Thursday, June 28, 2007

Real Women Reel It In

I did catch a fish - 2 actually! I have two pictures of my small largemouth bass. My sunfish/crappie got away (before I could get a pic of it!) since no one was around to help net it while I took the picture - this is key if you're gonna get a picture of a flopping critter. I just want a picture/proof of capture, then the fish is set freee.

Cranky looking hunh!

Same fish. I Love this pic.

Not for the faint-hearted!! Warning!!

I caught them with WORMS!

I'm all girl AND not afraid to chop a worm and put in on my hook. Or help other people with their's. I think its great for women to feel pretty and to be able to handle this 'gross' stuff like a champ. They should teach it to girls everywhere and I don't mind being an example.

Okay, and now I'm leaving AGAIN to GO FISHING! Different location, these folks apparently use corn and hotdogs to lure their fishies. Personally, that's no fun. We're gonna use up our worms first, THEN try that other silly stuff.

I'll keep you posted probably after my return on Sunday. Great weekend to All!:)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Gone FISHing!!!!

Be Back Sunday! Yes, if we catch anything I'll tell you aaalll about it. Might have pictures!

A Smmooothie-Maker is Born!

Today, I made my first smoothie! The stuff that goes into this is perfect for your afternoon pick me up and soo much better for you than all that crazy caffeine that many people ingest. I learned this ( that smoothies) are perfect for this of off: Spark People! Yes, they have articles on that and a ton of other stuff. AND you get Spark Points for reading it! I share what I love people. I can't help it!

Would you like to know what was in it?

Tart's Fantastic and Super Easy Smoothie:

5 Huge Strawberries (no green stuff) cut in half
4 cherries (no pits. Turns out these suckers can really stain your fingers and whatnot!)
Two plops of yogurt (mine was plain. This is fine for taste because you add...)
Two Sweet & Lows (they are off the carcinogen list. Splenda works too. Try to keep the sugar OUT of this, people!)
and a touch of milk to get things goin' (mine is skim, cause I'm a purist. I guess something slightly fattier won't be too bad)

I put everything in a blender in the exact order I just told you about. I have the cutest little 0ne-smoother blender. It was my Dad's, which my Mother had gotten for him. I know he'd want it put to good use. I am so proud of myself, because I thought of this. I didn't have a recipe to go off of. But I see no reason not to share, because all of this stuff is goooood for you! God Bless you and your body.

Oh, AND I am on my first day of Phentermine, a generic fo Adipex-P. I am not ashamed to say I am taking my first diet pill and it is prescribed by my Dr. I am being monitored once a month as well. I take a buttload of meds, and have for a long time. Now that I am on Seroquel, I have put on pounds, and fast. They might as well say Yes I'd like my prescription for Seroquel and an order of bedunky-dunk butt. But I'm going to see how this goes. And I don't want no flak for it. I'm still trying to eat better and exercise more. But I tell no lies: I'm getting a little help this time. And I have hope now. And there's Nothing wrong with that!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Baden-Wurttemberg in Spring, Germany, Webshot picture

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Ti-ired. And getting Punchy.

Okay, you silent little mongrels. For your informative pleasure I will reveal to you that the last post was in....Italiano. That's right, Italiano. If you all are so vile as to not even leave a comment, you can translate it yourself.

Hmmmm....and what could the post b4 it mean? Free manure. Free shit. I assure all that every time I post I put effort into it, I try, I GIVE of my brain cells and time. Look I know people come here every day. If I'm to understand right some reach this page and click right off it. Fine, I said a long time ago I didn't care if anyone saw this. I must write as though no one does or else I would probably die of embarassment and my hands shrivel off me arms leaving nothing but quivering stumps. It does, however, start to feel like a waste and somehow pisses me off.

