Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The AIDS Quilt (proving once again ~ it's all Bush's fault)

Just read an article about the AIDS quilt and all the dickering the people in charge of it are doing with each other. It’s a ‘folk art’ project, so in my mind that is going to be problems all around. I hated my folk art prof and her class in college. It doesn’t even seem like a real job or a real thing to teach. I like the concept of some item being folk art, but either you buy it to put in your house or look at it in a museum and walk away. I would hate to ‘be in charge of it,’ that’s for sure.

It’s infuriating about the AIDS quilt because they fight and fight and just cannot see the overall picture. There’s no use in having a foundation for the thing if you don’t display it. Stunningly, it would cover 6 city blocks if it were completely unfurled and represents about 91,000 names of people who have already died of AIDS.

So the guy (a Mr. Jones) who use to be in charge of the foundation got fired, sued them insisting that they get off the pot and make him President of the foundation (hmm, is this person high or manic? Or just dying of a catastrophic illness and just wants to get to the important parts as quickly as possible?). The original beef was that he wanted it displayed in D.C. during the 2004 election.

Let me state this plainly. If Cheney, oops I mean Bush, can get weasels into the Senate to stop a piddly little non-binding (but potentially embarrassing) vote stopped which would decry the Iraq War ~ something they are presently working on this very minute ~ don’t you think it would be a piece of cake for The Regime to control if a ‘little ol’ quilt with embarrassing potential had unfurled during decision making time?

Why doesn’t The Regime just give up and think about the fn mess they are creating for someone else to mop up? I keep saying that Bush will go down in history as The Worst President Ever. He is an embarrassment to my generation and everyone else who has sat idly by why he and his cronies ruin everything from the environment, our human rights rep, foreign policy, health care, the U.S. economy and all the other the contents of U.S. borders and that includes the New Orleans debacle which may be the finest example of a President not giving a crap about his own citizens EVER! Yeah, Baby Boomers that means you too, sitting on you’re a**es, waiting for your $200 a month in Social Security that you worked so hard for. WHAT are we afraid of?Wake UP and at least speak the truth!!!!!! They kill people for what I just said in Turkey, but clearly that's not the place I live! So for the record, I Never voted for the bastard, not once, so I think I have rights to lay it out plainly. Why did normies fall for this? Ye only have yeselves to blame!

Goodbye and God bless! A Tribute to Barbaro!! :)

I admit that I haven't been a watcher of last year's Derby winner (fastest speed EVER!) or even the saga of thoroughbred, Barbaro, but now that I have heard the news of his passing and read in today's NYT about his life, I am quite certain that he deserves a true Jungletart farewell.

They put him down Sunday because believe it or not, through everything: the surgeries, the slings, the laminitis that caused him to lose 80% of a hoof (and yet he got better although not expected to), he always remained a happy horse, he maintained good spirits. With this lastest bout of laminitis in both front feet, abscesses and complications from his Preakness injury it was apparent that his normal demeanor had been pushed beyond the limits and it was time to say, 'no more.'

People close to him said he was both sweet and an 'old soul' and I think that many of us can relate to and be inspired by the incredible bravery that this animal exhibited. He obviously was great in that he could do something that is fantastically impossible for most. His real greatness was to continue to have an upbeat attitude even though he had been thrown from the crowns of glory into a pit of misery, pain and suffering, something that nearly every human can relate to, and most don't handle as well.

Also, to get normal slobs to care about a horse, meant a few started to care about slaughterhouses and the fact that you just don't do that to an animal was a feat he accomplished as well. You rock, Barbaro, and in case you are wondering ~ yes Virginia, there is a heaven for horses!

Was it wrong for the Jacksons, owners of Barbaro to spend 10's of thousands on him, his surgeries, vet bills, only to have to put him to sleep in the end? I'm sure there are naysayers that agree with that. I do not. The Jacksons admit that after 30 years of thoroughbreding they had made the cardinal mistake: falling in love. Having fallen in love with animals myself and having paid thousands so that they might be more comfortable as they head to the end and so that I might still get to enjoy them a little longer, I am happy that there are people like the Jacksons that would do the same for a beautiful prize-winning horse with an even more beautiful spirit. This 'ol Earth needs more people like them.

