Sunday, September 9, 2007

Angelina's a hardworking mom & true to her color

Cute! Personally, I like Zahara's bag better! That's a nice Mom that'll lug you and your bags too!

Why ya'll followin' my mommy around?

At my newspaper job, a co-worker that sat next to me was the entertainment reporter. Probably 24 and just out of college, she had just gotten a job with an online company and was to be leaving us shortly.

I got into conversation with her and somehow it came out that she had seen Angelina Jolie on a plane in the 1st class, with Maddox. Wondering what she what she looked like, what she was wearing, I asked her if she was wearing black.

So, the snotty kid (she acted like one, so I'm saying so) looked at me incredulously and said, "Why would she be wearing black?" As though that were one of the most bizarre things she'd ever heard. Like I was just insane, a freak, or as wife of Husband's friend once put it, "You really ARE weird."

So I shut up.

Now, I ask you, have you ever seen Ms. Jolie wear anything that WASN'T black? Not only did she look like Elvira when she picked up her Oscar for 'Girl, Interrupted,' and famously frenched her brother, but to this day, I never see her in anything other than a black top, whether tank, T-shirt, whatever.

She loves black. She wears it ALL the time. I happened to notice.

Which goes to show that I should have been working at an online company, pretending to be a celebrity know-it-all since I don't have to pretend! Call me weird, b_tches, but I think its safe to say that it's a skill to have such overwhelming vaccuous knowledge of a subject. I can't add worth a crap but I do know a lot about celebrities and their vehicle of transport, movies. Oh, and a little about writing.

It would have been great to have set her straight at the time. But it's pretty cool to get to tell the world about it a couple years later. My life is a movie, it just hasn't got a screenplay yet.

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