Sunday, March 5, 2006

Oh, Lisa Marie, how could you?

From NY Times: BUSINESS / YOUR MONEY | March 5, 2006
The King's Legacy, All Shook Up
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An entrepreneur paid more than $100 million for the rights to Elvis Presley's name. Can he coax green out of those blue suede shoes?

Tart's retort:
Now, understand that I am much more of Lisa Marie Presley's era than Elvis's, and my mama knows much more about his days than I do, but the fact that he felt the need for so much 'medication' AND peanut butter-bacon-banana sandwiches makes him feel vaguely dear to my heart, not to mention the music which is the Reason to love him tenderly. LM has sold 85% of Elvis Presley Enterprises to a Mr. Sillerman.

"Mr. Sillerman controls 85 percent of the company — Lisa Marie Presley, Elvis's daughter and sole heir, retains the remaining 15 percent — he now has power over Elvis's name and likeness as well as his house, its grounds and about 65 adjoining acres."

BUT, he don't own a lick of the music.

Sony does, and in one of the Colonel's bad moves, Elvis and the Col. did NOT get to keep the royalties. My Lord, LM could be a billionaire by now don't you think?

I do see what LM and Priscilla are doing. They know that they will not live forever and I know in their hearts they must want whats best. But this guy wants to "improve" things as in raze the Heartbreak Hotel across the street and put in a 400 room hotel, a new vistors center so people won't get killed walking across the street, AND a special wedding gazebo area as people were buying tickets and getting married right on the spot(how romantic, yet so unprofitable) despite that being unwanted. He's even thinking of licensing Elvis impersonators, only 'his' would be legal. So what are they going to do, take the unlicensed and make them perform 'Jailhouse Rock?' He wants to make money, money, money - godamn it, must they continue to rape Elvis?

He loved to do things in the middle of the night..hmmm...he seemed to have boundless energy, especially while performing (often considered the 'ultimate' high) and died from 'overmedication.' People do I have to say much more? I'm not trying to be scandalous, but selling his name just seems wrong to me. LM doesn't need the money, and the world doesn't need Elvis's person or likeness controlled by a money-grubbing entepreneur. And by the way, I don't think Courtney Love has ever admitted to the media that Kurt was indeed bipolar but I think 'Lithium' speaks for itself don't you, as well as other obvious factors. Well, regardless of Elvis's status in that area, this is just my opinion and I felt the need to say something. As a matter of fact I don't know exactly why it bothers me so much but I just feel protective. So there it is.

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