Monday, September 17, 2007

Back on Phentermine

The experiment continues... oh, I mean life goes on.

Husband and I decided that just maybe this time around wouldn't be so bad (uh, that would be Emotionally, on the Tart) since the PDoc did raise some meds and I have become quite close to human on occasion again. [Yes, this IS the best life has to offer.]

Saw the PDoc today, and he said its worth a try. He also raised the amount of thyroid med I take. Yeah, if it wasn't enough for all the other nasty, Lithium is a thyroid destroyer. Do they take you off the mysteriously potent Lithium? Why, honey? when it works. Nope, NEW PILL, the thyroid med, and most docs don't even tell you why. Point: PDoc okayed me getting back on Phentermine. He also weighed me today. He kept the 'Good God' to himself.

I've also become big enough that my back hurts constantly, while standing, walking, oh and yes, even while sitting sometimes, bless it. For those who don't get it, I've said it before: If I'm going to take drugs that contribute greatly to me being the equivalent of a portly pig or a pregnant woman in the third trimester - while not being full of child - then I have no problem taking a drug to help get IT OFF.

Even if said drug makes me talk a mile a minute - ermine - anphetamine- might as well be the same thing. Even if I constantly feel tired WHILE feeling wired. Basically, a limb would have to fall off or I wake up in the 'ol looney bin before I'll stop subjecting myself to this.

Aye, and there is the rub. You might as well realize that it IS being subjected to something, that I WILL be crying even more than usual and nothing comes fo' free.

On my last attempt, I lost 20 pounds in one month. They say smokers ofter have to quit MANy times to achieve a no smoking status. Been there, done that, and can say its entirely true. So I'm back on a fairly evil drug, to 'git er done,' as they say.

For those of you looking to scam off the emotions of a bipolar, the crankiness, the highs, the suicidal dips, the feeling just great-s while wondering if this is what normal is, I do believe you will be in for a treat. For those who care about me, and I know you're there, it's still me. Only, I'm bent on looking better.

It's not just about looking better. It's about heart disease, the pills I already take for high blood pressure, cholesterol and the evil spector of diabetes. Also, as a new and different thing I'm taking phentermine in the evenings. If I can sleep through the night and suffer a little less of the side effects during the day, I may be able to hang on to this crazy nut ride.
Yours in fortitude,

The [one & only & doncha forget it] Tart


Raine said...

I wish you luck with it. 20 pounds huh?..................

Raine said...

S.O. = significant other

'Tart said...

LOL! OOOOOhhh!! Thank you for the translation.