Wednesday, March 1, 2006

I Found My New Furry Little Guy!!

Meet Sam!
We pick him up on Saturday. He's a lovebug, purrs like crazy, and is pretty vocal. His coloring is amazing, almost like a tuxedo on his underbelly, but brown tabby all over. He has white under his nose and then brown on top of that. And he is declawed. He also has a crinkled ear. He's not as big as Myles my last cat, but hefty just the same, no fragile skinny mini. I took pics of him at our meeting and I can post those later. This one here is his shelter internet picture. Isn't the internet great?!I wouldn't have even known he's declawed (a big deal, since puggy eyes are vulnerable) if I hadn't emailed about a different one I saw on the site.
His name is Sam, but I think we should call him Buster Brown.
He's an entire county away from me, and I had to really book it out of work and battle heavy traffic to get there in time for their adoption/meeting hours. And he is worth it! I already have some great pictures, just gotta download them. He's my new guy!Yeah!!!!


Enigma said...

Oh! Isn't he adorable!
He looks big like lazy cat with "malitude" (the attitude only a male cat can have).

Thanks for sharing a picture of him.

mysti said...

What a cute cat! I can see why you felt it worth the effort to get him.

Raine said...


'Tart said...

Thank you all! I'm running on bit of a chug-chug high as is probably apparent from me being up this late. Thank you for checking in. I'm glad to share - he's part of the Jungle! Have a good day. I still need to mess with me clock, because it is in fact 12:47 a.m. Hee.....hee.

Mark (Lord of the Idiots) said...

Run for the hills! I used to be normal before our four little feline "balls of hate" invaded my home! Run! Run fast!