Here is a quote from the NYT's article:

"When he was asked to make sense of the deep feelings Barbaro had summoned from complete strangers and from those who knew him best, Dr. Richardson (Barbaro's steadfast veterinarian) perhaps wrote Barbaro’s epitaph:
“People love greatness,” he said. “People love the story of his bravery.”"

Glory Days: Winning the Derby ahead of everyone else by 6.5 lengths with the fastest time (1:40) EVER and remained undefeated!

Life is good! Enjoying the pasture during time after Derby.

Barbaro at the Preakness breaks back right leg. His vet uses 27 pins during intricate surgery in an effort to save his limb and his life.

The day after Barbaro's surgery as he is lifted out of a pool.

Barbaro gets laminitis in a foot causing 80% of the hoof to be removed. Straps and slings are used to keep pressure off his ailing leg.

Even after needing 80% of a hoof removed, Barbaro rallies in September 2006 and hopes are high again that he may recover. Here he is with Dr. Dean Richardson, who was known to hand feed the horse himself.

So loved. So missed. You taught us that life really is worth living even through difficulty, with a spirit that was sweet even to the end!
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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Read with monotone. That's how I wrote it.

Thanks to all those concerned about me changing my page and the very nice comments in general. I never thought of changing my page. I’m not sure how that falsitude got released or misconstrued into the vast stream of media presented here, but I’d like to stop all of that now – never thought of doing that. But again, thanks sa much for the caring comments, as though something large and changeful were going to occur and no one wanted to see that happen, and again, those were nice sentiments.

Yeah, well really I just have no care about anything right now. I guess in layman’s terms that would be know as ‘depression.’ I am always confused by this classification because ‘depression’ to moi means crying, bawling and generally being a bitch to live with. Turns out feeling nothing, caring about nothing, actually feeling cranky because of said nothingness-feeling is in fact ‘depression.’ After all, it is not elation, no not near it, nor could it be described as happiness, which as we all know is in fact ‘normal’ (well elation would certainly be under the category of ‘manic’ but I for one haven’t had that one for a while.) So if a person bears the mark of manic-depressive as a human being you know been deemed so by licensed mental illness deemer or two or five, certainly it is clear what in fact feeling nothing really is -nothing=depression- and it is, after all, so dang important to figure these things out.

I contemplate discerning and recording my moods, on a three times a day basis. It is mere contemplation mind you, but some say that's awfully damn important and all people with messed up moods should do it. I've never done it once, hell I don't know what I'm feeling this moment, so what do I care about a calender full of up, down and all around? I state my every word blandly and for no reason at this very moment. Yet, I can write a lot about it, break it into several paragraphs for your easy reading enjoyment. Is this enjoyful for you? I couldn't care less.

As long as I live there will be some need to classify, or pick apart, or have to have some idea of what I'm feeling, what my mood is and I am frickin' tired of it.

It’s important, at this juncture, plainly, to classify my feelings as I know the internet world is living on bated breath to how I’d classify myself today.

I slept until 12:30 p.m. today, quickly dressed and the did the makeup thing (which always takes longer than it 'should'), spent hours at the hair salon, my credit card was not accepted twice (not of my fault, I assure you), so took care of the payment otherwise. Came home to tear a new hole for the credit card company – that was fairly successful as I got the chance to listen intently to an explanation from them and got to say my favorite phrase for the day, “Well, frankly I don’t want to sound cruel but that sounds like a big load of crap (melarkey?) to me.” That is a direct quote and it just got better from there. I sometimes get asked by family members to take over their ‘company ripping a new one’ needs and I am glad to do it, since it uses my fantastic communication and reception skills that I spent years slaving in underpaid employment conditions and yet are so sadly underused these days, and frankly, its just fun.

Then I bowled. First two games were forgettable. Last game was my bowling high. Go figure. What a day. End.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

So many things to learn from animals...

