Sunday, December 23, 2007

Oh, I Am Too

It's baaaaaaaaack!

Yes, I have enough Christmas spirit to enjoy things.

Maybe its my new drug regimen (Abilify, less Seroquel, less Depakote, same for the rest) but I am self-possessed again, not just plain old possessed.

Alright, bring on that Christmas happiness! We have a little tree and today found more stuff to put on it. I can't wait to position the candy canes! That is some important sh-t!

Went to the one and only Christmas party that we're gonna hit, last night. They not only didn't ask the agonizing question if we've got kids, they HAD kids all Over the place and may I say they were cute enough that I could see wanting one.

I don't know if it was them or me, but them kids was real sweet, good enough to - have one myself.

And shrimp. Big ones. Lots of 'em. That makes a good party in my book.

Oh and in my ever-expanding desire to try stuff - I had my first entire cup of Rum & Coke. At age 36. Yeah, life is goood. Mostly.

(Still haven't had a Margarita. It's like I've put it up there as a end-all-be-all of life. Nah. As if. I just want to try one.:)


Raine said...

Good wishes for your aunt. Its nice to hear you are having good luck with abilify. I'm jealous on that one. And beware magaritas- they are dangerous!!!:P

MYSTI said...

Sorry about your aunt tart. I hope she gets better soon. Glad though that your Spirit is back!! Margaritas we will have to go get next time we get together!! Mexican food ohhh Yeah!!
Merry Christmas my friend.


'Tart said...

Ohhhh Yeah! Margaritas & Mexican food - oh, I wanna go Now!

And my mom says my Aunt sounds better, at least on the phone. My cousin came home, perhaps to quietly take care of her and things. I don't know. But she is a sweetie, and I sent her tons of pictures, more than she asked for, for something, and I hope that puts her spirits up.

Thank you, to you both:)