Sunday, March 19, 2006

You know what this site needs to banish all evil. Yup, that's right PANDAS!

I have accrued a lifetime supply of panda pictures and I will now purge my system of them. This will surely take away all evil. This was perfomed with baby seals in the past.

Interesting. After repeated attempts blogger's picture thing can only handle two pictures of pandas. This is a sure sign of how difficult it is to purge my page of its computer wrongs and bring back peace with that which is adorable and cute.

Don't forget to read my more 'serious' post below.

Enjoy world! You've been panda-ized!!!

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mysti said...

Cute pictures Tart. Thanks for sharing. Personally speaking a panda always makes me smile. They are just to cute! Did you see the new babies in China? They were on a playset playing. Going down slides, and running to do it again. It warmed my heart seeing how playful they were!