Saturday, March 18, 2006

Welcome to blogger hell

If you are seeing this, perhaps some normalcy has returned to my site. Sometimes it looks okay, other times posts are in the wrong place, my template is gone (everything is on a white page), posts just show willy nilly, and my profile, links, past posts are all at the bottom. After seeing a completely different person's profile and sidebar on my site last night, with no amount of 'refreshing' making it go away, I guess this is not as bad?

It just seems like all Hell has broke loose.

Really I don't need this. A properly maintained bipolar's life has continuity and a feeling of grounding/a foundation. I know this because these are precisely the things that go out the window when I'm not well, or really, really sick. It's the small things that can drive you mad, they roll slowly and then they are finally so big they literally crush you. No, I'm definitely not losing it over this crap. But it is damn annoying.

Thank you to all the folks who left comments recently, some are new (Hey!)and I really appreciate the support. I don't wanna be a drama queen. I want to put my nice pictures up and go on with things, so please don't mistake my 3 posts on the same subject so far as meaning to go in that direction. Maybe I just like to bitch. Plus, what a great chance to put up this wicked picture! :) Have a good day all!


Enigma said...

I hope gets this straightened out soon.
We want our 'tart back!!!!

'Tart said...

Aw *blush* thanks!

mysti said...

I understand completely your frustration Tart. BTW it is okay to be unhappy about the situation. "YOU" have every right to complain! I also agree with enigma, We want our 'tart back!!!
I for one enjoy reading your blogs, good or bad days.


Raine said...

COOL pic!!!!!!! Welcome back AGAIN