_t. I mailed that thing the second week of April, there is no way she could have received it that EARLY!!!! Could there be more vapid liers than the pieces of cr_p they find to work in a Commonwealth DMV????? And while we're at it, why are we a frickin' Commonwealth? Like I said, its like they're too lazy to put in the papers to be a state. The entire thing sickens me. u80qw4p nuqo3tphroalj akpoviuopt[ ----- see I just barfed all over the page.

The crap I go through. It defies logic. It defies sense. It defies DECENCY.

Perhaps my computer will be spitting out letters, on Tart letterhead, sent daily to these blustermuffins describing how they should be proud that they put the Presidente de United States to shame,

oh and I wasn't gonna go there.

and that if they are not able to do their job at least they could be nice about it (or even take responsibility) for how horrible their system is when an innocent (but proactive) driver/taxpayer/victim calls them on it. What a privilege it is to drive. And some people wonder why there's road rage.

I really do surf the web too much.

Maria Shriver says she was just about to return to her job as an NBC correspondent when the 'Anna Nicole Frenzy' broke out. She was so disgusted that she quit her job entirely.

She will now be intermittantly bothering us with her jutting facial features and uber feminism. Yes, Ms. Shriver I can feel your 'feminism.'

Look, this lady does not fool me. She has tanked herself dutifully like all the other Kennedy women. Oh yes, they feign that important 'I'm from a political family' thing but the truth is that Grandpa Joe must have done such a number on every one of the female sex of his sad little presidential hopeful brood that every one has subserviated their personhood so their man could be a politician.

Ms. Shriver plays the 'I can bear four or five off-spring have a completely draining full time job trying to entertain millions with important sounding stuff (yes, Ms. Shriver they call that the news and all the famous anchors are reading it off the teleprompter.) AND keep my husbands best stuff in his pants as he, once again, plays politician.' Oh, Maria, Maria. Someone, please tell me what is the MATTER with Maria.

Pretentious, annoying, more than faintly condescending.

I like my Anna Nicole media frenzy, thank you very much. And if you can't fit in, well, be a baby and quit. I know I did and media publishing cries every day for it.

I guess you'll have to get a blog and whine on that.

Take that, irritation that I simply had to spit out. Like a percolating pearl, that one was. Damn I'm good. I can't help it. I too have skills and talents that go unpaid every day. Yet I live. So quit yer whinin'.

Geopolitics, Sunni, Shiite, Kurd, Iran and What the Heck we're doing in the Middle of all of it EXPLAINED!

Ah, back so soon from crippling depression? Yes, well, when feeling like a slogga slogga nothing can keep me away from my various checking out of the web. You have got to see this!

It's okay I will go ahead and admit to having a horrible to nil understanding of the conflict in Iraq and the Middle East region. This coming from a previous just-for-a-while International Relations major. Anyhow, if you would like to listen to NBC correspondent Richard Engel explain to you what the heck the situation is and why, click on link below. It's better than all the crap you watch as News each night because you really will learn something.


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

'We have pinpointed it. This is called 'Depression...

...you know the other part of your life, that part we can't do anything about either. Enjoy. I mean wallow. I mean...just shut up, we're tired of the self involved, introspective, intelligent statements, no matter how how clever or entertaining you *think* you are. Take a pill. Did you take your pills yet?'

Uggh. Only a bipolar could 'get away' with the way I feel right now. Rotten.

Takes a great deal of effort to think and type like I do. Posts full of writing, thought. Again, uggh, uggh, uggh. Why bother.

Whilst going thru the stuff of a Great Man I had in my life, I came accross some his Zen - ish type stuff and this one mulls in my mind:

Don't tell your problems to someone that can't help you with them.

It might have been more Zen - ishly stated (Tell not thy problems to he that cannot help.) But that's the upshot.

This is proving really big in my life. I've stopped talking. I have realized no one can help.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The DMV thing - answering Raine's questions

Next question: The DMV thing.

Raine is worried that what I described in my other post could happen to her if she told a DMV official she was bipolar.

Hmmm. First advice: Don’t tell a DMV official that you are bipolar.

This whole thing was because I found myself in front of a driving counselor. Meaning that I had come to their attention because I ran into someone who stopped short right after a light had changed and I just slid right into him at 1.5 miles and hour. I was 17 and stupidly admitted fault. May I also say that I had 'received' by bipolar status just the year before and I was a young shaky bipolar that felt I must 'tell' at every turn, as if these idiots could do anything for me or because I felt morally driven to. It turned out someone had dashed in front of this person in front of me, causing him to brake, and therefore me to brake. The person who caused the accident, left the scene wasn’t there to admit fault and I was too young and naïve to wait for a police officer to inform me of this. (this seems the first screw, does it not? Just because I said something, do your damn job, PoPo, and write down who really did it. I think I have my 'subconcious reason' for hating the PoPo!!!!) So I received a ticket.

