Sunday, February 24, 2008

It's okay Chris, I never read Maxim magazine anyway

Imagine my delight when, while trawling across the MSN main page this a.m., finding this headline:
Black Crowes Say Maxim Review a Fraud

Huh-huh. They said 'Black Crowes.' Instant attraction.

Peter Angelus, the band's manager, says Maxim didn't listen to the album 'Warpaint' (as there were no pre-released copies to the March 4 date (yaaay!) except for one song, "Goodbye Daughters of the Revolution"). Maxim gave an unheard album 2.5 stars and, well, The Black Crowes are pissed.

I never read Maxim, Chris. I love you, so maybe I'm easy and already in the fold, but I will buy 'Warpaint' regardless and think five star thoughts about you.
'Still hot for Chris'

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Abilified jittery?

(Airal view of Mt. Shasta - Webshot)
Just feelin' jittery. A little paranoid. Like bad is just waiting to happen. Back is better, knees hurt.
Ah-well, it's hard to feel this way. I'm restless, with jiggly legs if I have to sit or stand for any amount of time. It's re-al.
Half kidding, I say I finally LOOK mentally ill, besides being so. LOVEly.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!!

A little love for other sufferers of chronic illness

Most of us can relate to wanting to do more, more, more. I admire people who accomplish so much, myself.

I really admire people who accomplish what seems to others: small things, or usually to themselves, small things - often in the face of difficulty, perceived by others or not .

As though we weren’t fast enough. As though we don’t accomplish enough. As though we were lazy, when in fact we are either working hard, doing the things we can, or mustering the strength for the next thing in our life.

To continue to want to improve takes courage and strength to forge ahead. It is the single most admirable trait I find in a person.

It can become demeaning to our self-esteem when we don’t take the time to recognize that we are working with what we can, to not compare ourselves to others (perhaps the hardest thing of all) and to know we are where we are supposed to be.

To chronic sufferers of illness, be it physical and/or mental, I salute you, and spread the seed of love, on this day of love remembrance.

May those who need to told, be kind to yourselves, for in doing so, we will be better prepared to TAKE OVER THE WORLD.
('Pinky & The Brain' take over the world every day. Hope you're old enough to remember.)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson & Chris Robinson, SAG Awards 2001: Ah, young love.

Kate H., 2003. That's one of the most beautiful pics ever.

Kate H., 2003 In the middle of marital bliss.

K. Hudson, 2005, marital unbliss apparent (to me anyway), looking thin, dejected & tired.

K. Hudson, during 'Almost Famous' during the time she first met Chris Robinson

Here's a Jungletart first: I will tell you that I have the biggest Un-secret crush on Chris Robinson, singer for the Black Crowes.

He was married to Kate Hudson in 2001 (New Year's Eve to be exact) for about 6 years. They have one spawn, Ryder Russell Robinson.

So it goes with all crushes (mine's lasted since 1991) everything having to do with the crush is oh-so-interesting, and so it is with Mr. Robinson's connection with Ms. Hudson, the only wife he's ever known.
Kate's very in vogue right now, because her comedy 'Fool's Gold' is number one in the box office. So MSN had the obligatory photo gallery of her and I chose some interesting pics. I hope you enjoy the fruits of my crush to Mr. Robinson. You see, it's because I care. And fun.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

PETA is crazy!

Seriously, it's an organization that indulges in over the top progaganda concerning topics that are meant to shock, upset and emotionally scar. At least the minds of decent folks.

Was there ever an animal abuser that was changed by these tactics? Crass, harshness breeds more of it. Hard hearted attempts bring on more of the same thinking.

I don't know why people who say they care about animals can simultaneously think that the rest of us are too insensitive that we must be subjected to what can only be described as shock treatment.

Shock treatment is for the mentally ill. They get submission forms and a tongue depressor before hand.

I'm extreme, I admit. I can't take seeing any kind of abuse. It makes me sick. I know enough evil exists in this world. You don't have to shove it in my face.

If I take care of mine and report others around me, I think I can safely stand before my God. So pushy can just shove off, savvy?

PETA is upset about fried chicken possibly being considered the main picnic food of Kentucky.

Why Kentucky needs a 'main picnic food' I don't know, however PETA really has other considerations before taking on that fried chicken opponent.

For instance, PETA canya come and talk to my blessed neighbor and explain that if she bought a dog for her daughter that she should keep it inside and not OUTSIDE 24/7, to do nothing but keep my babies from doing their business when they go out.

