Thursday, December 27, 2007

My Condolences to Pakistan

Ms. Bhutto, a leader in Pakistan. Came out of hiding this year to help her country. Murdered today.
The face of grief in Pakistan.

I would just like to extend my condolences concerning the killing of Ms. Bhutto today. I am not an afficianado of politics immediately inside Pakistan, as in - I don't know much about it. However, this area of the world is obviously a hotbed of important political activity.

A nuclear bomb to India is the least of what I'm talking about. They are right next to Afganistan and the United States desperately needs them, and would really prefer them without unrest, to be stable.

But they have their own problems to think about.

I truly think of Martin Luther King when I think of Ms. Bhutto. She had a different fight but she put her person on the line many times, was imprisoned in her home just this year for SPEAKING, that's right TALKING (I don't think Americans can imagine). She came back to her country to be subjected to that.

Today, she was speaking and was shot in either the neck or head, then a suicide bomber let loose, killing her and 20 other people. I guess nobody was taking chances.

I don't know who to email, I don't know what guestbook to sign but I want to say that this little American blogger is sorry, to Pakistan and it's inhabitants, for your loss of a very significant Pakistani leader today.

It is a blessing that she tried to make her country a better place. Although her fight is sadly over, it seems inherently obvious that she is now in a better place.

Thank you, Ms. Bhutto for although your efforts here on Earth did not seem to be appreciated, I believe in Heaven, all is made right.


MYSTI said...

I agree with you Tart, she was an advocate for rights. I think that this was a very nice tribute to her. Ty for posting it.

MYSTI said...

Happy New Years! Love ya my friend.


wolfbaby said...

From everything I read she was an amazing woman!!