Thursday, September 13, 2007

Unicef & The Child Mortality Rate, 2007

Hey, I bet you didn’t know this, because I sure didn’t, that Unicef was recently happy when the numbers came out of how many children have died this year worldwide: now under 10 million.

My God, I thought, Heaven must be a huge place when we are sending 10 million children a year there.

The reason for happiness is that if the numbers/percentage were the same since 1960, when they first started counting such things, if things had not drastically improved, 25 million children would have died in 2007.

I am getting my figures from the NYT article I read today. May I say that it is a real eye opener.

The littlest things helped these numbers improve: breast-feeding instead of mixing formula with dirty water, mosquito nets for babies, vaccination drives – and Vitamin A drops, “which drastically reduce the chances that a child will die of measles, diarrhea or malaria.” It amazes me that something so small could do so much good.

The hardest hit areas in the world are Southern Africa, because of AIDS, and the Congo and Sierra Leone because of harsh fighting where so many people are hurting, including children.

The thought came to me, what if five Westerners or do-gooders of any nation went forth and gave everything to help. And then five more go to another place, and so on. That would become a cell structure, like the ‘carcinogenic Al Quaeda’ has been described to us, for Good. Cells for a Better World. I guess they call it Unicef.

And before we get overwhelmed and sad with all of this information and every other upsetting thing they give us on the news, may we contemplate that already Many must have gone forth to create these better numbers in child mortality, to have cut it in over half already. That is so heartening to the Tart.

The best quote is at the end of the article:

"Success, Ms. Veneman said, “is not just linked to money, it’s
linked to setting priorities.”

My eyes were opened today, and I wanted to share. Sometimes you don’t know about things, until given a little information. :)

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