Thursday, September 27, 2007

Spanky, Spanky You Bad Military Junket of Myanmar

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What kind of military junket shoots and kills the most respected and honored aspect of their own pathetic lil country: known as monks? That would be the dumb folks running Myanmar.

Now being cut off the purse strings of World Banks everywhere, they don't know how to handle their shit and have gone straight to killing their religious community. Um, thinkin' hard here, has that ever solved anyone's problems? No, you silly junket what ARE you thinking?

Everybody's watching you. I'm just ashamed of this little country that sounds like a marshmellow candy bar and has been about as interesting on the international scene, has apparently lost all its screws and makes all the sense of Britney Spears in her hey-day (once again, having kids did not make her a better person, at ALL!). Relax a little, get loose, find a way to fix your gasoline issues without killing the guys who brought it to your attention.

Or else this little bipolar is going to recommend bombing your marshmellow asses - Cook 'er down, boys! Oh, and my government listens to my drivel or at least it goes without saying that its against the law to kill me. If I shave my head and wear a piece of maroon cloth as clothing, this PROVES I'm still better than your whole sad government. You need some behavior modification, Myanmar, and fast. Or someone's gonna take your funding forever and you're gonna be really lonely! Or just burnt to a crisp.

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