Saturday, March 11, 2006

The un-nameable post. It might have been the Smirnoff...I hope you like.

Perhaps a little something has taken over me. But I think something important needs to be said.

While I firmly and sadly am sickened more and more of what I see wrong with this world, yes, even something more horribly obvious than the stuff that smacks us in the face on the news on tv, in the paper, on the internet, and am for some weird reason understanding more of what is means to be 'of the world' and wanting none of it....

I see something that deserves being pointed out. Something in fact, that almost crosses out all rants and fears that we may literally be going to hell in a handbasket.

And that is the human soul. The resilience,the power that I see in the daily adversity that people put up with and overcome.

Dear Reader, I am just amazed and I hope to share that amazement for even a moment, as I think of the different people I do come in contact with, bloggers and real life folks who get slammed with things, maybe even get fully knocked down, or maybe its a small wave and they just kind of feel it, and just keep on truckin'.

Its something we feel most when things have been hard and it is obvious that we rock for having gotten over it. And for those of us with messed up emotions, when an intrinsic part of us bubbles sometimes at will, I would like to point how marvelous it is we still continue to fight the good fight.

We take that for granted. And that's perfectly normal, we are consumed with our lives and all that goes on. But it is apparent to me that if you are still breathing then you have won one the greatest victories of life, that, honey, you don't give up. You're like that terrier who can be lifted off the floor but damn it, you are not letting go of that toy. Who can not deny this? Whoever really thinks that the crap that they go through is of no importance - no, we each individually feel that our life has been slammed. (Interesting, isn't it?) Then you know. You are a champion. I have a special clause in my site. Only champions need apply or even take a look at this blog. (Oh, and the mean and ugly can go to hell. End of story.)

I had no desire to watch the Olympics. Yeah, call me some kind of nonsportnut or non patriotic, but I had no desire to deify the athletic achievement of people that I see basically as lucky individuals who got really into their sport or body.

The fanatiscm of it, just depresses further the part of me that is pissed that we don't deify the rich in spirit, the ones that fight daily uphill battles so hard,(it is so real for all of us!) while the "body-affixed" public says its all in our heads or at least ignores us and awards that which they can see. Give those folks a medal for following their regimen and doing things that modern medicine or science has pretty much laid out for them.

Many times bipolars and the mentally ill are on their own. We get smarter, make blogs and help each other, but there are so many who don't even know what they have and don't have resources to find out. Not to mention that for so many, they are not getting the love they need to survive, understand themselves, get help or even believe that they need or could get help.

My mother has said something to me that almost always makes me cry. She says,"____, you are a champion."

She means that no matter what happens to me, no matter what comes or has came in the past, I always kept going, I always continue. My dears, you may have no complete idea of all the things she is talking about, mostly of course about my illness. Yes, I'm montrously lucky to have my dear Mom say that to me, but...

In case no one has told YOU that, consider it done.

To all the true of heart that I am honored to know.


mysti said...

Awww Tart that was beautifully said! Thanks for stating it so eloquently. You warmed my heart this morning. What a nice way to start the day.



'Tart said...

You are welcome, Mysti. I definitely think of you as one of the true of heart.


Raine said...

what an awesome post- thanks for that- I needed to hear it today

Mark (Lord of the Idiots) said...

Tart, another great post! Thanks!

Thanks for adding the link to my site, I have added yours as well onto mine. Have a great day!