Webshot pic
Don't be afraid to enjoy the sunshine! And protective-wear is always cool.

Webshot pic

Don't be afraid to be led by a friend. You know, the kind that has your best interests at heart!

pic captured off mysti's blog a while back

Relaxing is the best thing ever! Whether you are small and cute...

'Alice' from (cat of the week section)

...or large, sassy and terribly unladylike!

Yes, I thought this up all myself ~ every large, sassy, terribly unladylike bit of me. :)

Thursday, January 18, 2007

(Insert Title Here.) Or a blistering post about how so many readers simply SUCK.

There is some question in my mind if people who Google, look at blogs and participate on the net simply want sanitized, easy to understand, made for them parcels of information that all make sense, and life is rosy.

Well, if you are researching something, I say yeah, staying in the normal range of easy everything sounds great. I went to college. I know how it is. I look things up. I want a straight answer, minus all the major minutiae and cr*p. (Unless I’m writing a paper. Then I delve into all minutiae to drive myself into insanity. But, that’s just me.)

That must go down the drain on my blog. Get it and go. Understand quickly, and leave. Either people don’t understand my English, which is entirely possible (I’ve been known to speak quite fast. It’s a bipolar thing, you may not understand.), or its too boring or too damn hard to read or care about another’s inner crap.

What can I say? I could say, I could print symptoms of Bipolar I disorder, and how I, at least, handle them here - what? as some kind of guide for people too bored, stupid, or impatient to figure it out for themselves, or give a blueprint for every fake out there. Did I ever mention how I hate bipolar/mentally ill fakes? Why don’t you find yourself another hobby, such as how to off yourself with little to no mess for others?

I’m not going to apologize for putting my real feelings, my real angst out on the web. If you can get through my last post, I’d say if nothing else the overall hope is that you know that there is someone out there just as, or more, screwed up than you are. That ought to be a fantastic thing for you, in times of need, to contemplate and feel good about.

Bipolar and life are nothing if they are not just insanely complex. If I could fit that on a license plate I ought to do it (ISNLY CMPLX) because that would just cover it. I don’t have to tell you my specific problems, for clearly they are of no interest. Do you need pretty pictures, or someone to say that life is wonderful, ducky, a dream? You don’t want to hear how some of us struggle enormously merely from an emotional aspect, let alone additionally with all the other stuff that a regular normie bitches and moans about on a day to day basis?

Well then, this blog was not made for you. Clearly states in my profile who I am. Not just the zillions of hobbies I’ve got, the movies I love, the mere implication that I don’t read much since there are no favorite books, but for the world to know I’m bipolar y brilliante. I don’t expect you to be like me, let’s be real, unique is for a reason, savvy? I’ve been so lucky to meet wonderful people through this blog I don’t need this thing except to do exactly what it ends up being: a near chronicle of ups and downs, happy picture this day, insightful stuff that nobody give a cr&p for the next. I do have a question though.

Who are you

Perhaps it’s good that I don’t know. I might not f’n care about you either.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A Bipolar Missive to the Universe

When I started this thing, my year anniversary is coming up next month, I just wanted to be really and truly honest and help a person or two.

The best posts, I *think*, that I've done were right from the heart, not really caring what anyone thought, what anyone would say. If I ever got lucky that they touched someone, well I will never know the secret formula to that.

So what's on Tart's mind at the moment? I can say that it is how horribly I do not feel like anyone else at all. How I feel that no would could/should relate to me as it just seems that my life is bizarre and there has never been anyone that relates to my particular brand of weirdness.

I'm still bitter that I can't find anyone LIKE me, no one who's had a couple of cruel, utterly diabilitating psychoses and yet did live (and live well, frankly), no one who lives with their mother AND their husband, no one who is simultaneously smart as a whip and mentally ill (and yet who STILL does not understand their illness). Can't find anyone screwed as hard by Social Security but did live to tell about it, no one else who lives like an f*n hermit but still can't figure out how to clean the d*mn house. I'm sure there's people who will say, "That's nothin' honey," others, "Holy cr*p, you are weird!" and I'm not naming everything that's wrong with me either, but if there is a point, it just may be, "What's the point?".

