Saturday, March 18, 2006

My site STILL rocks and you can't take that away

As of this point, I do not have a sideboard. I'm hanging it up for now, with great hopes that things will be well in the morning.

Being who I am, I am more likely to think that someone *did* this to me, than to think it was some computer glitch. It angers me to be messed with. Did someone 'know' that and hope I would bitch about it, getting the 'idiot or mean person' high?

This blogging thing is about being truthful. I said it from the very beginning, its a place to express me. Honestly, the way it feels to me, and I am ALL about feeling (shock, gasp, surprise) is that somebody wanted a piece of me. It immediately felt like someone liked my stuff, because that wasn't gone, but it was like some strangoid had put their mark on my site, to make some bizarre statement, just to irritate me. Which it did, sending me flying to figure out what to do.

I could be wrong. Perhaps the computer (Blogger) flipped out and did it. I guess that's my disclaimer for being 'paranoid' but truly I stick to my gut feelings.

Ahh, so should I rant about this supposed rotten person. I don't think I need to. I'm righteously pissed and I think any other blogger would skewer that person as well. Like I said, I'm a lil bit Christian this evening as I just want my blog back. I'll ban anyone who messes with it.

Big compliment when someone elses blog sucks so bad they have to put their name on somebody else's? Probably. So sad for the person who is not awesome me. I know it is hard for many. I don't have big designs for world blogger domination: I don't even put myself on the bipolar ring because I am still in shock and disbelief that I have a couple of true loyal 'fans' that check up on me and give me awesome advice and encouragement. That's bound to be again just too much for lowlifes who don't possess that kind of self confidence. Yes, I rock and I am okay with it. If a person were jealous of that I would say, 'Find out what rocks about you, and STAY OFF MY SITE.' I'm tired and not pulling any punches.

Enigma deserves props for PROMPTLY answering my calls of help - as in, it makes a person feel good to have someone watch their back and immediately be there. She has really worked with me, even 'after-hours' so to speak to try to fix things. I am a lucky greenie. Thank you very, very much Enigma.

If a person did this they messed with a person with a mental illness. How cool is that? At the moment, I'll wait to talk about how screwing with a person's main source of therapy is evil. Message to the jerkoff: I may be mentally ill but my site is better than yours, and I'm still better than you.

Love and peace to the rest of you. :)


Hope said...

I swear it was not me. I was so touched by your recent posts.
Blog away.
It's good for the soul

The LoneTomato said...

Uh, your friend Enigma sent me a message on MySpace telling me that my profile was showing up on your blog.

I have no idea how that happened, I've never seen your blog until I clicked on the link that Enigma sent me and I'm not a hacker - I have no idea how to switch profiles.

Blogger has been going nuts and I'm still trying to iron out some kinks on my site but still, I feel bad for any problems this mixup may have caused.

Well...uh...nice to meet you. Good luck with your blog. Hope things get back to normal soon.

Mark (Lord of the Idiots) said...

I saw that yesterday on your site but I was having so many problems I could not leave any comments. Hopefully it was a error but you never know these days. Glad you are back.

Raine said...

Sorry hun- I just now saw your requests for help. I didnt log on last night, tho I wouldnt have known what to do anyway, I might have been able to ask a freind. I am glad enigma was able to help. I see its all back to day and am happy that it all worked out