Wednesday, December 19, 2007

First Night of Abilify & My High Threshhold For Pain

As a public service, I may discuss how things are going now that Abilify is in my life.

Luckily, at the moment there's not much to say about it, as I took my first pill 20 minutes ago.

I must admit, I felt very melodramatic checking out the bottle and feeling every inch a medicated fuck-up.

On a slightly higher note, I now have the perfect excuse to get out of the slated New Year's contact with the in-laws, not that I needed one.

If I was going to use one, I was going to say the Pug is sick and can't go on the drive, so Mommy is staying with her.

And by the way, Christmas, and the term 'family,' is what you make it and whatever they're using for criteria can be crammed up their butt. End quote.

You see, I'm waiting for the 'Abilify anxiety' to kick in, and you wouldn't want me at a fufu gathering with anxiety, trust me.
Plus, my PMDD (that's my period of hateful porportions for the unknowing) is soon to kick in. I have self-diagnosed myself with the PMDD, the day I saw it on a pill commercial. I was like, "YEAH!, I HAVE THAT!"
End of story.

So I go to the dentist today to get cavities filled. I've gone 15 years without a dentist visit AND without a single cavity.
But I admit my hygiene has suffered this year, what with my grief over Dad's death, and wouldn't you know it, I grew a little decay.

The absolutely amazing thing that I must report to one and all is that when it was all over and I was checking out, the nosy receptionist and office manager expressed their shock that I had my procedure done without anesthesia!

They said every man that came in, to have done what I did, went under.

They heralded my high threshold for pain and said I get the 'Brave' award today.:)

I already knew my emotional threshold for pain is unbelievable, I've had it tested harder than NASA tested astronauts in the '50's (They just don't make 'Apollo 13's anymore, no?)

I've come to understand that there are just about the same amount of people who really know what I'm talking about.

But NOW! This is a clear indication, a veritable Start to the Countdown, as if I was worried, that I could carry and squirt out a kid with the best of them.

I joked to Husband, maybe 9 of 'em (kids), and not even notice!

In other words, I AM the shit! My dentist confirmed it.

I feel, oh and lots emotionally and the occasional whopper physically, but it doesn't occur to me to whine, complain about it because its just a part of my life.

I know there are plenty out there who do the same even if it's physical (you see the joke, as so many people refuse to acknowledge emotional pain). Kudos to you!

This rant is provided because I'm tired of anyone EVER suggesting I'm weak. I admit I seize on the rare occasion the truth is made known.

Thanks nosy office workers who read people's records (a Federal offense, I hear).
You made my day!:)

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MYSTI said...

Haha Pugs and Drugs! You rock my friend. Love ya,