It is so amazing what people think when they look at each other. I really don't know what people think when they look at me, but I laugh at how normal it all goes in the outside world, how enough makeup can make you seem as stupidly normal as every one else because you look like others, when inside you'll never feel that way because you AREN'T normal. As long as you don't make a fuss, or commit a crime, or just keep to your f*n self no one's ever going to be the wiser to your existence or care.

UhnH! And write cr*p like this on the internet?! Who sends it out, when it does no Earthly good?

The fact is, we are all scr*wed up - in different ways, but oh yes - we are all screwed up just the same. I understand that, but with relatively no contact with people wanting to talk about it (feelings? problems? average people don't talk about these things, no?), I just want to say it's a schiszm in my personal foundation as a human being, just feeling many things wrong with me and feeling quite sure that I will never have a handle on it, never know what the h*ll is going on (am I supposed to be equipped with an emotio-meter, always knowing what the heck is happening with me?) And why? Nobody gives a cr*p about feelings anyway. Pretending they utterly don't exist seems the way to go. This is why I stay away from people, because I can't pretend most of the time.

I pity, in fact, the ones that think that everything is okay, and they don't have any lowlife problems. They are probably under 25, and honey, watch out - life goes on for a lonnnnggg time. :)

Perhaps it is a weakness to feel so d*mn much. However, the Bible, Jesus, clearly stated that the weak will get the power. Watch out world, imagine those bipolars who managed to survive who've been sitting in a sopping wet puddle of feelings so long, not allowed to express it - what then of all the foolishness that the 'previously' powerful have been dabbling in? All of the b*llshit Type-A activity, all the bomb throwing, all of the stupid inability to see past the ethnic hatred that would turn the world into a knarly physical black hole, the no-give, 'I'm taking because I've got the power' thinking (this goes from politics to how you run your home), all of it out the window when the sweet and the weak (nice bipolars) take over. Point is, crazily enough, they are going to make everthing better. (Hmph, thought for the day.)

Course it won't be me or any of the other bipolars who have that evil side, cussin' up a storm and sending so much hate mail to the Lord. I know He's forgiving, but how we test! I can't help it, I am sometimes full of vile rage and I don't think that fits in the sweet and weak plan. Maybe I'm wrong. I don't mind being fit into a better paradigm, that is, if there's room.

But that doesn't mean right now is any better.

And Another...(An Addition to Post Below)

Don't forget this VIP:
Not to be left out because this gal ROCKS in heart and ability! Jennifer Hudson. I think she struggled on American Idol 2004 a little bit in self-image (just my thoughts) and she was voted off and didn't recieve the top prize. However, she is so talented as shown by the fact of her winning the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture, 'DreamGirls.' Yes, her talent impresses the Tart, but moreover, her fortitude, working for what she wanted, not giving up: this person impresses me a lot. I just feel so proud for her, and darn it, she is such a nice girl. Congratulations, Ms. Hudson. Is there an Oscar in your future? :)
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Below is MORE, 2007 GG love! Don't miss it! :)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

2007 GG's: Beauteous Vacuousness :)!!!

Alright, Behold the blog Adventures of a JungleTart is given to fits of genuine vacuousness now and then, so Tart wants to use this venue to talk about the 2007 Golden Globes.

Why are the Golden Globes important or worth noting, you may ask. Isn't it just another award ceremony to add to all the other ad nauseum award ceremonies? Well, the truth is Golden Globes are a huge indicator as to who will probably win the Oscar.

You've heard of the Oscars, correctomundo?

So if you give a poop about Oscars, if you've ever been one of those people to have the list of potential winners in hand, with popcorn in the other while wearing comfortable slippers, sitting in the lounge chair with a soft blanket waiting with bated breath as to who will win for your favorite movie, actor or category ~ then you shooooooould give a poop for the ol' Golden Globes!

Here you will find the low-down on winners that the Tart found interesting, whether for who they are, what they wore, whether they should have won, or the likelihood if they'll ever win again. Buon appetit!!

