Wednesday, December 5, 2007

What is a 'citizen journalist?'

That is the true journalism industry name for a blogger.

The name blogger came about by putting web log together. One who writes on a web log. As often happens when busy people get going on things, blogger became the hashed together version.

No, I'm not reading this from a dictionary, therefore this is Tart explaining to all you Googler's (what a new word that one is) and you better cite me.

I am a citizen journalist and I didn't know my full respectful name until today. I've been blogging my life, my feelings, my thoughts, all in my own writing for almost two years now. I even put up pretty pictures and save the most joyous things for the other blog I created!

I love doing this even though I am not paid, it takes time away from my life, and the majority of people who come here stay for less than a second, from what I understand.

That's okay, because this blog is my thing of beauty, created for me, giving me a place to express, like no other. Even my therapist said she thinks its good for me.:)

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MYSTI said...

Nice new look to your blog! I am so glad you enjoy writing in your blog! Hugs my friend!

btw Ho Ho Ho my friend!