Sunday, January 30, 2011

Greetings and Oysters made me feel better today.

My Gosh!! It's literally been months since I've said anything on the blog. Well, as I sit here wriggling in back pain, seemingly unable to fully support my back for a lengthy amount of time, I think it's time I said something on here!! Hello, blogworld!
Each time I think of something to say, I think how absolutely boring it sounds, like how I've had a cold for WEEKS now. My place of work is a hot-bed of germs to be honest and it seems each time I've got this thing nearly licked, it rears it's raspy, throat-junked-filled, ugly head and I am now prone to thankfully only occasional fits of coughing at this point. Yay me!!
Today I did something fun. I shucked oysters and ate them!! Yes, it made my annual visit to not my favorite restaurant much more fun this year as I was busy working on those oysters.
Explanation: For his birthday, we take one of my very good friends to his favorite restaurant, we call it the annual visit, I won't even grace the place with it's name here. Normally, I feel somewhat uncomfortable there, but this year I actually had a good time there. They brought out a bucket of these oysters and a shucking knife and cute little fork. I was a little at a loss as how to open them as some were very shut and had to be pryed open with said knife, but I considered it an adventure.
Then for a rousing game of Scrabble with my friend, which I was soundly winning, before Husband and I had to go home.
And that is how my day is going right now. My back hurts but it was an interesting day.