I put this one in simply for cree-aa-tive dressing. Is this New Age goddess gowning? Ellen Pompeo, Grey's Anatomy. Is she worried we might actually know how large her bottom is, or perhaps she is trying to look like a bonafide Greek urn? Sorry folks, not a fan, but where DOES she find a stylist that'll find this? Cre-at-ive, fer sher.
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Helen Mirren. Wins twice for two different queen portrayals. Looks like a classy lady to me. Sometimes its hard for an older actress to get parts (yes, even if they've won Oscars and all of it!), so it's good that she's loading up on the awards. (Hey, they don't call me "Tart" for nothin'.)
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Love this gal. Kyra Sedgewick. Married to Kevin Bacon. Now that's got to be an interesting partnership, him always playing those mean as nails bad guys, her as the Southern detective that kicks butt in detecting and ratings (people, watch 'The Closer' and you'll have no doubt why I gush about her). I knew she'd be getting an award for this show, I said it a long time ago. If she hadn't, it would have been criminal.
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Sascha Baron Cohen wins Best Actor in a Funny Film. He beat out Johnny Depp for 'Curse of the Black Pearl.' This is insanity, people. I would pay, yes even bribe, to have Johnny Depp win an award, swagger toward the stage, impress the importance of black eyeliner on a new generation of anyone, and probably lend his hotness to a fabulous treasured photo or two, for me personally. I'm absolutely not feeling it with Sascha, savvy?!! ...Although, he is much cuter as a 'normal' person, no?
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

What's an award show, anywhere, without Meryl Streep? Streep's got the mystique from seeming decades worth of acting that screams the classy female actor (most don't like being called 'actress' did you know?) that deserves the big bucks and the big awards. Well, that's just her rep, but I will say she is easing into even the older roles with grace and still getting the juicy, plum ones still. Yes, you can see her aging (what IS wrong with aging? Nothing. We ALL do it. Sheesh. It's just that Hollywood and advertising is evil about it, and you know it. Don't hate me cause I'm honest.) and darn it, she's doing it so well. The truth is, I want to see her and a choice few like her (because of talent) do movies until the flesh falls off their face. And I do mean that.

One of the movies I own of her is "Death Becomes Her" and in it, she's eventually made up to look 'old' and she is now steadily creeping towards that, and frankly, super gracefully. Stunning job in 'The Hours' although Nicole Kidman definitely eclipsed her. Ah well, I could go on... behold Ms. Streep. with her 'Devil Wear's Prada' Best Actress win.

Ay yi YI! I cannot think of a more deserving guy to win Best Actor for a Drama, 'Last King of Scotland.' Why? I have noticed him slogging along playing good character actors but the truth is, I noticed him most as the loveable sidekick to Robin Williams in 'Good Morning Vietnam.' One of my most favoritist movies of ALL time, I knew then he deserved big wins, the big stakes. Seriously. Excellent job, Mr. Whitaker!

Will Smith did NOT win Best Actor in a Drama for 'Pursuit of Happyness.' He was beaten by Forest Whitaker, which was a fine choice. BUT, I think he is one of nicest guys in that business and Tart wants to put his picture here. That is all.

Clint Eastwood, smart man. Excellent actor and when he decided to hang that up for a while, became an excellent director, and one who racks up awards for every project he does. He is noted for the best deadpan (as noted by MSN)this year after Best Director of a Foreign-Language Film, 'Letters from Iwo Jima,' "You don't know what this does for my confidence."

Why is Reese Witherspoon here? Why, Ms. Witherspoon came to the GG's of course, dahling! I love Reese, honey she don't need that ol' two timing ex, and isn't she just a Golden kitten! Mwanh, you'll be getting more of those awards again soon, Reese, I can feel it.

Next, a prediction AND and simply because I want her beauteous face to grace my blog:

DRUMROLL Tart's opinion, the next to win, I guess next year or something when she finally makes a film again....Ms. Nicole Kidman!!!!!!!!!