I paid the ticket. My mom wrote out a check. This is where things get the real Tart-life stamp on it. DMV didn’t think they received the check. Hmmm, where have I heard this before – they’re paper backlog caused their automatic system to issue a suspension. The very day that a sheriff issued the suspension to my mother (who never called to tell me) I was driving home from college with my laundry to do at home. I got stopped for a speeding ticket and told that I was driving on a suspended driver’s license. I started to cry as I really had no clue what they were talking about and I thought this was either some bizarre joke or weird computer error. The officer believed I was clueless, as the real ‘sentence’ is impounding my car and taking me to jail. Instead, he issued a speeding ticket and admonished me to go home and take care of the situation immediately.

Going to court, I paid $50 for the suspended thingy and $50 for the speeding ticket. The common defender informed me to say, "Guilty, your honor," and that would be it. Yes, Paris Hilton, hah, bite me darling. You see nice people CAN get off for, well…being nice. Whatever. Anyway I recall the Driving Counselor lady, and the obligatory retake of driving school (it was enjoyable, actually) and having to fill the medical report for all of my Commonwealth living life.

So, Raine, I don’t know what to tell you. Through a turn of events that I am entirely willing to believe that could only happen to me, me got screwed once again! Could it happen to you? I have provided EVERY detail (and I’m sorry, but you’re askin’ for it.) that I recall that led to the situation and you will just have to ask yourself! :)

Alpacas - what's that all about?

These next two blog entries can be thanked due to Raine’s questions to my last post!

Alpacas – what’s that all about?

Alpacas originated from Peru and Bolivia. They lived in the Andes and make a remarkable fur/fiber that helped them withstand the harsh altitude. Alpaca fur and the items made from it are considered better than cashmere, actually one of the very best fibers in the world. The animals can stand both cold and heat, the hotter times of year are made better by being sheared in Spring and they must have some kind of shelter or barn to gather in.

We don’t eat them in the U.S. They do in South America. They are not pack animals. They also do not require a lot of land! Five alpacas per acre. And they don’t eat much. Just the grass growing out of the ground complemented with hay for vitamins. It is said it cost $300 a year per alpaca to feed, a significant difference between cows and other animals, or heck humans.

I’m going to get one to see how it goes. In my mind they are a bit of a pet and I love the fiber arts so I have plans for that fiber once they shear it off. The way to make money is to sell the babies. Also, there are still some mighty amazing tax deductions that will be available in this industry until 2009. As in nearly 100% tax deduction for buying one and anything having to do with it’s care! That woos a lot of people.

I’m interested in the shows. Alpacas are worth more if they do well in the shows, lineage and bloodlines are an endless topic to alpaca people. And you network. With animal people! The people are from many different careers and its not about what you do, its about the animals and I love that.

So for Tart, alpacas are part pet, part fantastic fiber source, a tax investment and maybe someday I’ll be making money off them.

Oh, and you can buy them without having land from a farm that will keep them for you. This can be good because say you can buy one and they still have other alpacas around them. Alpacas cannot live just one by itself, they need two or three if you’re going to have them on your own land. I have already met a farmer who will finance them. The least inexpensive alpaca is about $20,000. Most of my knowledge is (internet) research, research, research. And one visit to a far to a farm so far.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I'm not retiring in this hole. Oh, I'm doing fine otherwise, Thank You!


Okay, so maybe you are wondering: where did Tart go? It's been awhile since anyone's heard. I'm coming up for air.

Well. I said I took care of things for my Dad. All my boxes are safely here in the room with me, needing to be unpacked. Most are books so I'll hold off until we have bookshelves (I know, oh so smart, no?). We have turned Mom's room into an exercise room. I was dragged to one of my hated locations (Lowes? Home Depot?) to choose the rug. Why get a rug when they had this super cool foamy stuff that interlocked together that is squishy when you walk on it! Of course, I had to get the multi-color because I need some joy when I open up the room to...what is it FLYLady calls it...gently move (aka exercise)? No gray for me. Husband did a fantastic job installing it - Thank you Husband!! So the apparent number one use for this stuff is a playroom BUT third down on the package was Gym, so I don't feel silly. :)

Alright, so I went on that cruise. That was super fun. I just ordered all the pictures I had on my hard drive concerning Dad's service and that cruise. I got a super deal because I joined that MIPoints thing where you get points for buying stuff. Hopefully you only buy what you would've anyway and I assume I get something for these frickin' points. Well, I got a super deal on photos, which will be coming in the mail.

