Monday, August 31, 2015

Whoa Nelly! The 'Tart makes a stop by her Blog!

What?! What?! Not seen the 'Tart in three years??? Well, fear no more ~ she's been here the whole time.

Never gotten rid of a single post; I have always hoped to help touch the lives of those affected by mental illness in a positive way - see my first post from waaaay back when. It was true then, and remains true now.

I guess I have been in 'blog hiatus' for three years now.

My life has changed OH SO MUCH for the better in those years. Really it started a few years before that, most easily noted in 2009, when I started working for a fabulous Drop-In Center, an all PEER RUN Center that changed my life and the lives of countless others, many who are people I see so often.

Since that time, I have been BUSY and just getting BUSIER!! But I keep an eye on this corner of the internet, and see that people still come here, check it out, and READ. Wow!!

I am amazed - Amazed - however, by the sheer numbers of people that have dropped by and the thought occurred to me, this late in the evening, that there is a need, a NEED, to continue talking, with fresh eyes, about mental health, about living with a mental illness, sharing the daily fight and thoughts, sharing the love, hatred, happiness, upset, joy, gratitude, ALL OF IT.

I have always been a fighter, one who refuses to give up, and yes, one who still has that li'l bite of sarcasm, hence I think I am suitably STILL the 'Tart.

I am still here, Friends, and I know that you are, too. If you would like to say, Hi! or lend a comment, I ask you to in a vein of kindness, as I will monitor them. Please do.

I am looking to try again, to blog and converse again. Conversation goes both ways. Do you want to say hello, make suggestions of what you are looking for in a blog that concerns my life and personal mental health journey?

Be confident, unashamed and leaving shyness to the side to say 'Hello' to me. It's been a long time, I know.