Friday, December 21, 2007

Who could not love their 'Esteban' guitar?

Simulated complete joy. This is an unauthorized kitty on a non-Esteban guitar. The Esteban guitar is even prettier.

My Esteban guitar that I bought for myself off HSN came. (Merry Christmas to me.)

If I never call HSN and do one of those 'on air' things where people gush about the object, well I mean to. This is a great deal, a fantastic deal for the money. For $200.00 you get all this below!:

The guitar itself is beautiful - I got the 'sangria' colored (maroon) with yellow rosas - Wow! This is not a steel string guitar, it is a classical/Spanish guitar and is already strung with acrylic strings and comes with a second set.

The case is hard, the inside is velvety (I loved that). Unbelievably, 'The Rosas' is both acoustic AND electric and comes with this adorable little amp.

Best of all, are 10 DVDs (which unfortunately weren't playing right on my computer. I'll have to use the DVD player) of Esteban teaching you how to play. Don't get me wrong, I think Esteban is - a little cheesy - and I have not heard of most of the songs he's supposed to teach me.

But let me assure all, every one of my bass teachers in high school (yes, I played bass guitar as well as clarinet - and I still have Rock 'n Roll dreams!) were disgusting flakes that always said at some point, 'Hey, you could be in my band,' (shouldn't the next word be, 'Baby?':) and I think you can guess what kind of response they thought that would illicit. Silly, silly stupid men.

So, I'm glad to finally have a teacher that I don't have to meet, one that I can play over and over, and one that neither of us will have to pay a late fee (I've had some laaazy teachers.) you get the picture.

The only thing is, I haven't started yet, so we'll see how that goes.

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