Sunday, March 19, 2006

I may be a sick woman...

...but I am already trying again.

I don't not know what is wrong with me, I have some unexplainable need to have a cat in my household. I am not the 'cat lady,' I don't need more than one, but I have to have that one, and I have already started the search for the 'next' one. Ay-yi-yi, I know Everyone must think, but you haven't waited a decent amount of time for the other one to come back/be found.

Here's what I think. I think its sane thinking and so I believe explaining will ease everyone's mind. I believe that if Sam is caught and returned it won't happen for a good month or more. I think I have done everything to try to get him back besides putting a flyer WITH MY TELEPHONE number for any nut/crackhead/weirdo to call at will, which I have significant problems doing, but HAVE considered it strongly. For instance, I called my vet, the county animal control and a whole bunch of local vets the very morning after he split. We have a great flyer in which we offer a reward and describe the little guy, which I would like to get out to all the vets and and at least one person who I know feeds feral cats. We actually put food and water outside our back door, something we never did before, knowing we might be feeding anybody, but hoping it might be him. OH, and I registered his microchip: it is now nationwide AND I wrote the microchip people to tell them that he is on the loose this very moment (I don't know if they care, but it makes me feel better). I've paid good money to register him, after the fact of his disappearance, and we are willing to pay good money as reward for his return, so its not about money because money to me is a means to get what you want. I never have much anyway, so if it ever gives you joy, well that's the best part. Anyhow, perhaps most importantly, if you had seen how fast he ran, and how he was not afraid of the outdoors and didn't want back in like my other cats had been, this guy seem Happy in the Wild Blue Yonder, well then we couldn't help thinking that even if caught, he just might not like it being with us.

Understand I want him back, and I would take him back and treat him so well, just like when we got him, probably try to love him up more. And I would wait to see how he does and I would be super careful everytime opening the door. But if we were so lucky to have gotten a cat already, and hopefully this time we'll find one that can handle us, I say that one stays and Mr. Sam might find himself back at the shelter. Yes, I am being honest and I said all of this when applying for another cat I found. Which is precisely why I think they're going to say no. They won't understand that I am Ms. Cat, that I would never return a furbaby for frivilous reasons. But they may not hear that. All I can think of, is telling them to call my Vet, because they KNOW who I am, and how I am.

Okay, Everyone says, we understand you just want a cat AND that you've done everything possible to get the last one back, but why, Why Tart must you start looking and applying for a new one just days after his disappearance?

I guess I can't help looking again. Notice, I no longer felt the need to look once I had found Sam. I was happy, he satiated all need, and I Enjoyed him. I really liked the little guy. But he's gone. Bolted. With no collar. If he ALLOWs someone to pick him up he would have to be taken to a vet that suspected he was chipped and only then would we hit pay dirt. So you see, I started looking not because I don't love him, but because he's gone and not likely to show up any time soon. And I found something interesting, and me being me, got me excited all over again.

So today is a weird day where I have no appetite. I am not manic but there is a kind of excitement in my belly. At first it was because I inquired about some cats off some Pennsylvania site last night. Still haven't got a response which was bumming me out. Then I discovered a beauty on my Siamese cat site that I am approved on. It's like having credit to adopt a cat, because I've been approved and keep checking but not found the right one yet. I found something interesting and wrote his foster meowmy, as they call themselves, and she wrote me back right away and he is sounds very scrumptious and I am sure that I am in line for him, as he still needs to be taken to the vet and go through a kind of 'quarantine' period. He is not a door dasher apparently, he is long and lovely and vocal and I am kind of like a woman who has had a miscarriage. Maybe I'll keep it more to myself this time and not tell everyone and send the pictures out till we're really sure if this one's a keeper. But once again, I am so excited.

Oh, yes, I am a sick woman! Hee hee!


Raine said...

doesnt sound sick to me- if Sam comes back whats wrong with having two cats anyway? Go ahead and get your new kitty and enjoy

BiPolar Guy said...

Yeah, what's wrong with 2?

mysti said...

I see nothing wrong with getting another cat~ , if Sam comes back so you have two... No big deal! I agree with Raine, get the new kitty and enjoy!


Mark (Lord of the Idiots) said...

If I could get one of mine to not wriggle and fight me when I put them in a box I would mail you one of ours. Good luck with your cat pursuits. The little devils do grow on you.