Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Good News Folks

Turns out there is good stuff out there, just like I state on my other blog.

But I say that so sarcastically, as it seems so difficult for the majority of whatever to accept that there are even minor amounts of joy out there, thaaat I'll post some At-least-I-had-a-happy-Christmas and others do-have-happy-lives, here (after all, fake drama is not necessary in many people's lives. Most have real drama and real happiness). Hunh.:

Executions Decline Elsewhere, but Texas Holds Steady

That's a special for Mark LofTI’s, whom I'm sure wouldn't mind seeing a nasty lawyer given the juice. It must happen sometime, what with Texas electrocuting 60% more than the rest of the country. Proudly, of course, and why not?!

Isn't that great? Oh, check the other blog for the Real Happy Stuff. As if I'd waste it here.:)

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MYSTI said...

I agree tart! Thanks for posting some of the happy stuff! Hugs, talk with you soon. Its a bad fibro day, most likely because of the rain outside. Man it is coming down in sheets! Cold and rainy. Nice day for me to crawl back into my nice cozy bed with a good book, and chill for a bit.