Friday, September 14, 2007

Special Treat for You! Fantastic Animal Sites: French Bulldogs and Maine Coons/Polydactyl Cats

Okay, I've been busy. I admit to having OneStat on my blog, it's free. It has this odd part about it where you can see the top rated blogs in the universe. You may remember me going off about the 'Turtle blog.' On second glance, I realized one reason it's so weird because its the only American Pet Blog on the list, and that's why I clicked on it. I recognized my country, but nearly all of these blogs including that one are in many other languages anyway. Now that it's #3, you can't miss it.:( Are you prepared for the turtle invasion?

I got curious about all the others. Most are from the 'Netherlands.' That would probably be because OneStat originated from that country, so no wonder it has tons and tons of blogs with the Netherlands flag. It's a healthy experience, just learning whose flag is whose. There is also a Belgium flag/blog. I may have mentioned before what a kick I get from other countries just 'hitting' on me. I think its very cool.

Well. I found two very special blogs in my journeys on that chart that just blew me away. They are not originally English sites, but both let you choose your language right away (look for the U.S. flag) and you can enjoy them in near English. Their flubs are cute too. I appreciate that they try so hard in some cases to write so correctly.

Check out or Franse Bulldog Kennel Co Di Che Fay's for utterly adorable pictures of the very cute French Bulldog. Oh, I just giggled with delight, these little sweeties are just the cutest! I have respect for their copyright and I won't steal pictures from them, so I invite you to see for yourself!:)

I had to check out the Maine Coone cat site that caught my eye. Ormedons Maine Coons & Polydactyls - click on the eliptical American flag for English. Polydactyl cats are those born with at least an extra digit, the most famous are the ones walking around Ernest Hemingway's home in Key West. It gives them big, fat, sassy feet!

I still think about my most beloved, and this site made me cry for how beautiful these animals are, and how much I'm reminded of my special One that's waits at the Rainbow Bridge. This site is exquisite for graphics. I recall a photographer that once said he had only taken pictures of three ugly cats in his entire career and he had photographed thousands. I've never seen an ugly cat, almost all possess a witnessable beautiful soul and the one's on this site are no exception. They are utterly beautiful and took my breath away.

I hope you enjoy these!:) I will take a look at others over time and share with you. I will probably go ahead and link both the Bulldog site and the Maine Coon/Polydactyl site here to the links on my blog, as it would be an honor to be associated with them.


Raine said...

I love the babies - they're adorable

MYSTI said...

neat Tart! thanks for sharing. I also love your new page! Hugs

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