Monday, December 17, 2007

Filthy, Oozing, Busting Capillaries MAD

I am just filthy, filthy, raging angry.

I have only slightly begun to calm down from it.

Yep, ‘tis the season to destroy a few family relationships.

It’s such a long story.

Husband & I go see my In Laws, his parents, Aaaaall year long. It’s a five hour drive to and from. We do this once a month, despite the fact that Husband is no longer in the Reserves and doesn’t have to go.

We went to Thanksgiving.

MIL has a severe mental issue about her daughter. For all practical purposes, she has forgotten about giving birth to three boys before the Golden Child.

It is manifested in many ways. At Thanksgiving she forgot to even mention we were there, but somehow discussed, to the minute, the hours long stay of Golden Child, while calling her mother. Her mother asked about us though, and we were fleetingly mention: Oh yeah, they’re here.

So, I tired of the whole shebang. I decided Christmas will be for Husband and me for a shocking, once in a lifetime, change this year.

So, it seems MIL’s most precious, one and only Daughter decided to stay home as well.

And that I think must have been the breaking point, for MIL, anyway.

Suddenly, I receive an email that In Laws are flying to her mother’s this year. Just for 3 three days. ‘Because Christmas is for families.’

I let that one slide, sort of. Husband refused to see the ire in it, the god damn Guilt Trip herein. Said they could do that if they wanted to.

Then, the killer, breaking moment for me. We received the In Law ‘Christmas card’ today.

No where in it does it say ‘Merry Christmas.’

Instead, it is a repeat of the email, this time short and handwritten. Clearly stating that since no one came to them for Christmas they would be buying plane tickets and flying out to see the family.

I would like to state for the record, that we have gone to them once a month, every month, for years. We went to Thanksgiving. Why is this being directed toward us in any way?

I have decided to return their ‘Card’ and have written a scathing letter. Really, really scathing: that means Truthful.

I explained that we are not going to ONE function - Christmas. And that frankly, this has
nothing to do with us.

Send it to ‘Golden Child,’ because we don’t
want it.

Oh, and ‘Merry Christmas’ to you.

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