Time to shame those fakers. Shame on you Fakers. I see my life story, what little I've given it on other people's comments page. You son of a bitch. Yeah, you heard it here first. What is wrong with you? Dishonesty will send you to Hell faster than anything else. It most likely is the underlying cause of all other sin, as you wouldn't engage in those things if you'd be honest with yourself. That is a way of saying if you respected yourself and had even an iota of your true self worth you couldn' t even think of being such a liar, sexual pervert and an idiot. You know who you are. At this least point, I say bye bye. Ever seen 'Ghost?' You ought to be afraid of those dark souls that can't wait to tote you away.

I have been up since 1:30 a.m. It's almost 7 a.m. If there's one thing you can count on is me telling the truth. I don't have time for anyone who can't even offer that much.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Fate posto!!

E nato per comandare! "Comandare" vuol dire "to lead." Lo sapevi? Non lo direi a nessuno. Ti do la mia parola.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

The 295th Post!!!!!!!!!!!

a free photo from:

Friday, June 8, 2007

They said she was Sick. Don't that mean nuthin' to you?

So Tart’s been watching the ‘Paris Hilton got out of jail’ debacle. It’s not a debacle that she got out of jail. The way people are reacting to it is a debacle.

When Husband said she got out after 2 ½ days my first reaction was, “I bet she’s having a nervous breakdown.” Turns out I am right.

Certainly, for a crime being a misdemeanor, for already being scolded by every Tom, Dick and Henrietta in the nation, and for being a person who never had to use skill, willpower, strength, or suffer years of being without to be a celebrity, why, Why I ask you must this be A) a shock, B) something to continually whip her with C) This is proof positive that the public has no clue that true mental anguish/psychosis is just as much if not more of a real and terrible thing than if someone had thrown acid on her face?

I have been putting forth for years that there is a stigma about mental illness in this country. Most people prefer the belief that it doesn’t even exist! This reaction by seeming millions, maybe just thousands of people that this is all a load of shit is PROOF POSITIVE to me that the public does not understand what mental problems are, dismisses them as though they don’t exist and to me, is the true place where anger should lie in all of this.

Here is an excerpt from the story off Yahoo that Paris is out and had to go to court to discuss her case instead of on the phone.

What transpired here is outrageous," county Supervisor Don Knabe told The
Associated Press, adding he received more than 400 angry e-mails and hundreds
more phone calls from around the country.
Hilton's return home "gives the
impression of ... celebrity justice being handed out," he said.
Baca dismissed the criticism, saying the decision was made based on medical
"It isn't wise to keep a person in jail with her problem over an
extended period of time and let the problem get worse,"
Baca told the Los
Angeles Times on Thursday.
"My message to those who don't like celebrities is
that punishing celebrities more than the average American is not justice,"

Exactly. Her personal debacle can be considered fun and games until the poor wretch developed a psychological condition. End of story.

I am not surprised that she developed a psychological condition. I saw the many shows of ‘What its going to be like for Paris in Jail.’ I am thinking her having zero privacy while taking a shower would be enough for her. This is a very pampered individual, we know that much. And the very thing she is resented for might just have been her downfall – never having had to use anything but family connection, money, beauty (the first two can buy that as well), she never had to prove herself as a PERSON, and never had to work for the dolla’s. So what follows is this: she is weak. It doesn’t surprise me that two and half days in ‘The Hole’ would break her.

As a complete sidebar, I don’t have connections, money, fame (thank you God!) or any of that crap. I had to spend SIX MONTHS in a state mental hospital which is the equivalent of jail, not because I was criminal but because I was sick. I was 24 at the time. Not only did I survive it, I have thrived since. It’s things like this that separate the strong from the weak. Period.

So that’s okay. Paris is weak and can’t handle not being pampered or the thought of not doing so for 20+ days. Honestly, if she has found the place inside where she actually touched some reality (shall we say by courting non-reality!) I really think that will make her a better person. She’s a kid for Gosh sakes, a flitting fly of importance on the American scene. We get irritated by her for a few minutes on the evening television screen and our petty, insignificant and apparently bitter, nasty, jealous little lives go on.

