Friday, March 24, 2006

Someday, the flowers will return...

Our last discussion of the weather and the 'supposed' imminence of Spring made me think that folks wouldn't mind seeing more flowers!

While I do not understand the workings of our illustrious blogger picture maker, I love to test it each and every day. A day without pictures is a solid rant from the Tart, so beware that she didn't take the time to bring you all the beauty that Webshots and her personal photo stash could bring, as that means I was feeling so wretched I couldn't even put up a picture. Or there wasn't one in my vast archive to conjure the moment. (This may be my one obligatory moment to admit that so many of my lovely pics are from Webshots. And you can go there for free. End of unintentional product endorsement.)

Anyway, all out props to Mark, Lord of the Idiots, because he reminds me of the joy of blogging. When I go to his site it makes me laugh, sometimes he will put a picture and that's all that's necessary, in short, it is a great example of the joy of blogging.

I think its really great to think outside the box and bring the loves of your life into your blog, and do it without causing security breaches. If something makes you happy, like posting random pictures of flowers and stuff, what can it hurt? I'd put more up but I think it overloads the system, plus I'm montrously tired almost to the point where I can't see straight (the meds kicked in), and I gotta save some for next time, ya know!

Oh, that teeny tiny picture:Shenandoah Mountains.

Happy Friday, Everyone!


mysti said...

Applauds you on the pictures. I am soooo ready for spring. In fact I am so ready for spring I have been painting flowers! I agree with you about blogging things you like. It is why I add poetry and pictures of paintings I like on my blog. Lord of the Idiots blogs is one of my very favorite blogs, because he is so down to earth, and he always has a way of making me laugh. Which is always good for the soul in my book.


Raine said...

I love your pictures- they are gorgeous- ummm where ARE the shenandoah mountains???

'Tart said...

oh, the Shenendoahs are in Virginia, far enough away from me to be one of the those beautiful places I think and dream about, but could actually trek out to if I wanted. :)