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Mwanh, to all you theater, movie and awards watchers! I gotta go. Til next time!!!! Peace out, and popcorn does not have that many calories and you know it, so INDULGE! :)

Monday, January 15, 2007

Thoughts inspired by a black and white of Mr. Miller

Arthur Miller (right) with Dad, Isadore, 1961

Who among us doesn't want to be a writer? I think that question is well posed, and presses forth the assumption that many of us bloggers do want to be one, and for good reason, because while yes, there must be many reasons to blog (oh, I don't know, putting up pretty pictures, expressing oneself just because, or making that blog to show baby's growth to lots of in-laws without having to call or send pics each week ~ yeah, all good reasons) I think inside many of us is that desire to let out the need to just type and have SOMEbody, SOMEwhere read it. Additionally, the desire for it to be quality. The desire for it to go somewhere, you know when you're not actually working on 'the book'. You're not giving away plots or anything, just amusing yourself and maybe one other blogger/internet user or two.

Yes, I'm pretty sure that's why I do it. AND it's a shame for a B.A. in English to go to complete waste.

Well, I would like to remind that Arthur Miller wrote 'Our Town,' one of those plays that gets piteously redone over and over, sort of a primer for acTORS and continues to be somewhat adored. (That accent or embellishment was for no particular reason aTALL.) Then there's 'The Crucible' that I recall having to read in 11th grade (before I untimely got sick and experienced the bipolar crucible). Yes, Arthur won the Pulitzer for something, I do believe, and got to marry Marilyn Monroe. Is there more to life? For a man, I can't imagine (and I am imagining since since I'm not one). Also, he did not have the heathen stupidity to off himself like Hemingway (a Pulitzer prize-winner and OBvious bipolar). The Pulitzer is the biggest prize in writing, why not hang around to see how the rest of it goes, dofus? Anyhow, Mr. Miller let Marilyn do the offing.

Unless you believe the conspiracy theories, and that nice Mr. Kennedy was involved. (Notice nobody wishes our present president 'Happy Birthday' quite like Ms. Monroe did. Yeah. Who'd want to? (Down 'Tart, down!)

See what an Arthur Miller pic will inspire in me? Now, continue studying for the test. (WHUT?! You didn't know there was a test? Yeah, that's a trick statement. You're already experiencing the test. Oh, how New Age of me.)

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Must...have...CHEESE!!!!!!!! (I hope I didn't ruin it for you.)

As yew can see, I have made a few changes to the ol' blogaroo (today's accent is Yogi Bear. Please try to keep up). Picture above is a tundra pond near Mount McKinley, Denali, National Park, Alaska. Hoo hoo hoooo!!

Next, we see a gri-hi-hizzly BEAR in Mt. Kalinat, Alaska. Now some would think...we have a theme here...perhaps it is Alaska...perhaps it is a theme a-bout bears...

I think it is be-cause Tart likes to talk like Yogi Be-her-her!!

Tart interjects: No, Yogi, it's really because I thought that first picture was really pretty so I posted it, and then I saw the grizzly one and realized it so went with that one, so there you are. It's cuz they are pretty pictures, are they not, Yogi?

You are COR-rect, Tart! I do con-cur. Hoo-hoo-hoo. Is there anything else I can do for you-hoo-hooooo?!

No Yogi. I'm done with ya. You lovely style of being annoying is no longer needed. Thank you, so much. :)

Be aware that Forrest, Forrest Gump is a good friend of mine, as well. You have been spared, until a future time when he can be contained no more. I would, if I were you, consider yoself verry, verry lucky. Jesus, wuz that Yosemite Sam? Don't worry, I'm stuffing him back to a mud flap somewhere. Again, we're all safe.