And that brings me to what really pisses me off. The American reaction to this. For a country that cries “We’re based on Christian Values” whenever its convenient for them, I’d like to ask where the hell that went? For that matter, where did your supposed ever-supposed present Sanity go to? It’s a misdemeanor! I paid $50 for a somewhat similar crime less than 10 years ago (got an entire post about it).

Worse, it’s not Christianity or the lack of it that doesn’t recognize or give worth to the pain of mental illness – no it’s ignorance. Ignorance and an unwillingness to EVEN LOOK AT IT. People are not even considering that pain, and that for Paris, this is the end of the world, or seems damn close to it. Why not a little pity for a terrible problem? I see a complete jump OVER the issue by going right to the indignity of her insolence at getting out. Are you not listening to the people who are right there looking at her? She’s SICK, on the verge of being REALLY SICK. So all you bastards agree with the Scientologists that don’t BELIEVE its possible to ‘be sick’ like this? Or is it in fact you all agree with the Nazis, that sure, there’s sick, and they should all be dead BECAUSE WE DON’T WANT TO LOOK AT IT. Ouch, you evil Americans, what the hell is wrong with you?!

Is my existence in this world and on the web just lip service out of people too? Is the existence of mental illness such an f’n problem that you either can’t admit to it even happening or you can just easily hate someone who’s got it? Are we supposed to crawl away and never make YOU look at your extremely wrong internal thinking??

If you think any of THAT is faulty thinking, then I invite these ‘masses of angry haters’ to explain to me Why you can’t cut a break for a person who broke down? People automatically assume its not real because a day before she went in she was partying down the red carpet. NEWS FLASH: I was ‘normal’ and ‘very happy’ the Friday before I FLIPPED OUT by Monday. What do you want? A warning system? It doesn’t work that way.

It is utterly shameful how people are acting about this. On many fronts. It seems to be fueled by people seeing other people acting badly and so on and on the normie bitching goes. It’s people like you that give this world a bad f’n name, and make me want to keep myself inside ‘case I was to hurt yer delicate sensibilities. Hunh, but this computer thing they got in here sure is interesting. I think I’ll check it out. Ooooh, it’s got buttons. Better not the mentally ill near THAT!!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Is Nicole Ritche pregnant?

No! Many malnutritioned bodies have distended bellies. Every seen starving Africans on television?

No! She's too mean, sarcastic and nasty for someone to want to get close enough to procreate with her.

No! She's past the pregnant part and has skipped to 'eating her young.'

What a nasty mean bitch. Ever listen to her on The Supposed Simple Life? She makes her money by being mean and awful to anyone she meets. Watch out Parents, she's a supposed role model to messed up kids everywhere. Why does anyone even care if she farts let alone makes more of her? Talk about no talent and being famous for nothing.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Movies3: Wrote a lil somethin' about it.

Alright. I’ve seen all three of 3’s that have been released so far: Shrek 3, Pirates of the Carribean (the 3rd one), and SpiderMan 3.

Understand that I’ve taken the high-falutent movie analyzation classes in college. Yeah, this is what I can tell you about that: pompous, arrogant, blowholes trying, once again, to tell me what I should think, how I should write about it, etc.

What people like my movie professor and the similarly educated blowholes that write movie rundowns have always forgot is that the average person doesn’t care about the supposed over analyzation and vocabulary that they these mutton head writers use to cover what can be a simple thing.

I love reading what ‘People’ magazine has to say about movies because they know most people don’t care about all that crap. And the people that have said to me “But that came out of ‘People’” are frankly sad, because they’re letting themselves be limited.

Maybe some people don’t get a gut reaction about a movie like I do. I see a trailer and I think, oooooh I want to see that one. As everyone who’s heard me here on the blog knows I’m not going to have that reaction over a horror movie. Nope, don’t mind being limited to sanity or the boring ol’ natural. Ssssooo (NOT) sorry!!!

So, without further ado, I had the gut reaction about seeing each of the triad, although I admit less so about Spidey. Guess what? I liked Spidey best. And for some reason, those ‘talented’ movie writers keep slamming it with all that falutent college talk that no ‘normal’ person gets or cares about.

