Sunday, September 23, 2007

My Open Letter to Tina Fey

I read today that Tina Fey sometimes surfs the net to see if any of the words she/other writers come up with show up on the web.

Tina Fey, former 6-year writer for SNL, the only female head writer for the show ever, has been a fascination of mine ever since I heard about her job description and that she owned it.

She is a WOMAN, writing for the biggest comedy show that practically every American, age 12 to Dead is aware of, whether they can’t wait to be old enough to be allowed to watch it, or is aware of but can’t stay up past 8 p.m. (it’s a natural bodily function thing, already happening to my dear mother who is approaching 70. Not next year, but it’s out there, waiting).

So she left SNL, which forever made her writing royalty as it is, to write and star in ‘30 Rock.’ Two years ago she had a baby.
So you can see why checking of ‘words created on their show’ fits in during makeup and before everything else. She’s, like, really busy. She also happens to be what I really, really wish I could be.

Further, she seems so damn human, except that I’m sure she’s probably pushing herself to do REALLY well on ’30 Rock’ and it must be working, because the immediate competition just got annihilated and her show got Emmys to boot.

Unfortunately, Ms. Fey, I have no nuggets from your show, just accolades for you.
But if you ever Google your own name, please know that I do ‘keep track’ of you – in an entirely uncreepy way – and I am so proud of you.
If taking 18 pills a day and having the occasional mood swing that could take out New York City didn’t slow me down so much, I might throw myself into competition with you.
As it is, I’m typing out my plan of attack! My plans to take over the world will probably take the form of a book, but I want you to know that you have lifted the bar for us women writers everywhere. Gilda would be proud.

PS. All - Oh, and Ms. Fey was the ‘helpful teacher’ in Mean Girls, looking like herself, complete with the unusual glasses. She wrote the screenplay, too. Just so some people can have a reference.
But if that weren't enough, I do have photos, stolen from the web:
Ms. Fey sans glasses. I don't know why she won't wear them on the red carpet!

Artist's rendition/real photo (you be the judge) of Tina's life at the moment. Both photos from, not affiliated with the artist. Just another crackpot like me, only her blog is all Tina. Good day, all.:)

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