Monday, March 6, 2006

Because its cute...

...and not meant to be sacreligious.

Day 4 of not smoking is going according to plan, as in I'm still not smoking. I move the patch around and today it is smack on my right thigh. I know the world waits breathlessly for this information.

I am getting personalized plates. Of course, I cannot say what they are, but I am Super Excited (and no, that's not a hint, I really am super excited). Tart got a ticket for speeding the other day, and while Mr. Cop did not cite her for expired tags, which were much more of a shock to me than being caught for speeding, he mentioned it. My husband usually notices other people's tags, heck I don't pay attention and I was shocked he didn't see it. Or that the letter from DMV was not more obvious to me concerning renewal. Anyhow, in the course of getting me up to date and legal in that respect, I am getting personalized plates. Yeah!


mysti said...

lol funny pic. I am so proud of you! Four days no smoking, that is huge! You should be very proud of yourself, that is no mean feat.... What are your tags going to say?

'Tart said...

I've been admonished or strongly advised to not tell my plates since that is a very trackable thing and would be considered a security breach. is related to my deep and abiding love of animals.
*this message will self-destruct in 7 seconds.*

Thank you for your inquiry, because as I said, I am Super Excited and cannot wait til they get here!


mysti said...

Omgosh you know that who ever admonished you and strongly advised you is soooooo right! I am number one person who should know that given my past history on here! lmao..... I was not thinking that is clear! anyway I am happy for you.

mysti said...

Hi Tart,

I tried to show you how to add a list to your blog. I wrote up the directions, but the comment will not publish because they say Tag is not allowed. If you have an email address I can send it to I would be happy to send the directions to you. If you do not wish to show your email this site you can email me at to let me know.

Sorry I did try...

Hope you are having a blessed day.