Saturday, August 28, 2010

It's my birthday!!

Raine was concerned if I was still alive and kickin' and I just wanted to let her know, and anyone who is interested, that I am very okay and having a great day today!:)

I have been busy and that is why I didn't write. Just in general, with work, resting from work, and doing NAMI's 'In Our Own Voice.'

I went to my in-laws for my birthday and went to an outdoor craft show today. Ugh! It is so hot and sweaty out there and that was not so much how I would spend my birthday. But it is fun to see all the crafts out there and the crafters.

I didn't have a panic attack outright, but there were moments where there was no wind to speak of, bright sun beating down, I'm sweating, and there were all these people around me. Not a good combination. I was like, I need to get out of here NOW! I even rested on some stairs, and I made it back okay, all said and done.

Then, onto TGIFriday's for drinks and appetizer annnnd getting embarassed by the waitress staff. She 'sensed' it was my birthday after Hubby let it slip that it was my special day. Ah, the mirth and fun - they asked me to stand and be sung to, which was fun, actually. There weren't a lot of patrons in the house anyway.

My MIL is cooking surf and turf for us for dinner! I know I am very lucky to have these things in my life. Hopefully so lucky that I win the lottery as I bought a ticket today - ha haaa!!

I have the same birthday as Shania Twain and Leanne Rimes. So wherever you are ladies, I raise my birthday glass to you!:)

I hope all are well in blogland.:)