Saturday, March 18, 2006

Dear Blogger: Please don't screw up my site again!

Whew! I feel as though I am recovering from a storm.

I have secured some hatches in an attempt to feel more secure about the blog and it has made me feel better.

I do accept that this has been a bizarre flip-up with Blogger. I think many of us were affected with things going on in our individual sites. Really, that makes more sense that Blogger superimposed another's information on my site since I can't imagine who else would have that power, and I never wanted to sound personal to that other individual especially if he was innocent, I was just completely freaked because I just did not know how that was possible, I didn't know how to get my site back, and like I said I wanted my site back.

Blogger has not personally answered my terror pleas as of yet. I don't know if they will. Maybe they know our links to one another are such that we soothe each other and they perhaps don't think they have to or maybe too many people were affected.

All, I can say is Please Blogger, Don't Do That Again! My heart may not be able to stand it next time.

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