Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I let my fingers do the talkin'...

Okay, I know I told you I'm not talking much anymore in post below. I'm still being 'true to my school' because talking refers to the stuff that comes out of your mouth.

I cannot be blamed for the fact my fingers do exceptional walking on the keyboard. They don't wanna stop talking. Thank God, for that's my favorite way to express anyway.

Who needs flesh people who will ALways let you down, poo on yer parade, bore you with their stories and tell you to your FACE you are a bore - when you've got internet, a keyboard and come equipped with ability, and you can always unplug, change email, codes or flat out turn the daggone thing off? THIS is a no-brainer, people.


Been busy this morning. had a very small article about depression which was good in and of itself, but for once the responders weren't rabid, psycho-mongerers that tend turn this bipolar away with their trash talk. No, in this case they seemed nice, so I gave them some of my best work. (Funny how people with mental illness bring out the best in me, as compared to the 'normies' that crap up MSN. So many undiagnosed, no?)
I love to see someone type the truth: yes, you are a survivor, and I am
very heartened to see a 14 year old write about her depression - and no, you are
not boring anyone.

Depression is one of those things that can seem
so quiet and insidious, but the truth is, for a sufferer it nearly always takes
over their life.

I really like the one the line of this article,
"The person with depression usually can’t see a way forward. They may fervently
believe that nobody can help them, and life is pointless. That doesn’t
mean that they’re right
..." I think its really important to stress
that the extreme stinkin' thinkin' that comes with depression - is not correct
thinking! This seems obvious to 'normal' people but I think it's a jolt, a small
wake-up call, for a depressive. Just because the meanest thing (depression) that
has ever happened to you makes you feel like a sack: it is a bold face lie! You
are not such a thing no matter what your mind tells you.

problem with depression is that it can suck you in, and really the person with
depression can't help but be consumed with their issues, and in many cases the
little stuff a person has to do survive seem like insurmountable

I write this with compassion, being a survivor not only of
depression but having soared extreme scary heights, with mania: I have bipolar
disorder and I have run the gamut of nearly every emotion you have heard about,
and all the half sizes in between. Being a survivor does not mean you are
'cured' - it means that, sometimes by miracle, you get up every day and keep on
trying. I know intimately the struggle, it is my life.

The biggest key is not giving up. I know that some people have 'issues' with the thought of medication, but I know that it has and still is saving my life. I do see
doctors. I've got a tiny family, but they understand my fight, and support me
like a pit bull. All of these are how I survived. I put it forth for those
wondering what to do for themselves or a loved one.

The thing is, we have hair commercials that sell the concept of 'I'm worth it' and sometimes I think we have to let that sink deeper to know those three words cover everything you see on the outside of a person and all the stuff inside too, especially the soul. I wish the best for all of us that suffer. Please know that you are worth
it and you are not alone in the struggle.


Raine said...

awwww-that was a very very nice response you put there. A+

'Tart said...

Thanks, Raine. I'm fond of it too.

It makes me want to return to the days or point somewhere on the blog when I really wanted to help people.