Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Love to the World

Ahhh despite all that is crappy in the world, and sadly it seems daily I find more and More and MORE in it..I think it is time to share the love. That which is truly sweet, loving, kind, and notice if they weren't butterballs we'd know there was something seriously wrong. On this last day of February, on this day that is also my Beloved Husand's Birthday (Happy Birth..day, Baaabyy!)I present what is possibly the most adorable creature on Planet Earth - the baby seal. I still think I might make one my official Tart portrait. What do you think? Pleasant night and dreams to all.


Raine said...

awwwww he's adorable!!!!!!

Enigma said...

AAwwww, how sweet!
I like the pictures. I especially like the one on top.

Happy (late) Birthday to 'Tarts Hubby.