Sunday, December 23, 2007

Because 'Carters' Rock & lead to even better things!

I'm not saying it's my name (it is not) but please follow my interesting line of thought as 'The Carters' lead to such fascinating women!

Helen Bonham Carter. Besides being a little cutie that worked really hard on her latest movie, while suffering the travails of pregnancy, she sports a hairstyle that resembles my own in the morning. And that makes me feel good about myself.:)

Again, a Carter in sepia tones, making me feel good about my hair & probably my baking skills.

If you're talkin' Carters, you would be amiss to not mention those famous singing Carters who are icons of country music. I believe the Carter on the end is Ms. Maybelle Carter, mother of June Carter.

June Carter was destined to marry Johnny Cash and have a son who made a movie about their lives.

And that brings us to Reese Witherspoon, who played Ms. June Carter in that wonderful movie, 'Walk the Line,' annnnd got an Oscar for it.

So you see, in the end a 'Carter' led to a 'Witherspoon,' who had an 'Oscar.'

That would be your complex brain exercise for Today.

(The World needs people who think like me, and you know it.:)

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