Friday, March 17, 2006

I Want MY Blog Back

Unbelievably some *person* has put someone elses profile, links, etc. and obliterated my sidebar. I cannot see how any blogger would do this to another since none would like this to be done to them.
I am sure there is recourse, and it will be taken care of.

You know, if someone related to my post they could leave a comment. This is a cruel joke all the way around. I just want my blog back. Apparently this is a fun thing to do for idiots and truly mean people.


Enigma said...


it's partially back.
i have sent you email, and posted on blog.
please contact me

i think it is a blogger problem... somehow crosslinked

Enigma said...

Change that "partially back" to "back"

It looks like you are all you again.

Welcome back, Tart.

'Tart said...

*Relief* At least its better. Thank you! (((((Enigma)))))

mysti said...

My blog was also messed with. I think it is blogger. Not someone messing with you. Not sure why they changed formats! I lost my picture. Ticked me off.