I notice that I buy things sometimes to make myself feel better. If nothing else to have something to look forward to. I'm betting almost everyone does this, and I'm betting plenty of bipolars do it so much they don't even think about it. So one puchase I'm looking forward to is...The Bean! Yeah, I saw it on late night TV. I controlled myself, did not impulse buy and thought about it for a while. When I broke down and decided it sounded great I bought the cheapest one. Yeah, they have 4 kinds (basically normal, normal w/ stretchy cuff thingys, wide, and wide w/stretchy cuff thingys) so I applauded myself for buying the 'basic' model. I just know there are some you riveted by all of this.

So what is a Bean? It's exercise equipment in the shape of a bean that you lay on and do your crunches. It comes with DVD for all kinds of other exercises, so you don't feel like you 'wasted' your money a crunch helper. My back is pretty shot, but I know doing crunches would accomplish what I'm looking for - strong tummy = strong back. So I think it will be just the ticket. And I'm super excited.

As usual, as a bipolar I don't know if I'm coming or going emotionally. I do things to keep myself up, no I'm not talking drugs. Just doing stuff, piddling on computer, even doing real work like throwing/shredding masses of our dang paper clutter. And I leave the house occasionally. I try so hard to keep track of my appointments, but I admit I miss stuff sometimes.

Oh, and on the total upside my plans for having an alpaca or two, a farm AND an internet business (I love you Ebay) are looking sweet. I have visited an alpaca farm with Husband and he is totally cool with me buying one! We will visit the location of my family land soon and see the viability there of it, whether to stay on it or sell it. In my mind that money is farm money. Thank you Dad, in a terrible way, you have again made my dreams come true. Wow.

Then, of course, there is the annoy-ing. The letter that sent me into the bipolar uglies, a little screamin', a little stompin.' Google if you want, I'm sure you can find out where I'm talking about but I don't live in a State. No, this is a Commonwealth. That is piteous. It's sort of like being too lazy to actually get married and instead just sitting there and be common-law. But you have the nerve to have official address labels with both names on it. That's what it seems to me when I see 'official letterhead' and I realize what a jackass piece of shit land mass that I live in. Again, they make it that complicated for me to descibe, as it is not a State.

I wonder how many of you will ever find yourself here because you google this problem, much like the masses that end up here because of the SS (Social Security) thing that I occasionally get f'd by.

I'm forced to fill out a form, once a year for the last 10 years, a medical report that I must return to the DMV on time or else they will suspend my driver's license. I do not suffer from seizures, nor do I have a significant ophlamalmic issue requiring said report. I made the deep error over 10 years ago of telling an idiot that I was bipolar, after there were some traffic issues. (Fear not, it was as innocuous as could be.) Ever since then, I have been forced to fill out this form. It really is ridiculous and if I had the money I would sue them for it. I really think this could count as some kind of bizarre predjudice, a true sueable offense. When I leave said Commonwealth I think I'll print what I really think of how things are run here - and ya'll kin jus' kiss may ayass.

So I sent that thing to them 2 weeks before it was due. Imagine my desire to hurt a simple bureaucrat when I open the suspension notice. It was in the evening when they were both safe and unavailable to listen to their well-deserved tirade. I had to wait til today. Yes, Ms. Tart lost it last night. I was mad.

Come to find out when you read the damn thing they are 'giving me' another 20 days. So it's not an immediate suspension like you'd think when first reading a BIG HEADER: NOTICE OF SUSPENSION. Wouldn't you like to beat someone? I want to sue for putting me through this bullshit. When I called I was on hold for 20 minutes, yes, 20 minutes, never getting a person because my call was cut off!! When I immediately called back - the line was busy! Oh Commonwealth, Oh Commonwealth why can't you do nuthin' riiiiiiight???!

So I've been jacked up, down, all a-round, as usual. This is my life. It may be unbelievable that I've only spent a couple of times in the nutty hole. Vive me!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Sweet George is a hero - for the love of a child.

The next is a direct article off of the Yahoo 'Odd stories' network. I think its a *spoiler*, because it upset me and is a lot like 'Old Yeller.'

