Monday, September 10, 2007

Oprah's Fan Club - A Very Good Idea

I signed up for Oprah's fan club because I was on a kick for entering contests. But I must say that the best part about it has been receiving her emails.

I'm the type of person who checks their incoming emails far more than I check T.V. listings. Oprah's people email me and tell me what is coming up throughout the week for her television show.

I appreciate that because I actually watched the Season Premiere today. I made a point to watch since Letterman and Oprah have been at odds for years, at least on Dave's show. So cute to see them together. I could relate to what he said about his Dad, although I think I may not ever get a building named after me.

Lisa Marie Presley has impressed me for a long time. Her video premiered (at least in my world) on Oprah today, but I admit to busting out crying when she was shown in person on the show with the Harlem Choir singing. I understand that she is normally loathe for people to see her sing live or should I say 'live' with Elvis. I have noticed. And it is apparent in the video, too. So I was overcome to see her singing for real today on Oprah.

They brought out Elvis's granddaughter, Lisa Marie's daughter, and it is so apparent what a good job not only Priscilla did in raising L.M. right, but what an interesting, real person L.M. herself seems to be, and that her kid(s) turned out great. I know somewhere Elvis is proud, not for all the fan love, but because his baby girl turned out to truly be a fantastic person!

So, none of this was missed because I heeded my Oprah-mail and watched what I really wanted to. This means too that I get to miss all the 'predator-days' and unhappy, stressful stuff that this bipolar doesn't need to be subjected to. That's a good thing, as Martha would say.

Finally, I like the 'daily thought' that she sends. Depending on what the theme of O magazine is into this month, emails with thoughts in that flavor are sent out daily. I've taken to saving the ones I like into a Word file called "for the bottom of my emails."

If one day I become a cheery enough person and figure out how to do it, I'll put little messages at the bottom of my emails. This is proof positive Husband doesn't read my blog, because I know he knows how to do stuff like that in a heartbeat.

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