First I saw Shrek 3. Well, that was cute, it wasn’t going to hurt any of my sensibilities but I hope there is a child or even parent out there that got more out of it than myself. And I did like it, if that’s what you’re wondering. Still, in my world, it was…bland. It’s like hearing a favorite fairytale, being wrapped up in happy and just wanna snooze happily into sleepyland. I realized I was trying to follow along with everything but maybe all this is much more real and new to a kid. And didn’t those muttonhead writers gush over this one? More power to the franchise. That porridge was cold, comparatively.

Pirates of the Carribean 3 appeals to me much more, ‘cause what warm blooded woman is not thrilled to just look at Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom? That electricity is enough to get excited by all the stuff they do. I thought this one was thrilling but I wonder if that’s because they walk around and continue being themselves. Plot, oh thank you very much. Now turn around. Camera, up, down. Un hunh. Perhaps its some indication that I can’t even remember what long a__ name they gave to the 3rd. Mmhmm. That’s nice. Porridge: warm.

SpiderMan 3. I had options to see this before the others. (By the way, this was in a several week period. Sheesh, I didn’t see all this consecutively. I’m not paid to have no life. Really!) Buut, my ‘spidey sense’ wasn’t all keen to go before I saw this one. Why do I in fact like this movie best? Well, it’s not because I ever thought Tobey McGuire was particularly hot, and frankly I knew that the comic book thing wasn’t going to wrap me in feelings of warm cookie love (does anybody else want to eat Shrek’s gingerbreadman, when he’s right out of the oven?). Call me crazy, people, but there’s acting in here! Well, I don’t know what the Acting Guild would say, but there are times in this movie when Peter/Spidey/Tobey looks in the camera and you feel it, you know what he’s thinking. I think they had to complete a class or two, to slowly get me in the point in the movie where it wasn’t about all the stuff you expect (Shrek), not based off pure sexiness (Pirates) and just put forth your story and make me FEEL what’s going on inside the actor. HOT porridge.

Sure, I saw it this past weekend. Could have been premenstrual. Husband said its definitely a chick flick. A chick flick! Who would have thought cause the nutty comic people would thought it was about Spidey and his continuing thing. Turns out, a big meatball/comic book freak at husband’s work (yes, a 45+ male. And married, ladies.) HATED Spidey3, said it’s ‘a waste’. I loved it and didn’t even think I would. So there you go.

Now, just waiting for Ocean’s 13. Hope it’s a combination of everything that ought to be good in cinema. Yeah, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon…oh but I discussed that in an earlier post. Yummy.

Monday, June 4, 2007

And you thought the 4th of JULY was important!! What about living history?

red hibiscus, Webshots
This out of today, June 4, 2007's New York Times, in the What Happened Today section:

"June 4, 1989, Chinese army troops stormed Tiananmen Square in Beijing to crush the pro-democracy movement; hundreds - possibly thousands - of people died."

Now think about that. Possibly thousands. On our watch. During our time. There was so much hope, it tingled right into the American living room. It was downright courageous, brave. I still cry to think of the student standing in front of the tank. They were kids and they were the same age as myself, maybe a little older than I was at the exact same time.

Stuff like that looks like it should be in a history book. In my mind it happened during one of the most dynamic periods of time and very much so in my lifetime. I was getting ready to graduate high school. I was ALIVE, aware of the world, music, and things like this and the Berlin wall coming down calmly yet like a big party, are all real for me.

Maybe I was a liberal Amnesty International member in waiting, even then. Just because you get older and responsibilities grow and you become so beaten down by everyday life is no reason to stop encouraging and being proud of those na├»ve souls that still care (the college student, basically). Those folks deserve a blessing, and don’t even know it.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Yes, that really is an animal, a Sharpei dog to be exaxt, on top of the rolled up textile item.

Yes, this is how I feel.

I cannot think of anything to say. I am achy, cranky, simultaneously hopeful and basically waiting to be zinged by the Energy God, God of write something memorable or at least doesn't embarrass myself. Hope that happens real soon.