Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Emma-dog, hhhhhzzzzzz sweet Emma-dog

Ah well. So many situations have conspired to make me feel like I just shouldn't open my mouth anymore. The problem is, my mind is swimming with stuff. Truth: No one wants to hear my crap.
I know, Dear Reader, you Love to read my crap. Riiiiiiiiight. Can you imagine being this 'prolific' in real fleshy life. Apparently, I am difficult.

So, I don't know what to do. I guess I could dedicate a bunch of time to Word, typing out stuff and maybe something will come of it. Sad that a heartless word-processing program is the only thing that can stand me.


Hey, I did survive Amusement Park Saturday. I rode two or three thrill rides. Husband had his brother and his friend to go on everything with, and I think he was in kid heaven. Since I spent a significant portion of the day alone, waiting for them the best of the whole day turned out to be WINNING PRIZES!!!! Yes, I did well and came home with three (count 'em 3!) stuffed things.;) I'll have pictures soon and will post.

Then, as predicted the next best thing was Husband 'n mine's picture upon arrival to A-muse-mint park. It's official. We are cuter this year than last!:)

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Raine said...

Thats cool you actually won stuff. Seems like I am usually just donating money if I try.