Monday, March 27, 2006

Doesn't her expression say so much?

I'm a princess, damn you, and I should be surrounded by flowers. And I am not leaving until I see the proofs. Hey, come back here with that camera. I said I am a princess! Are you about done? Look, I don't have to take this cr*p!!! I can just leave ya know. Just jump right off this stump!

Let me tell you, I am experiencing cat frustration. Whatever you are feeling in your life, I assure you mine is far more petty and ridiculous, don't be fooled. I am simultaneously trying to catch my previous cat (some very credible sitings have occurred but he is 'too wild' to catch. Ay-yi-yi!) while trying to convince the darn Siamese Rescue people that I should get the cat I want. Of course, I have found a fantastic one and I have been in pursuit of him for weeks. I don't think I can jump through one more hoop. I am just drained from this entire heinous experience.

So, regardless, I am still without cat. My petty closure is denied.


Raine said...

whose cat is this pictured here??? I hope you do get your a cat soon hun

mysti said...

Cute picture. Hopefully you will get the cat you wish for soon.


'Tart said...

This is a picture from Webshots, so its somebody's prissy little mama, but not mine.

Funny, now that there are flyers with a reward I get calls daily about the cat. People feed outside cats all around here. He is not interested in being caught. I think my Husband pretty much thinks the heck with him.

Now the Siamese Rescue people want to give me my second interview. You have truly never seen people protect anything like the national trust. More care is given to who and where these cats will go than the average person contemplates who and where they should birth a kid with. Harsh sounding I know, but I swear it is true.

mysti said...

Good Luck!

Enigma said...

I hope all goes well with your second interview.

Raine said...

you know........ if you were just closer...... I have a whole BUNCH of "not my cats" I feed.they're all wild but the kitten that was born last summer plays with me and demand her daily petting and now runs in my door and even brings her friends in to hide behind my couch. Her mama is pregnant again. Ummm there's like 10 - 15 cats needing homes here. why dont you head over to my place LOLOL. You can have as many as want!!!!