No but really, I am quite positive that I must be premen-stru-elle due to the fact that I have no appetite (why, WHY can't that be a year round thing?), am feeling awfully creative for no good reason whatsoever (I don't think this is a crime, nor a 'usual' PMS symptom but since it IS occuring I can only assume it must be one), oh my GOD - I am aching for cheeeeeese, like Doritos DIPPED in Tostito cheese sauce and I know I would not be able to stop the guttural making-love-to-food noises that would be emanated. Seriously, my hair is beyond greasy, I'm wearing the only alumni t-shirt that I own that actually has the year I graduated (it's beyond sentimental for me, hence the fact that despite the fact that it has some bizzarre burn marks that no one knows How could have happened, I STILL won't throw the thing out) I am contemplating a convenience store run and purchasing everything cheesy available. I guess I'm completely weird in that I don't CARE about chocolate, I don't need it honest, I just want CHEESE and I want to gobble it and I want it NOW.

Good God, I don't know what to say. I mean, at least I'm in good humor, at least I still have some JOYs in life.

Yes, well besides cheese, I had a real good time manipulating my html this evening and getting all kinds of good things to show up. That could either sound just downright sick, or a "Dirty Job" scenario for that hot guy (hey it can't be just me, isn't that guy hot?) to do. Manipulate html, isn't that like the time he was doing the Dirty Job that required him to get the stud stuff for equine artificial insemination (that means: getting a high quality horse pregnant, duh!). Well, anyway, he's hot, that guy that does the show "Dirty Jobs" on the Discovery Channel. I gotta hot job for...oh heck, cut me a break people, I'm throwing it right out on the internet winds that I'm premenstrual. Dang, that sounded sick too.

NOOOO, I'm NOT deleting it, can I help it if all I'm thinkin' about is Doritos dipped in Cheese Sauce and maybe a grocery store run for the quality stuff......Whut thu, is that drool on my sweatpants...?!

Somethin' just aint right.

I feel as though I should just be shot. Never ending, bullsh*t problems. So typical that I leave response on other people's blogs about hanging in there and how we all go this crap, and I am just so damn tired of it.

When a person is deprived of enough sleep they start out cranky and go right into hom*cidal thoughts. I am so pissed that when my husband snores it does not in fact bother him. Oh, he's done the sleep study even straightening of the ol' deviated septum, yet I have the Soprano's on so loud it really could wake the dead just to hear it over Mr. Sawing Logs. I asked him to remove himself, find a different place to be noisy after all, he's the offender. This is a joke as he won't budge, since he needs the 'good' sleep for his job and I'm the nobody waltzing around in dreamland during the day. I'm just so out of it, premenstrual, yeah you guessed it. There should be Get Out of Crap Just One Day cards, and have one issued ya know even once, to me.

And I'm up blogging. Life's a bitch aint it?

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

One of A Kind

That is in fact what each of us is. It's funny how we can each get so wrapped up in our own thing. A slightly funny thing happened tonight to me at bowling. I was going to sit down on a seat next to my husband, and I saw a penny on the seat. When I went to put my finger on it to pick it up and move it, I felt this funny vibe, literally a magnetic feeling, so much so that the hair on my finger went straight up. I did this a few times confirming that it would happen again, which it did, at least three times, and I said, "Huh, do you feel this?" to my husband. He picked up the penny and said, "What?"

This got me to thinking a few things. I realized that each of us is a ball of magnetic energy, full of flesh, a soul, all kinds problems and thoughts swirling around our heads. You can sit very close to other people and YET they can be nearly inperceptible to you. (Or if you have ever been in love, incredibly aware of the other). But, don't you ever think that every person you see is not completely consumed with the miracle that is them or that they don't deserve the right to exist and go right ahead and do so. Legally and as principles of morality as a society we HAVE to respect each other, or literally there are legal and moral ramifications. And that is all good. And an insane miracle.

Isn't it amazing that we are all made of the same stuff but absolutely unequivicably we are unique? Does this not also say its a miracle that we can find others that are anywhere alike to us? And doesn't it also say that we are each worth taking care of, even if it means we alone do it for ourselves, because its just nuts how special we are?

Honestly, these are just facts of life, as in part of what it is to be human. Yes, sadly, there are people who live their WHOLE LIVES and never get any of this. I guess I do live an artist's life in that I have time to think of stuff like this, but if you've got time to read this then the visual information has reached your brain and you can access its reality and EVEN better you, I, can do something about it.

