Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Really Nice Guy

A Really Rich Guy.

A Very Inspirational Guy.

The source of Will Smith's phenomenol success, obvious in both his professional life and personal (from what I can see) is that he works his ass off. His co-stars say so, and when he went on the Actor's Guild with James Lipton and was asked the famous question: What turns you on? Will replied: "Seeing someone work really hard, at anything." Conversely, his turnoff is: "Laziness."

I know I'm not good enough for him.

But it sure is a thrill to watch him do his thing on the silver screen. And to know such a person even exists (self-actualization, it's a beautiful thing).

To top it off, he's box-office gold. For Real.

The measure of a movie by Hollywood standards is how much money it makes on the first weekend and does that amount cover the cost of making said movie.

If Will's in the movie, opening weekend will break the previous records and he naturally will rake the dollars for the studio & all involved.

'I Am Legend' just opened to the tune of approx. 76 million dollars.
For the first weekend.

I am interested to see how Sweeney Todd does, because it feels destined to be a classic. The myth it's based on was started in the 1700's and the tale has been told maaany times on the stage.

In this movie version it is recreated with Tim Burton's very singular, albeit weird vision, using close-ups and his macabre mind (and penchant for fake blood) - hey, we know what to expect with him - is sure to have produced something sensational, and reviewers, etc. have pretty much said so.

Did I mention my beloved Johnny Depp sings? Tim Burton, nominated for Best Director, Helena Bonham Carter nommed for Best Actress, Johnny Depp: Best Actor, The Entire Shebang: Best Movie - I feel a deserved, well-anticipated sweep at the Oscars this year.

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wolfbaby said...

my niecie girl loved the move.. she raved about it i desperatly want to go see it!!