Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Few Outstanding TV Women ( 2007)

Kyra Sedgewick in 'The Closer'
I look forward to this show every Monday night.

Sally Field
Whatever new incarnation, Ms. Field has been doing TV & movies for a long time. Always the cutie, even in maturity, she just emanates a peacefulness with herself and a personal glow that I just love.

Wouldn't you know it, one of my favoritive woman TV characters is animated! This is what had to say about Lisa Simpson, and I could not say it better:

Lisa Simpson, the eternal eight-year-old girl, has always felt more deeply and thought more intellectually than her peers. Misunderstood by her schoolmates and her own family, Lisa forges her own path.

She becomes a vegetarian, refuses to throw the national spelling bee, and always stands up for her principles, even when everyone around her says she is crazy.

Because I came of age in the 1990s, I got to grow up alongside Lisa. I aspired to be a feminist, like Lisa, even before I knew what a feminist was.

And even though I was never musically inclined, she made me--and millions of other little girls--want to play the saxophone.

I may have moved beyond eight years old, but thankfully, Lisa has stayed the same.

She binges on alcohol & sex the way I would binge on food (and I swear I don't enjoy get to indulge or enjoy mine nearly as much she does hers!). Holly Hunter has brought a brazen humanity to the character of Grace, and poured herself into it with incredible zeal. again, put it so well:

You have to admire a woman who manages (barely) to balance her personal demons (drinking, promiscuity) with a strong sense of justice. Grace Hanadarko, brilliantly played by Oscar-winning actress Holly Hunter, is an Oklahoma City police detective who lives her life so on the edge that she is visited by a most atypical, scruffy angel named Earl (Leon Rippy), who hopes to save her from herself. Her lifestyle sure would not work for me, but her commitment to justice and the obvious love she has for her nephews and nieces make her an empowering woman to be reckoned with.

Yeah,'s got others: American Ferrara, the Heroes cheerleader, women from Grey's Anatomy, etc.: basically shows I never watch so I did not care about 'em. This list is my personal cream of the crop. Enjoy.


Raine said...

You know Sally Fields is in a new series that started last year? Brothers and Sisters? I was watching it. nice little soap opera drama type thing

Mark (Lord of the Idiots) said...

Pretty accurate list, we have the same taste in actresses. Shouldn't Lisa Simpson be like 30 now though......

'Tart said...

Yes, and a very thoughtful, respectful 30-year-old at that! She would have asked about any bunions/aches or pains you might have, when she sat down next to you at Walmart!:)

Yeah, I had heard that Sally was doing a TV show. I recall that Calista Flockhart and Rob Lowe (yummy) were in it. AND she won an Emmy recently. Yep, she's a winner & I can pick 'em! :)