There isn't anything you even have to do, soak it in, it's just neat. :)

Please don't steal this, as I am a bipolar, unpublished carbon unit that did nothing but spill brain cells upon 'paper' for your reading pleasure for no money, no real reason whatsoever. You are a mean little carbon unit that deserves to have your balls cut off if you can't even cite me. Thank you, The Tart.

Wishing for Sweet Dreams

Windowsill napping, (

Toronto skyline, Ontario, Canada, (

Tropical fish, among soft and hard coral, South Pacific, (

The Highlands, Scotland, (

windmill on the River Gein, Abcoude, Holland, (

I'm up! (5:03 a.m.!!) Can't sleep. So thinking, wishing I were dreaming, of foggy beautiful far away places. :)

Monday, January 1, 2007

My Ten Celebrity Goodbyes of 2006; A Happy New Year for The Rest of Us!!!:)

These celebrities just represent a little fun vaccuousness - people we actually got to see make a mark of joy in our lives. The truth is over 3,000 of our best, the youth and promise of our nation, have already passed in 2006 because our President sent them to war: Who knows the great things they would have gone on to do.

They gave their lives for you and I, with no chance to receive the public fame or to make marks of longevity that many of the people highlighted here enjoyed. I pray we all take the time to think of their bereaved families and the incredible national resource that is being lost.


Every year many famous people leave us, and 2006 has been no exception. I could not possibly show all the folks that have gone, not even all of the 41 that MSN had pictures of, the same place where I snagged these photos. Photobucket wouldn't let me load Steve Irwin's pic, since I was over the 10 pic limit. Also, James Brown is not here but I'm pretty sure you know what he looks like too. We also lost our 38th President, Gerald Ford, whose life is being memorialized and commemorated today.

That means I have picked 10 famous people that passed on this year to highlight, all because I like them and because you may not realize in fact that they have left us, some of their passing is shocking if not for their youth and some are just icons and deserve noting. Each one mattered, and you may be surprised by who some of them are, I know I was. My thought is, "How could they be gone?" Fame or not, we all go, and that is worth noting too.

I was utterly shocked that Bruno Kirby passed, from complications of leukemia, he's my 'Good Morning, Vietnam' uptight sergeant and the guy that saves Billy Crystal from an uptight life in the 'City Slickers' movies.

I love, love Shelley Winters. Even most the most awesome must pass someday.

June Allyson: I love her most for the role she played as Glenn Miller's wife in the movie about him. I know she's done tons of sweet housewives, but that's my personal favorite.

Maureen Stapleton: Strong woman characters, not afraid to be not so pretty either. Wasn't she the mom in 'Family' on T.V.? Talented, she deserves a fond farewell.

Jane Wyatt: Such a beloved strong upright mom character on 'Father Knows Best.' The beautiful 50's mom.

Jack Palance: Fantastic view on life - never fell for the Hollywood drama and mystique, was in fact a great lover of life. Great knarly sinister characters and the best 'Ripley's Bel. it or Nt' host ever. Another 'City Slickers' alum, may we all do one-armed push ups after 70-years old on the Oscars! :)

Well, I have come this far with near personal obits for each, all so deserving. (hunh, remember it was my JOB! I'm scaring myself). Well, it's late on New Year's Eve and I want to spend it with my family. So may I end quickly ~ Don Knotts' bug-eyed hilarity is in fact an icon, and Al Lewis personifies Grandpa Munster and I don't want him forgotten. Dana Reeves is such a sad young death, I think perhaps Superman's true Lois could not be parted from him. Don't forget Chris Penn, I bet you loved him in 'Footloose' and didn't realize it. What a sadness for his family, including brother Sean. And he died of heart failure not pesky drugs, so you don't have to feel quilty for missing him.

This sucked a lot of 'party time' last evening from my family. I have fought with Photobucket into New Year's Day to get this slide show to show, at this point I'm grateful you can see it, even though technically it got its own post!!

Here's to the fun and vaccuous in 2007 - may we all appreciate this gift that is life. :) HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! Love, The Tart.