Tiny terrier dies after saving 5 kids
35 minutes ago (As of 12:23 a.m. May 2, 2007)
WELLINGTON, New Zealand - A plucky foot-high Jack Russell terrier named George saved five New Zealand children from two marauding pitbulls, but was so severely mauled in the fight he had to be destroyed, his owner said Wednesday.
George was playing with the group of children as they returned home from buying sweets at a neighborhood shop in the small North Island town of Manaia last Sunday when the two pitbulls appeared and lunged toward them, his owner Allan Gay said.
"George was brave — he took them on and he's not even a foot high," Gay told The Associated Press. "He jumped in on them, he tried to keep them off.
"If it wasn't for George, those kids would have copped it."
One of the children, Richard Rosewarne, 11, was quoted in the Taranaki Daily News on Wednesday as saying George fought with the pitbulls to keep them off his four-year-old brother, Darryl.
"George tried to protect us by barking and rushing at them, but they started to bite him — one on the head and the other on the back," Rosewarne said. "We ran off crying and some people saw what was happening and rescued George."
But George, aged 9, was so badly mauled that a veterinarian had to put him down, Gay said.
"The two pitbulls ripped the skin from his throat and chest and down his back," he said, adding the tough little terrier also "had a bad heart condition."
Gay said the pitbulls' owner had surrendered the pair to dog control officers, and demanded they be destroyed, claiming they had launched unprovoked attacks previously.
South Taranaki District Council official Graham Young said the two dogs had been impounded, and likely would be destroyed because of the attack.
In New Zealand, owners of dogs judged to be too aggressive can be required to have them neutered and dogs involved in attacks are destroyed.

Why is it I hear of 'marauding pit bulls' in my own area (just a few years ago my friend's cat had to be put to sleep because her leg was mangled by....PIT BULLs!) and not maurading German Shepards (just as potentially dangerous, no?) or any other breed of marauding dog?

Well, we've had more than that incident with my friend's cat. We had an elderly woman KILLED along with her sweet little white muffin-faced dog. The owner of those dogs (yup, you guessed it, Pit bulls) is IN JAIL for that one. I guess it's cause they didn't want to waste a euthanasia shot on the owner. Ooooooh, yer goin straight to Hell fer that one!! Her lawyer said, 'Alright, this is insane now. This woman has suffered enough,' referring to said owner of pit bull! No, irresponsiblity kills, bitch got to pay, I hope/wish she is still rotting in jail.

In case I have to spell it out, what I see is the most irresponsible dumb asses gotta look cool and own a 'bad ass' dog. Irresponsible because no dog becomes an evil cur nor a roving maniac if you feed it right, if you love it, if you treat it the way a dog should be kept. Dumb ass because how many times will this be said before people will leave the big dogs alone. Go play Playstation, get a hobbie, get good at something, get a life!but don't involve an innocent animal in it.

Oh, and the thought of the cruelty that people perform on animals - there's almost no words. It should be a criminal offense with SEVERE penalties to do these things. It makes me sick.

There's a show called 'Animal Precinct' on Animal Planet. I can't watch it. I don't want to know what these wretched people did. What chicken shits: if you're going to have the show they should make them show their face, embarrass them in front of the whole country. They talk about naming names in prostitute cases (putting names in the newspaper in a test program worked wonders for curbing second offenses), we all agree sex-offenders should register, we need accountability for people who abuse animals. I know these people probably have anger issues, and embarrassing them just makes it worse, but grow up. Wanh wanh - none of us are children anymore and your anger's not getting you off the hook.
I have to say one of the scariest things is to see a kid who openly abuses/mutilates animals. I think we all know the stories of this kind of behavior may lead not only to continuing with animals but with people. So this ought to be taken seriously.

I could not help thinking of my sweet Emma dog-Emma dog concerning this story about George who was just destroyed by these dogs. I no longer walk my precious puggy girl in our neighborhood. The last few times I did, I almost always was followed home by some dog. I have had to hold dogs and get animal control to come cause I don't know where the animal's dumb ass owners are. The pit bulls that tore my friends cat were just a few blocks away from me at the time, which is something to think about as well.

You can't imagine the loss, sadness and anger I would feel if something happened to my Baby, she may be four-legged but that's a ruse. She's just so important to me, if someone hurt her I might end up in jail, if I didn't think the dumb ass people got their just judicial desserts, savvy? Don't mess with a bipolar woman and her adorable dog (whose admittedly prementrual no less - HOOO-Eey!!). I've had all the messing with in life that a person should EVER have, so I would not test me.

DON'T let your dog out to pee by letting it roam all over the neighborhood cause you let it out the front door. I'm amazed by the people who use this as an excuse when there's an altercation or problem concerning there animal. Mean well? You'd get at least a ticket for it in my County.

Ever heard of a leash and getting your lazy ass off the couch? If you won't provide a backyard for your beast, uh its the only other way!!! So you don't even care about Your Pet being hurt by Someone Else's pet? I can only think 'pure stupidity,' - uh is that just Another Phrase for irresponsibility? Um..yes.

DON'T take your anger out on your pet. Control your damn self. One should always think of hurting themselves before hurting children or animals. Hopefully you find it distasteful to do so as you selfishly realize you don't like being hurt either. Those of you who follow thru with my suggestion need to be safely tucked in the nut house because you really are a danger to self or others. And we all are just a little more than tired of that one. :)