Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Judge not unless ye are a normie.

This bipolar individual states that all normies better watch out today. The beauty of the blog is that Tart can say, "I am mad."

Screw me if you must, but I still am the better person.

And that's with having a disturbing emotional issue(s). You can be shitty to me, but I know that God gave me this because I can handle it, and I do believe that those stupid people that do mess with me are in fact a sign from God telling us that there are lower life forms. Forget what that that pesky Bible has been telling you. We should feel sorry for normies because they could not handle the stress and constant bullshit that I offer up in my little finger. Get upset about that if you must, but if I have to live in the 'normies' world, be pissed on by them at every turn, then it should be pointed out that I am still the better person because I handle myself as much like a normie I can, while dealing all of my sh*t. If I look great while doing it I think not God or the world could ask more of me (Nobel prize, please) If someone actually finds the need to f*ck with me then they deserve hell fire. Or a good rip from the JungleTart, Extraordinaire.

I do not have to explain who I am to anyone. God might even keep me down just the slightest in the looks department just to keep people from being blinded by my Goddessness and for my cover to be blown and me showing up on CNN. Understand that I am quite a pretty gal.

What could cause this Tart, you say? I just wasted my entire morning with a visit to the medical doctor, who I never got to see and will never again (not because I'm having a fit: I know you assumed it) because the front desk bee-yotch won't take my husband's new insurance card...oh blah, blah, blah.

What really galled me is that because I walked in lookin' good, my Raybans and dressed very nicely, ETcetera, the first thing out of her mouth was:You're not still on Medicare,are you? I did not understand at first, I thought this was a genuine insurance question by a healthcare provider. So I said quickly, "Well, yes I am but you hardly ever use it" (they consider it a secondary, whereas I couldn't get services at the mental 'health' place without it! Huh, what a world.)

No, this was an out and out judgement on my person.

Only old people and truly fd-up looking individuals are on Medicare!

After being denied seeing my good ol' doctor one last time, I asked to sign a release form to get my records mailed to me and walked out.

Gee I hope you get some medical attention for those scratch marks, Be-yotch.


mysti said...

wow, I can understand why you are so upset. I Hate when other judge others. I do not think I am a normie, I never considered myself such. Maybe crazy insane, never normal though...... It is why I felt I could comment on this.... Sorry about your day. I hope your evening is much better.


Raine said...

wow-they think you have to be poor to get Medicare?? How silly. I have insurance of my own besides medicare that comes from my pension. I am required to by the new medicare and insurance laws to use medicare as a primary and my insurance as a secondary even tho i never asked for medicare and didnt want it as my insurance is much better. Systems and normies!!!! annoying as all get out