Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Weight Watchers AND my future recipe blog

Mmmmm hmmmmm...I ate it! What are you gonna do about? :)

Joined Weight Watchers yesterday. I did it years ago, probably a couple of times. Also, the online WW alone and lost 30 pounds a couple of years ago.

I am a bit daunted knowing what my 10% weight loss is supposed to be. Like a good friend, they let you down easy: they're not going to shock you with the full amount right off the block. I appreciated that, since I might have just walked out the door.

Actually, I'm quite serious about it. I have the online stuff which is fantastic but I knew I really needed to see the people for at least a while to get started as I was just feeling clueless about it.

I know what I'm cooking tonight, as I pored over the recipes on the online thing and found something that I already have the stuff for. I baked Hubby's chocolate chip chunk thing. It's cooling and done, and gave me such a feeling of accomplishment. Even though its a cookie thing I could have a little since I have plenty of points left for today, although I admit I did it for him, and I'm not dying to have it. It was such a great feeling to have a Lean Cuisine Sesame Chicken frozen lunch for 7 points knowing that when I worked I head to McD's everyday and had probably 25 points of Chicken selects. I was like, this isn't so hard. I love feeling in control. With everything almost always seeming out of control, getting one thing right, lunch, and knowing what else has gone in mouth for breakfast FELT SO GOOD.

I wasn't ready for this until now. I was willing to shoot my blood pressure and cholesterol thru the roof before cause I making just that little bit of money more and doing something 'important.' I wouldn't mind the money but I am now doing something important as well. I'm taking control of my life. My body, food, house, all of it.

I started FLYLady like I said. Honestly, all I've been able to do is keep my sink clean (first order of FLYLady) and think about what to make for dinner eeearly in the day. They are babysteps, as she says, but I think maybe hmmmm...I might try the going to bed at a decent time thing.

I'm now thinking names for my new blog featuring recipes and pictures of recipes. I will do it separate from this blog, probably on BlogCharm. Enigma told me about BlogCharm and I still need to Google possiblities, but I think its a great idea to do it on a 'blog dedicated' area, instead of MySpace. The original idea for this blog came from getting a fabulous recipe from Mysti while Iming her. When Husband loved it and asked where it came from I told him the "Housewife Network." And Raine is quite the cooking aficianado - she LOVES cooking - and has encouraged me to go with it. I hope everyone will enjoy it and want to contribute. And I mean pictures too! Husband is against my new blog adventure, Ha ha, he says I already spend too much time doing this one. But I consider it a source of pride that I can actually cook things, and I get such a kick out of taking pictures of my food, and detailing my ummm...disasters. So I'm like un hunh, I'm going to do it.

You've got to be an independant woman sometimes.

And I don't know how successful it will be. But do we ever?

Sooo, anyhow, I realized when Raine asked me do you have to be a housewife to contribute I thought of course not. You just have to cook, and clean up after yourself. So I'm thinking of alternate names for the 'Housewife Network', something that still captures the imagination and makes me want to put it on a card.

There are such ramifications for this now, since I'm doing WW. We talk about nothing but food! practically. So much stuff to try, so many recipes (and people?) to come in contact with. So much fun to have!!!

What do you think of RecipeRiot? Unfortunately that's all I've come up with yet. And it's time to make dinner (!) so I leave you with that!!


Enigma said...

wtg, tart!
i know sunshine had great success with wgtwachters. I hope you do too.
I actually used my MSN group today and kept record of what i ate. it wasn't a problem until supper. lol oh-well.
It's just practice for now as my current goal involves getting off my tooshie more.

I'll keep thinking about names for your new blog...

Oh, and I LOVE that cat! haha

mysti said...

whoo hooo Tart, I am sooooo excited about the recipe blog! I will start right on with the whole taking pictures of food deal.

Ummmmmmm Okay dang you are going to weight watchers???? I ammmmmm so proud of you. I was thinking I should do the same thing. Not sure I want to get hit in the face with the numbers when I would have to step on the scale....

I have lots of great recipes, some are figure friendly to boot. Scratching my chin and thinking... what is a good name... I will think on that one.

mysti said...

K been thinking about it, and while catching some rays outside this name popped into my head...

How about: Tart's buffet of Recipes

Raine said...

oh wow- I have been thinking bout weightwatchers seriously and I have LOTS of questions for you. NOw I gotta catch you on IM I think. Whats this about 10% ? What if you need to lose 30%??? We gotta talk!!!!

mysti said...

I left a wonderful recipe on my site today. I know you would like it. Check it out.... Hope you have a wonderful weekend.