Monday, September 10, 2007

I feel so cranky today

If my period doesn't start soon, I'm going to take a screwdriver to my ovaries myself. What, do we have a clog here? You don't have to understand my menstrual or pre-menstrual problems for that matter, you don't have to like it, but you surely will hear about it.

I drove around my 'community' today for simple errands. That is enough to crank me out right there. We actually have to have announcements on the radio to remind people to contain their road rage, no matter how warranted. They have laws against that stuff, and you know somewhere there's a cop stopping someone for failure to use a turnsignal, while not realizing that a hot cup of coffee is about to land on someone in an incident that will end up landing someone else in jail. Oh the humanity, the wastefulness, and the uncreativity! Is that the best you can do? Officer Wiggums, calling Officer Wiggums - the coffee was from Dunkin' Donuts! - clearly on your beat!

Anyhow, I found out about this lady who discovered that baby snapping turtles were destroying her garden. One of those wily turtles put their eggs there aaaaand nature took its course.

I think she secretly likes them. Yeah lady, but they grow up. Meanwhile someone's gonna throw some in the local lake, and you can say Goodbye to decent fishing. Please control you local baby turtle population. (Drowning doesn't work.)

Jane Wyman died. Nope, still not one off the Pool of the Dead (darn) but sounded like a classy lady if you read the Yahoo blah-blah about her. Not one to talk about her first husband, Ronald Reagan, even though she got asked. Not until he died and she said nice things about him. We should all have such classy ex-es, hunh.

I'm writing about her because here's the best quote I've heard about a person in Hollywood and movies:

"In the end, she had survived for decades in a town notorious for exploiting talent and then discarding it."

Wow, Tough and Classy. You rule, Jane Wyman. You left a good impression on Earth.

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