Friday, September 21, 2007

A Website (respectfully) Dedicated to the Ever-Delicious, Smokin' Hot Johnny Depp

Mmmmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm. That is just what I think every time I see a picture, watch him on the screen, or read about the always intriguing/bizarre movie & work choices he makes.

I do not care what he wears. They always tear him up for his clothes. I’m seriously thinking that someday they’ll say that’s genius, too.

Oh yummy, yummy. -Johnny Depp Reads- I found it difficult to find ANYthing on this site but maybe that’s because they probably make things easier for registered visitors. Hmmm, thinkin’ about doing that. It was fun to see the pictures that they would give up and it seems they have lots of forums and a new blog. It seems like a great place to go for everything Johnny.

Thank you, Mr. Depp, because my fantasy lust thoughts about you just make me even more proud of my heterosexuality, and I will descriptively stop there.

I promise if I met you in real life I would be very respectful. Honestly. My eyeballs would probably just pop out of my head, explode and flame into little charred spots upon the pavement. No big deal.:)

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Raine said...

I dont see anything wrong with his clothes. They show personality!! I like em!!