Monday, March 13, 2006

The reconstituted Jungle!!!

Top: The Sam-ster and Emma checking out Paddy

Below: Emma and Paddy!

It would sound quite cerebral if I said my Mom named Miss Paddy cause its so close to St. Patrick's Day, but that is not the case. Mom just likes the name, and the pads on the feet, and really has no explanation for this choice. Regardless, she is just a CU-TIE! And yes, Emma is still receiving her proper lovin's and then some for being such a good "friend" to the new girl. I have photos and some very amateur digital camera video, but I did not want to overload the viewing public. We all love this picture and will eventually get it as hardcopy. For all of you, here's a fantastic pic of our two lovely pugs.

Oh, and for those wondering about Sam, I think I'll put another photo up. He sniffed the wee one and hissed, and ran off. Our theory: She looks like a very plump and very active rat and it freaks him out. We think she is perfectly safe, but that things will be much better when she's bigger and looks more like a dog. It's obvious Sam has had no previous experience with small roly-poly pug puppies/possible rat-like creatures. Too big to eat, too small to not feel superior too. I understand.

It is a joyful experience. Puppies are pure love, and how lucky are we that so far jealousy has been kept mostly at bay? Oh, yeah, I'm supposed to leave for work now. I guess you can imagine how much I'm forward to going to that!


mysti said...

Paddy is soooooo cute. You are so right in wanting to get a hardcopy of this picture. BTW emma is sweet to, but something about puppies are sooooo adorable! Thanks for sharing with us!

Raine said...


Enigma said...

Awww, how sweet. My daughter happened by when I came to your site and promptly gasped and said "AAaaaawwww, babies!!!!!!" lol

Thanks for sharing the photos.