Friday, December 7, 2007

Just So You Understand

I'd like to update my post below.

First of all, I still feel every bit of harsh about the situation.

This person was a pathetic coward. He lacked skills, to be sure, and I'm not talking about dancing or drawing ligers. A decent normie should take some blame, because they should have taken the time to discuss life, his life with him.

But most of all, a 19-year-old who pulls a gun is a gunboy, even a gunchild, but stop giving the copycats something to look forward to being called, a gunman, hah.

The note said, 'I am going to crack.' As noted below, you have to have experienced life, been old enough for the wet spots to dry behind your ears, or for that matter have your balls drop down in order to claim this phrase. The young gentleman had no clue. Sorry to all the pre-pubescents, the young with issues. Guns bad, no touch guns. Let alone take 'it' out on pure strangers. *&*(&&(!

I cracked at the tender age of 16, but I am apparently more intelligent than most and I kept it to myself and my family, so that I could write a book about it in my late 30's or 40's. Key components: I did the brave work to help fix myself, much more than anyone could ever expect. That's a big: Take note.

Again, 'people' like this are a sorry excuse. We need to stop giving them excuses and the normies that enable them. For every shooter, bomber, or whatever way people find to be destructive to others (I'm all for them taking themselves out quietly, if its anywhere a choice between that or other people) there's a devil put aside. Unless your Angel Earl got there at the last second. After all, it's God's job to judge.

After considerable thought about the things I put on this blog, specifically my boundlessly angry entries, I realized that I am representing my morality, my judgement, my thoughts. Maybe its because I don't see me, my thoughts or I represented on MSN or Yahoo and I never see my fellow bloggers (in truth, about 3 people I check up on a lot) ever say things like I do, I now feel the need to acknowledge that yeah, it may not be for everybody. It may not be for everybody to connect with my anger, connect with my fantasy judgements, and admonitions about what must be done about anything and everything. That's okay. I know it takes a certain something to admit this. Oh, and I'm not sorry, not one bit. Just so you understand.


MYSTI said...

I Agree with you, this boy needed someone to sit down with him. He needed serious help. I do not know enough personally to say he was not about to crack, but didn't he crack? He certainly had taken it out on lots of people..... If that was not cracking i am not sure what is. Obviously something was off in his brain if he wanted to take it out on innocents. It is such a shame that no one recognized the signs of his major anger toward the world. They said he was depressed, but hmmmm but i have been depressed, and never wanted to kill others, maybe myself yes, but no one else. That takes major anger, and well hate to say it a person who broke, or cracked, whatever you want to call it.

Just my thoughts anyhow.


'Tart said...

Absolutely. I've been thinking about this one a lot.

I too, consider suicide, but as much as I 'hate' everyone, I don't want to get involved with them or decide their expiration date.

They say women are more likely suicidal and men homicidal.

But its hard to understand in a 19 year old boy - forgive me for calling him that, but that is what he was. But, the stresses and choices that he made to be in the drug culture life are things to consider when apparently at the same time, he lacked a proper family unit, which I think he probably wanted and needed the most.

I've said that once you take it out on other people, my sympathy stops there. In his mind, he was going to be 'famous.' In mine, I chalk him up to be an idiot who gave mental illness a bad name.

Wrong is wrong. Murder is wrong. This individual was so wrong.

Sad, because normies should have intervened, and some swear they tried. What a terrible foster system, and what a dumbass Sheriff force that does nothing about everything. All supposed to be run by normies. All let-downs.

Nothing will be done. The foster system will not change, the Sheriffs won't get off their ass (I do firmly believe this, after a lifetime of being screwed by the law), and the gun laws won't change.

But you can be sure if I ever go on Oprah, with my best seller, and let millions of stay at home moms get a look at me, I will end up spending waaaaaay too much explaining, "yes, I am 'mentally ill,' but I'm a stunningly beautiful intelligent creature, simultaneously."

People don't believe that's possible. I think a lot of people think that real mental illness (certainly not including plain old depression, because that's so accepted now) means drooling people, one step away from mental retardation or just plain criminals.

So crap like this does nothing but confirm these notions for, admittedly, probably mostly ignorant people. But I think the world is made mostly of ignorant people. I said today to Husband, "There's no age limit on stupidity," something that is so apparent while driving.

Alright. I'll leave it at that. Hah, for the moment, right!

Raine said...

I would really love to see Oprah do a show with "real" mentally ill people instead of those freaking stars with all their money and megaexpensive shrinks. Lets see the people like us who are "compliant" and still cant work. Lets see those who hallucinate. Lets see those who need medication and therapy and cant get them because they fall in the cracks of the system etc etc etc oops- sorry got a rant starting:P Oprahs "mentally ill" shows piss me off