One is learning. Could she learn to pee first, then run up and down the fence with Bongo another day? How novel that would be.

Oh, I know, PETA! - Why don't you take offense at all that fake stuff in your main spokeswoman's boobs (Pam Anderson)?

There may, in fact, be an animal in there, so why don't you get off your "high" horse and take care of important shit, instead of scaring me, a real animal lover, with video's of decrepit sick animals (Petsmart ads).

Real animal lover's don't have to be scared into anything.

If that's how it works for you, take a lesson from organizations that teach, inform, and bring people to the concepts of good animal care, like good zoo orgs or The Crocodile Hunter (posthumously) and daughter JungleGirl.

What the hell is wrong with the PETA pseudo organization?

Cowards have to scare people. And that's not cool, to say the least.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

People suk

Yeah, in case you can't guess how I feel about it today: there it is.

I give up.

Back it up, Busta

Yeah, so part of being bipolar means that I am a bitch sometimes.

Get away from my dog, stop the Stop & Stare. Back up.

Why do I have to consider Your Feelings, constantly, Dear Fn Public, when you care not about mine and my family's.

Husband points out this is the same situation with Britney. Hence why she says, 'Give me some space.' She really wants and needs some.

No she's a rockstar, much like how people want a piece of my perfect puppy, her sweetness and cuteness. Can't tell you how many people stared at her WHILE we were in class. People will eat you, don't think they are not cannibals if nothing with just their eyes.

Pigs. I'm the frickin' bodyguard, to make sure my babe doesn't get snatched. Yes, I'm serious. Maybe all protective mamas feel this way, especially when their kid really is good looking. I'm sure the rest of you don't have a clue what I'm talking about.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

(480th post!) I love my...

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I love my celebrity fascination and may I still remind all that Matt Damon is the hottest man alive all year!

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I love my Billy Dee Williams. He is Mr. Smooth, and the guy that sneakily helped Princess Leia and good friend Han Solo (Carrie Fischer & Harrison Ford) in 'Empire Strikes Back' and 'Return of the Jedi.'

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I love my Ashton Kutcher in a chicken suit. Classic.

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I love the really funny, sweet stuff that comes in my emails. Oh, and did I mention I am partial to the animal ones?

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I love flowers. These are orchids.

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I love this cute, for-real story. A chihuahua breeder in Japan fortuitously and unwittingly bred a puppy with this heart shaped patch on it. The breeder will NOT be selling it, and they named it 'Heart-sun.' I know when you put -sun on end of a name in Japanese it is a sign of love.

Saturday, February 2, 2008


Netherlands, Webshots

Is it this beautiful this time of year? Reminds me of Mexico. I can feel the sun, the sand, the crystal water. Mmmmm...

Friday, February 1, 2008

For Jungletart's everywhere & especially Kenya: A Leopard in an African sunset


May there be an end to the unbelievable inhumanity in Kenya. I pray for it's sunset end, and a dawn to civility and an embrace of a better way to treat each other and especially women with more respect.

Citizens all over the Earth hope that you will be brought to making courageous decisions and stop the hurt. It saddens the loving heart to hear of such at r oc ities.

This pain that I hear of sounds worse than Darfur, Sudan, which is vile and very bad, as well. The citizens of your sovereign nation cry and deserve for it to stop.

The Tart has limited powers, except to inform others. Kenya is in the NYT's constantly these days for its vicious attacks on leaders, women and anyone in the streets. It's a bad situation to say the least and I felt compelled to say so. Pray for peace, work for peace.

Britney Spears from a Real Bipolar's perspective

Every day I hear that Ms. Spears is closer to doing 'the stay' in a mental hospital, and getting the help she needs.


Look, Britney is truly experiencing the hard part - the years where she must be convinced that those docs handing her meds really know what the hell they are talking about.

She may have to find, as I did (withOUT attitude bought by money: I didn't have that. I was just a semi-normal kid.), that she is dependant on them for life. A real life.

One in which she gets to SEE her children. We'll talk about her capacity for more later.

I feel for her. Despite the fact that I do not relate to being so rich and all that entails (and got in her way),

I do relate to the illness. To psychosis. To highs that are scary. A life that is out of control and nobody seems to know how to help you.

That's why they made hospitals, with 'high walls.' To keep out that which is not helpful and help you when you might be too weak to tell the difference.

If nobody else will say it, well, that's what the Tart is for.

God bless you, Britney, and every bipolar out there needing some real help. May you get it. You all deserve it.

I mean that, my friends. Peace.