Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Controlling emotions - a video from

I will be going on a retreat for work and each of the staff is doing a section on 'Stress Relief.' My section is 'Refuting Irrational Ideas.' I have been doing some research and I found this video on called the 'Beginner's Guide on Controlling Your Emotions.' Enjoy.

Friday, September 24, 2010

A Heck of a Week.

I see my last post a little differently. What an angry little title that one seems to have! (or at least a bit of a passive-aggressive one:) Well, it's been a few days and after discussion with my therapist and my boss/good friend, I've come to the conclusion that our last audience was, most simply put, immature, and I am just letting it go. On to bigger and more important things.

Even before I had my In Our Own Voice presentation on Monday, which was huge on my mind, I had something else on my mind.

Before I even wrote that last post I had found out that someone that affected my life and the life of others in our mental health community had died. In a violent way, which was disturbing. And so sad, because this person was a beautiful person inside and out and it was so sad.

So I went to her funeral today. And I was actually uplifted by it, and 'glad' that I went, as opposed to not having gone. We were encouraged to think of the good things, the positive memories, the ray of sunshine that she was, instead of the way and fact she died. Which I am trying to focus on.

Then, as an irony, our work had our Anniversary party. Which went on, it was not cancelled. We worked hard to make it nice for everybody, and had a lot of consumers come to it today. But it was so hot out today (apparently it reached 99 degrees) annnd I roasted a bit. I received a certificate of appreciation, as all the staff did, and that made me feel really good. I am monstrously blessed that I have beautiful meaningful work and wonderful bosses and friends.

Recently, I have been opened to the idea of 'affirmations' in my life. I will talk more about this and share more of this especially on the 'Good Stuff' blog, I think, because it is becoming enormously helpful in my life, and I can see it changing my life for the better.

So I didn't 'mean' to sound like a crank with that last post (title) but I was quite concerned about it for a while until I had those conversations I mentioned and recovered.

I wish all well in the blog world.'Tart:)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Can you teach compassion??

There is much going on here in the Jungle. Most importantly, my animals (and family) are fine and doing well.
I did an 'In Our Own Voice' presentation for a large psychology student crowd (90 people) yesterday. I have mixed feelings about it.
One: I know we did a good job and we presented well. We answered questions to the best of our ability. And I am proud of myself and my co-presenter. And that is what matters most.
Two: There was some compassion in the crowd and some kind and sincere comments/questions.
But, Three: some of the questions/comments showed a bit scary ignorance among a population that you would hope would know more. I know that was the reason that the professor asked us to come and speak and he was thrilled with the presentation and said that it was better than any lecture he could have ever given. Which does hearten the 'Tart as well.
As my wonderful boss and friend said to me, this was the first time we gave a presentation in front people that are not truly in the mental health field, they were not 'Our people.'
The professor wants us to do the presentation once a semester for his classes.