Wednesday, December 26, 2007

It Boggles the Imagination

So I’m checking out my counter for the blog, as I’m often want to do and I find some jack ass, pardon the Franche, who typed into Google “Can Abilify get you high?”

Honey, you are on the wrong blog. I’m bipolar. Everything gets ME high.

It would never occur to me to type in, or go LOOKING for items that bring upon highness, because you should talk to my Husband – we don’t want no more of that.

So this is a clear case of normies, with no life, let’s be specific because plenty have lives, bless them, coming to my blog wondering if this shit is crushable and can be inhaled. Or whatever you do to get high off a mood stabilizing drug – YOU IDIOTS!!!

You have nothing better to do than type that in? Were your 15-year-old friends snickering in the background, telling you how cool you are? (Can’t ya just tell that to yourself (I AM COOL!!) and save us all a lot of tax payer money for your rahab/jail stay in the, probable, not so distant future???)

Oh, I know, you’re a mother of seven, and somehow thinking of ripping off a pharmacy for some aBILify and wanted to check first before taking the wrong things. It’s just to help the overwhelming tiredness, the fact that NO one must understand (snarf), and the frigidness.

Why don’t the two of you hug each other and stop taking drugs that don’t belong to you. And get your sorry ass off my page.


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MYSTI said...

Woot Woot! You tell them girl!