Sunday, March 5, 2006

He's lookin' at me, Man! Those gold eyes, I..I..can't take it!

Sam update: He got here yesterday and the Tart was right on about how great he is. He wants lovin's and he gently tries to get my attention. First he gets on the computer desk and stares directly at me. Then he very gently tries to get in my lap, all the while avoiding the keyboard - aaaamazing. Well, he has now jumped to ground but stayed in the vicinity, I don't know if to try again or...hey, he's checking out the round cat thing the shelter let us have (they were going to throw it out). And now he's looking out the window. Well, anyway, this free time of his, so to speak, is due to the fact that Emma is in the crate. We had to do this so he could explore without being harassed/eaten. The pug just wants to love up the kitty, but when kitty runs, well pug chases brown furry things that run, and we're just figuring out how to keep everyone safe and happy. Not easy to keep control of the Jungle, but we try....and its worth it. Although, my husband still hollers at the dog for following her 'natural instincts' concerning the cat, so that scares the cat, then I holler for him to stop it. It just seems to require sensitivity, understanding and agility (the pug is fast). :)
It seems so natural yet so neat to have a kitty back in the house.
Hey, is he just enjoying the view or is he plotting his escape...?
Welcome, Sam.

(Pictures forthcoming)


mysti said...

I am so glad you are happy. Animals tend to help a person relax. What a joy for you!!!!!

Raine said...

sounds like your house is gonna be lively for a while - enjoy:)